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10 steps in eRepublik for new players. Orginily Written by Ian E Coleman

Day 1,802, 16:44 Published in Canada Canada by Lord Beorn

Join Boomer Academy

Boomer Academy is a military unit that is specially tailored to the needs of new citizens (Division 1 citizens). Since eCanada makes training and retaining new citizens a high priority (we only get so many new citizens each month), here you can receive military orders, free supplies, and mentorship. You will also meet other new citizens and have a great chance to take your first steps toward becoming a part of the eCanada community.

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Save Your Energy Bars

An energy bar is an item that can be consumed like food to give you 100 extra health. What is special about energy bars is that they can be used even after you have met your health limit for the day.

Health Limit: the maximum amount of health that can be used for training, work, or fighting. Health is filled by consuming food items and energy bars, or through leveling and specialty items.

Energy bars are awarded when you complete 25 kills for your Daily Order (a mission assignment given to you by your military unit) and when you level up (by gaining a certain amount of experience)

When you are a brand new citizen you will receive energy bars very quickly because you will gain experience so quickly that you can achieve a level in the high teens before the end of your first day. Because of this, energy bars will seem deceptively easy to get, but don’t be fooled. As soon as you are at level 20+ it will become much more difficult to level up.

Once you’ve played this game for a considerable amount of time, you’ll have considerably more strength (an attribute of your character that dictates how much damage you do with each attack). This means that your health will have a greater impact on battles and eventually you will be able to compete for Battle Hero Medals (awards given for dealing the highest damage in a battle). This is where energy bars will become the most important – that 100 health will do much more damage. By using energy bars you can deal more damage much faster which will give you an edge when you are trying to win an important battle for eCanada or going for a Battle Hero Medal.

Side note: BEWARE! There is certain etiquette when it comes to “hunting” for Battle Hero Medals. Check the leader board to see if anyone else is trying to go for one. If a battle is not important and the leader has many more kills than 25 this is a good indication that they might be going for a Battle Hero Medal. Send them a pm and ask them if you aren’t sure. In an unimportant battle it’s not efficient to compete for the medal, so wait until the next one and make your stand – “stealing” Battle Hero medals only means twice as much damage being wasted for the same amount of awarded gold – which doesn’t make economic sense for you and your allies.

Fight Hard For eCanada

However – if the battle in question is strategically important, then all bets are off for Battle Hero Medals. Deal as much damage as you can to keep the damage bar above 50% in the blue. If the damage bar is already over 60% or so, then be patient. Your side will gain points as long as the blue is over 50%, so it’s strategically better to deal your sides damage at a pace so that you are always just barely overpowering your opponents. This is the most elite battlefield strategy that a soldier can deploy. Remember, you might not have a lot of strength just yet, but your fight in the ranks of Divisions 1 will have an important effect on the battle, just like the Gods of War fighting in Division 4.

Save Your Gold

Similarly to Energy Bars, Gold will come relatively fast at the beginning of your eRep experience. Be conservative with it and don’t be fooled into undervaluing it. Avoid the temptation to use it to buy health, energy bars, or health kits. At the time that this article was published one gold was worth more than 400 currency. You can buy more health with food than you can with gold and food is a much better deal. A good first use of your gold is investing in free training, which you can read more about below.

Be Social

No matter how social you actually feel, there are a number of social first steps that will get you on the right track to enjoying your experience on eRep.

-Go around to the profiles of other eCanada players who are active and send them a friend request. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never met them or don’t know who they are. Do it anyway to as may citizens as you can. This will let you see their shouts on the shout feed and let them see yours. Check out articles and organizations to find new friends.

-Read, Vote, and Subscribe to articles in your news feed. Leaving comments is a great way to get in on discussions and become well known.

-Make shouts, read shouts, reply. Getting involved on the shout feed to your right on the main screen gets you right into the mainstream of events and introduces you to other citizens.

-Reply to private messages. It doesn’t matter much how you reply just be responsive and show that you’re alive on the other end.

-Be friendly and willing to learn. This will help you to make good first impressions, and you will actually learn a lot about how to play.

Find Out Whose Online

Start A Newspaper

The core feature of eRepublik is the community. As we said before, introducing yourself to other players is vitally important. A newspaper will cost you 2 gold, but is a good investment. Use your first article to introduce yourself to the community and share your first views. Some good advice for a first article is to come across as willing to learn, energetic, and friendly – this will be most likely to get a positive reaction from the community. Don’t worry too much about the quality of your writing or the length of your articles – older citizens are always happy to be introduced to a new active citizen and they will be very welcoming as long as you come across as friendly.

Look near the bottom right of your user page to find the option to start a paper.

Invest In Training

When you have a good amount of gold, one of the first things you might want to do is invest in your free training facility. This is the one training facility that allows you to train for 0 gold. As a new citizen you can do this once a day and gain 5 strength every use.

1st Upgrade - For 20 more gold – gain a total 10 strength every use.

Now this isn’t cheap at all, but as far as gold goes it’s one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Once you have the gold to do it, you will be gaining that 5 extra strength every day for the rest of your eLife. Eventually this upgrade pays for itself. Later you can do even more upgrades to this free training centre.

Your Training Grounds

Higher Quality Weapons

Weapons are items that are spent in battle to increase your damage. Fighting without a weapon is very inefficient and will waste your daily health max. Weapons range in Quality from 1-7. The higher the quality of the weapon you are using, the longer the weapon will last and the more damage it will do.
As a new player you should look to use as high quality of weapons as you can. This will make it easier to get your 25 kills each day by using up less of your health on each kill. This means you will more often get full health from gaining ranks and getting energy bars. It will also help you to get through the first several levels much faster, and later it will be essential to having an impact on the battlefield.

Look At Our Gun Selection

Take It Easy

The main advantage of eRepublik is that it’s a casual gaming experience. There are two good reasons to take it easy:

1. It will be more enjoyable
2. It’s a better strategy

First, like any community online, eRepublik has its share of trolls, flamers, and internet warriors. Don’t take them seriously and you’ll enjoy your experience much more.

Second, don’t try and level up too fast in ranks. Division 1 is important to winning battles for eCanada, so we don’t want our new citizens to go from being strong Division 1 soldiers to being weak Division 2 soldiers too fast. Unless there’s a really important battle, it’s generally the best to do your 25 kills for the day and then rest for tomorrow. This gives us more depth and stamina in our Division 1 ranks.

Think Critically

eCanada is a very political community, and no matter what anyone tells you, we all have our own beliefs and biases. Once you look like you’re going to be a successful new citizen, you might find yourself becoming a hot commodity for military units and political parties.

Take everything you hear with a grain of salt, and do a little research on your own before you commit yourself. Be polite, but stay open minded and independent. If you do your best to play fair and do what’s right for eCanada, you’ll be well on your way to being exactly the kind of new player that eCanada needs.

When you’re trying to figure out the game a good rule is to forget everything you thought you new about the economy, military, and politics. In eRepublik these three aspects are heavily interconnected as this is primarily a military game – but none of these three modules run anything like real life. Just be very careful of trying to mix concepts from RL and the game.

End Notes

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Michael 23
Michael 23 Day 1,803, 02:31

Nice Article.

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You missed changing an "eIrish" to "eCanadian." Right under the "social" picture.

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Csaba Nagy Day 1,803, 08:39

nice Article

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Nice article a bit long to read for a new citizen but other than that good job!

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Nice Article

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Clint Carmel Day 1,901, 12:56

I'm not Canadian-- only been there once, as I have a cousin in Kitchener-- but I found this article very helpful. Thank you for writing it.

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