10 Facts of eLife

Day 620, 18:12 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Mickale

As we all know, politics is a realm of many mysteries; perhaps so many, we don't even know the true definition to the very world. However, when a country is debating in politics, that is, chatting back and forth about which politician is best for our nation, it is highly annoying having a clueless person chime in.

Facts of eLife:

1. Citizens of the eUSA, stop meddling in our politics. There is a reason our nations are separate.

2. If you don't understand something, or have no clue what someone is talking about, there is no need to argue childishly, it is annoying to all.

3. Politicians can be mean. Deal with it.

4. Messages (especially from foreigners) about politics in another country, are met with ill-welcome, unless that country has done something to interest us.

5. People are always busy. This isn't a bad thing.

6. People like competition, even if they get frustrated. How bored would we be without it?

7. Private hate-mail is shunned upon, don't send any.

8. People always try to advance themselves over the rest. It is natural, deal with it.

9. You will never know the truth behind what governments are doing. If they told you, the world would know, and what good would that do?

10. Business men always try to earn a profit. Low-level people just need to hold on to their knickers for a moment and advance themselves. You don't start rich.

If you listen and know these 10 Facts of erepublik, life will be much easier for everyone. Especially me.


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