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[YUUVA - PP] I am Proud of You + CP Elections

Day 1,984, 23:51 Published in India India by DonMogul

Your Party President Is Proud

I will be perfectly honest with you guys. Following the defection of some of our members to other parties, I was expecting a significant drop in YUUVA's share of Congress.

Instead, those that remained united together, spoke up and were counted.

Our members are writing quality articles and getting our message out there.

A job well done to you all!

Congress GOLD

A reminder to all YUUVA congress members. Following discussions our Party Spokesman published an article, that announced that Congress members are encouraged to donate what they feel they can afford.

A Small Announcment of my Own

YUUVA Congress members! As you donate send me a message stating how much you donated. Whatever the total amount is, I shall match it and donate that much myself to the National Bank!

Country President Elections

With the Congress elections out the way, we need to think about CP elections. Any YUUVA member interested in running needs to contact me first.

If multiple YUUVA members wish to run, a party ballot will be run.

Should no YUUVA member wish to run, I will then put up for an in-party vote a ballot on who we should officially support.

That is all for the moment.

Message ends.

And will self destruct in 10 seconds!


Hobblit Day 1,985, 00:02


better collect gold in one place, then decide what to do with those golds 🙂

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,985, 00:27

Sam Thakur
Sam Thakur Day 1,986, 05:16

whats the Plan...why we collecting ?

Antich Bananich
Antich Bananich Day 1,986, 05:58


Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,986, 11:55


Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,986, 21:04

lol, Don you still owe me the 600 INR, you collected for the IPL tournament that didn't see the light of the day beyond round 2..

DonMogul Day 1,988, 00:20

dont blame me for the non-progression 😛 people lost interest in it. in point of fact there wasnt much interest in it to begin with 😛

regardless Ive just sent you the amount + another 200 for the trouble 🙂 my apologies sam.

btw do me a favour 😛 get in charge of Forwar Bloc. bring it up the ranks a little 🙂 i hate seeing my old party languishing down there 🙁

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,988, 02:10

Yeah don will see what I can do for the party 🙂 and thanks a lot for the money buddy..I needed it badly being broke XD

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