Proposed Cabinet for March

Day 1,198, 12:28 Published in Japan Japan by Alfred Ball
My Annoucement and Overall Plan

This months cabinet will be based on quality and experience. I have invited several new members but old players of eJapan as well old faces and new blood.

MoFA: Vacant
        Vice MoFA: Collinar
        Vice MoFA: Nowe

I will make a comment on the Ministry of Defense, I've been very disappointed in how it's operated compared to other countries. We are a very unorganized mess, our former Country President never truly utilized them other then logstics work which meant handing out weapons and printing a generic citizen orders article. If elected my mandate will consist of constant coordination with our Ministry of Defense, and I would like to see the MoFA working more overall with them as well. I hope to set in a logistics team of loyal and active citizens working to hand out weapons and food. 

I will be setting in place a director for each three branches I talked about in my previous article. This means a director for the training Corp, Japanese Imperial Army and our Mobile/Elite Division, and then a Minister of Defense at the top.. 

Minister of DefenseexReality
Director of TC: Lexutza 
Director of JIA: VirusxPL
Director of EL SQ: Myself
Vice MoD: Vacant

Side Note: I am listing myself in a position(s) until competent people are able to replace me, I will be searching hard to find someone to take these positions if you are interested please send me a PM.

Minister of Internal Affairs: Ecka Stealer of Cows
vMoIA: Vacant

Minister of MediaCount Malubar

Minister of Finance Rythemdj
Economic Advisor: eYudakens

Minister of Culture & History: DankChronic

We are still looking for active members of the community to fill vacancies and help run each ministry in which they are interested!

In closing this will be my cabinet if elected, I have included some if the most experienced players available at our disposal. I hope to have your vote and your trust as I am confident I am ready to take office on day one. Good luck on the 5th everyone.

Hail the Emperor!
Hail Dio Brando!

Alfred Ball, Presidntial Candidate