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15th November - Party president election - WE WON. CONGRATS TO ALL

Day 1,821, 22:12 Published in Denmark Spain by Sasori5
~ one article, one song ~

Today we're having the PP election, so don't forget to vote to our trusted candidates!

Besides remember to vote as late as you can, depending on how it's going the election we'll need your vote on one or other candidate. Send me a PM and I'll tell you who is the best choice! 🙂

I'll update this article during election day so you can see who is better to vote as well. (But remember it's better to ask 😛!)

If you want to vote to another party you have to resign from your party and then join the other in which you want to vote. You will be able to come back to your previous party later. 🙂


Official candidates:

Aurora - Hr.Bubbi
Killers with spoons - Sasori5 (don't vote)
Workers' Syndicalist Union - Seltus
Aperture Science - Lutharus
G partiet - carlos
Venstre - Tyren9 <--- vote

Thank you,
CP of Denmark.


Pacheeee Day 1,822, 07:15

Sasori & Co!

Lutharus Day 1,822, 09:06


SabatonBIH Day 1,822, 10:15

Comment deleted

HenrikMP Day 1,822, 12:05

Tror det er på tiden med en anden PP, end bare de sædvanlige..........

Sasori5 Day 1,822, 13:40

Came on guys, we need more votes for Hr.Bubbi in Aurora, vote for him! 🙂

Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 1,822, 14:19

It wouldnt matter with new guys - if we only knew them and trusted they would work with the "old" Danes. The problem is that we do not know people. No one write in forum, no one comes to irc to say hi for us to get to know eachother 😕 We cant run a country together, if we dont talk and work together - think about that.

Sasori5 Day 1,823, 02:19

hahaha! #denmark? this is not even our IRC channel

Canute the great
Canute the great Day 1,823, 04:35

Hvad er den IRC channel? Er det Skype? Jeg er jo en ældre herre, så er lidt bagud på dette? Har heller ikke så meget tid til at arrangere mig, så jeg vil bare skyde løs og bygge min karakter op.

Den Danske Harald Blaatand
Den Danske Harald Blaatand Day 1,823, 05:46

Jeg ved heller ikke en skide pm det, Men jeg håber bare en eller anden gider og sige hvad den kanal det er man skal bruge for at kommunitere med de andre.

Sasori5 Day 1,823, 06:28

We have our official IRC channel in an announcement in the official forum. Besides, I've wrote several times the link of the forum and even the channel of IRC:

proof: You can look my last articles, you'll find the link of the forum

Our official forum:
Our IRC channel: #eDenmark in Quakenet. You can use this link:

Sasori5 Day 1,823, 06:29

Btw, congratulations everybody! We won again in all the PPs 🙂

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