1500 + Articles

Day 4,377, 06:24 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

To celebrate me going past 1500 articles. No carrier i think is past 2000 articles now. Another article 😛

Endorse this article and I will send all endorsement money to best comment.

Most of my articles were relevant to the politics or game of that day. A lot has changed and I think by far most people here have mellowed out. Except WHS who is the duracell bunny of annoyance.

Some of the greats that are no longer with us are Bean . Victor Kurgan and most of the original eireland group has grown quiet.

Due to natural evolution of a game, some accounts just die off.

Some music

and by far my favorite piece of music for the past couple of months

Double Dutch

Yes it was copied from a South African group but it seems more influenced by that style of music called mbaquanga . double dutch is competitive rope skipping if you're a millennial or post millennial and don't know what rope skipping is google it.