Our Work Continues

Day 731, 13:33 Published in Austria Austria by Rangeley

Yesterday, Austria was joined by France, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Switzerland, the United Netherlands, Ukraine, and the United States. We stood together. Countless forces from additional nations in PEACE GC, in EDEN, and outside of these alliances, worked against the Hungarian invaders - and we succeeded. Hungarian expansionism faced a defeat in Burgenland. They did not advance. We halted them.

We owe our greatest thanks to those brave Austrians who gave their all in the defense of their country. And we owe our greatest thanks to those nations, and those individuals who helped fight for us and our independence.

But our work is not done.

When the nation of Hungary launched its forces into Slovakia's four regions simultaneously, it took on a small, neutral nation much weaker than itself. It took on a nation it felt would be easy to conquer - so easy they provided no actual reasoning for war beyond a joke that they were "freeing them" from the "threat of invasion."

It took on a nation much like us. But this was an invasion that Hungary won. The nation of Austria condemned it - we called for an end to it. We refused to aid in it. But Hungary continued. And they went further. They invaded us, looking for more regions to fuel their imperial obsessions.

Yesterday, we dealt them a defeat in Burgenland. Today, we must take it further. Today, we move to liberate our friends in Slovakia.

Their cause is independence in the face of an imperialist aggressor. Their cause is our cause. And today, we fight for the liberation of Bratislava.

Battle Orders for the Austrian Army