15 years

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I've been thinking about writing this article for some months now when I realized my 15th eBD is coming. I spent 5 really great days again in Athens last week so I'm a bit late.

15 years is a long period, who stayed in this game because it became addictive and got used to it. I don't want to criticize… The list could be really long so I'd rather say thanks for what I got from this game. And these are the FRIENDS. RL friends from many different countries. So if i think back I can thank my husband Nalaja that 15 y ago on 7 March he asked me to register. Also thanks to my 1st MU leader szeku all the advices and to my MU and party members like Feherlo, Safi, Kampec whom are RL friends also

Hrvatska je moja eObitel thanks to Samo Hajduk101 and with his help I got Feynovac, Sexy Macan, Ultragudra, Zdlemmy and Romper and later Rabbit of Caerbannog and from Greece: my kidnappers Fanis, Nazgul, Pasok na goustaroume, my daddy Zeus, my brother Vaggelisker, my lovely president Mithridatis, Jimkats, exohoritis, Dr Druid and my sister Miss Silence and many other ppl. Impossible to write all names and it is not needed at all.
Ελλάδα! Θα είσαι για πάντα μέσα στην καρδιά μου! And be forever my 2nd home not only ingame but RL too. Παιδιά, ό,τι νομίζετε, ξέρω τι ένιωσα κάθε δευτερόλεπτο αυτές τις 5 μέρες.

I could write a ehistory but I'm too lazy for that so some fun in numbers from these years. I know I m not the only one who has so high number medals

29 CP medal

Hungarian CP in 2015 september, 2017 May, June, September (4)
Croatian CP 2018 Augustus, September, December and 2019 January (4) - and cro MoFA during these 1,5 year

Greek CP (21 I could have been more but I’m not selfish) and I’m in charge since September 2019 in Greece
CP and dictator of Greece Oct, Nov, Dec 2019,
CP March, April, 2020
CP in March April, May, Oct, Nov, December 2021
October 2022
March June, July Augustus November December 2023
Dictator Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2023
January, February 2024
8 full dictatorship in Greece

SG of CODE from Sept 2019 to Jan 2020

My Legends - these suck but since the protector it became better

Legend 1 . hungarian April 12, 2016
Legend 2 hungarian March 26, 2017
Legend 3 hungarian August 22, 2017
Legend 4 hungarian February 23, 2018
Legend 5 hungarian April 24, 2018
Legend 6 croatian
Legend 7 croatian
Legend 8 croatian
Legend 9 croatian
Legend 10 croatian erepday 4050
Legend 11 croatian January 22, 2019 erepday 4081
Legend 12 croatian February 25, 2019 erepday 4115
Legend 13 croatian April 6, 2019
Legend 14 croatian April 25, 2019
Legend 15 croatian May 21, 2019
Legend 16 croatian June 26, 2019 erepday 4236
Legend 17 croatian July 23, 2019
Legend 18 croatian August 7, 2019 erepday 4278
Legend 19 croatian August 7, 2019
Legend 20 croatian September 4, 2019 erepday 4306

Greeks invited me earlier to go for help them but i wanted to finish my Legends in Croatia
So yes it was broken…. 5 in Hungary and 15 in Croatia. I finished and made it 200% in croatia during November-December 2022

Made the greek 200% protector between March-September 2022

this sucked really 😃

Some good memories