15th Anniversary Map

Day 5,478, 06:48 Published in Germany Germany by Teammensch

Hello friends,

below you find the map for the 15th Anniversary Quest in different versions.
The map only covers the rewards available to everyone, as the 2nd rewards are based on a shop item (like last time).

Wish you all the best for the upcoming Amazing Journey!

Event description:

An Amazing Journey

We’ve prepared plenty of exciting rewards in this year’s Amazing Journey event, as we celebrate 15 years of eRepublik!

In order to claim the rewards, you will need to unlock the location that holds them on the special event map. After you unlock a gift, you'll need to prove yourself a worthy citizen, who does a little bit more than just logging in. During the event, the Traveled Distance and Amazing Coins will be credited to your account as event specific currencies, and a bit of each will be deducted when claiming a gift.

At the beginning of the event, you'll be able to pick any location as your starting point. Once your first location is unlocked, you'll only be able to choose from the locations which are directly linked to it, so plan your path wisely. For instance, if you unlock London first, Paris and Edinburgh will become available. After unlocking Edinburgh, Paris will still be available as a valid pick.

Depending on your chosen start location, you'll have to wait between 1 and 12 hours to complete the unlock process (you do not need to move in the location of the gift to start the unlock or to claim the reward). You can add up to 3 locations in the unlock queue until Tag 5,494, 23:59 and you can also use your currency to speed up your unlocks or recover some lost time.

The gifts are not unique, therefore a player can get multiple gifts of the same type. Energy recovery is cumulative, getting 2 of them will increase your recovery rate each time.

A gift in an unlocked location can be claimed at any time until Tag 5,495, 23:59, provided you have the required event currency. Distance and Amazing Coins are earned starting Tag 5,481, 00:00 until Tag 5,494, 23:59.

Competitive players will be able to maximize their rewards by acquiring the special Anniversary Pack from the shop with in-game currency (via Game Tokens) or regular purchases.

15th Anniversary Map(s)

Direct links:
Map - w/o highlight
Map - Energy highlighted
Map - Blueprints highlighted

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Skins - source: Clopoyaur
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Enclosed you will find an example of my planning. I plan to unlock everything energy relevant first (energy recovery, energy center, energy center bonus). This will take until about Tuesday 12pm Erep time (so about 1 week). Unlock does not mean activate. I will do that as soon as everything is complete.

This route takes into account my sleep rhythm (Germany) and all additional rewards from the store.

This route is just an example and I don't want to start a discussion about it, just give a clue to those with similar goals.

If you like you can use this map to practice for your advent calendar (this one has even more doors to find - 54).
Have fun with the event!

Energy Road Map

Best regards,