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[WYD] United Agression, White-List or Black List? (Day 1804)

Day 1,804, 09:10 Published in India Canada by Addy Lawrence


My name is Addy Lawrence, and I am a member of the MU that would like to integrate into India. The purpose of this article is to introduce myself to your community and ask the eIndian community to provide us with an opportunity to integrate.

On my history...

I have been a long-time player of this game. I've got the medals to show it.

I am most interested in the economy module, then the political module, then the military module. I have a large company portfolio, I've built it up steadily over time. I used to play the money market when it was profitable and I did very well. I have been PP of a top five party for 8 terms. Four terms with the Canadian Progressive Front and four more with Ministry of Opportunity. I founded MOO and built it from a party of 1 member, myself, into the second largest party in eCanada. I was also CP of eCan for four terms in a row.

At the end of the fourth term, I was the victim of a trolling incident that I brought upon myself and I changed the way I play the game. I stick to the in-game environment and I focus more on economics and military than politics. I remain interested in politics but I prefer to be an advisor, PP or congressmen than CP.

After the incident, I moved to eUS and took up citizenship there.

Part of the problem with the incident was a growing problem in eCanada where corruption and a lack of integrity were rampant. Behaviour like this was tolerated by the ruling class. The ruling class would not stand up to the perpetrators and a "kleptocracy" developed.

I took a stand and led a group, the EPC (Exiled Patriots of eCanada) and we played a significant role in supporting eUK in RW back all of their regions that were occupied by eCanada. The purpose of EPC was to motivate the ruling class to take a stand against the "kleptocracy" or pay the cost of not doing so, which was the loss of region bonuses. The ruling class did not change and eCan lost its eUK colonies.

After EPC, the members scattered, and some stuck around to join United Agression. United Aggression (UAgg) is largely comprised of eCanadians who took up eUS citizenship looking for a new start with 100/100 bonuses.

Things went well for a while, but eUS started to denegrate. They developed a paranoia in their immigration policy and developed a "poison pill" strategy. They are deliberately losing regions to make their county less attractive to PTO threats. They have made a series of political decisions that have only served to cut off their nose to spite their face. Members of UAgg started to lose enjoyment in the game and started looking for options.

On UAgg's problem...

UAgg is comprised of highly ranked up citizens. The people who own these citizen accounts are in older age demographics in RL as well as career people in RL. We are mature adults, and don't have much tolerance for pettiness and childishness that accompanies the high school crowd. We also are traditional gold buyers, and will buy gold if the game environment is right. We have largely stopped buying gold because we don't believe in eUS nor eCan. We like the potential of the game but we don't like the nation we are in. We are looking for a new home, someone who will provide us with an opportunity to earn their respect, so that we can play the game as hard as we like for the benefit of a country who provides us with an opportunity to enjoy the game.

On why eIndia...

eIndia is EDEN friendly and this is the belief system of the MU.

eIndia has decent production bonuses, which are of interest to the MU.

eIndia has a relatively weak output of damage influence and would greatly benefit from the UAgg MU damage capacity.

eIndia has a relatively small population which would provide an opportunity for UAgg to personally get involved with, affording a quick integration with the nation rather than being lost in anonymity. Because it's small, the onus is on UAgg to prove it's worth and earn respect. We believe we can, we are only asking for a chance.

On eIndia's opportunity with UAgg...

Let's assume eIndia had a baby boom next week. How many Gods of War would you expect to come out of that group? How much gold do you expect them to buy and invest in eIndia? How many CPs and PPs and congress medals and MU Commanders would you expect them to produce? And for all of these answers, how long would it take?

UAgg is providing eIndia with the opportunity to provide all of the BENEFITS of such a baby-boom, in a very short time-frame.

The cost is really the risk of a PTO or dilution of eIndia's existing influence or power base. Fortunately, UAgg empathizes with this and is quite willing to candidly talk about it and commit to some restrictions. That said, we want an opportunity to integrate, not to wait infinitely.

On a quiet enjoyment or leave quietly agreement...

Perhaps a "Quiet enjoyment or leave quietly agreement" is in order. UAgg would easily agree to leave quietly, under certain democratic terms, provided there was a genuine opportunity to quietly enjoy the game in eIndia. Build a relationship, that is all we ask.


UAgg would like an opportunity to be white-listed by eIndia, please don't black-list us without getting to know us.

Who's your daddy?

Addy's your daddy!!!



Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,804, 09:11

Please consider voting or shouting this article:

United Aggression, White-List or Black-List?

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,804, 09:16

Well said Addy!

Voted and shouted!

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,804, 09:24


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,804, 09:26

Please show your support for NOT black-listing United Aggression, or even better FOR white-listing United Aggression, by participating in this eIndian referendum

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,804, 09:27

eIndia has a relatively small population which would provide an opportunity for UAgg to personally get involved with, affording a quick integration with the nation rather than being lost in anonymity. Because it's small, the onus is on UAgg to prove it's worth and earn respect. We believe we can, we are only asking for a chance.
Thats all I gotta say!

navincharles Day 1,804, 09:31

Very nice article... Neatly explained... Appreciate it... I have no say in congress... But I am an eIndian who favours our ecountry's growth.. Would love to have a chat with you on the integration...

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,804, 09:32


Rebelash Day 1,804, 09:33

Nicely Said ... !!!

Lonqu Day 1,804, 09:39


Zinaa Day 1,804, 09:39

Honestly, i prefer to go somewhere we are welcome. We are all looking for a country that plays this game with dignity & respect and we also like to have fun playing this game. If eIndia is full of old fags and racists, I really don't want to be here. This i believe is a good opportunity for eIndia to have a group of experienced & descent players to add to their community and prosper. If u don't understand will be your loss.

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,804, 09:49

This team of players would be good for eIndia. They would increase activity in eIndia - in all aspects of game play - media, military, and yes political. These are active players who know how to work as a team for the greater good. You all are upset because you perceive them to be PTO threat or that they can double your damage and you would rather get a baby boom instead - well think of it this way....

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,804, 09:49

it is like adopting self-sufficient children who will support you in your old age, rather than infants who will need your support as they learn to walk.

navincharles Day 1,804, 09:49

@Zina80 Attitude is something which can hurt anyone of the 2 sides while having a conversation... If attitude is thrown, the other party will be forced to act accordingly... Like lets say, hey my MU can do much more dmg that your country alltogether, so u better accept us... (These were not the exact words but it was more like it)... If i did the same thing to you, would u be happy about it.. On the other hand, I like the way Addy has presented...

navincharles Day 1,804, 09:51

I believe after feeling we are racists and OLD FAGS... You wont be welcomed here.. I will be more than happy to see you get past CS (If it happens) and then would be interested to know if we as a country are still racists and old fags...

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,804, 09:51

The fact is, we do a lot of damage for a small group of people. We aren't the type to say, "our MU is better than yours", we bring it up as a benefit of giving us the opportunity to integrate. We are prepared to pay the cost of earning your trust, we are offering you a lot of damage and experience, will you reciprocate and allow us to integrate?

Plugson Day 1,804, 09:59

eCanada and eUSA failed the UAgg. My hopes are that eIndia can do a better job integrating these players into its fold. It would benefit everyone involved, even including those back in eCanada and eUSA.

navincharles Day 1,804, 10:04

Addy, I m looking forward to talking with you bro.. The words I quoted was from a different guy and he really spoke the way I mentioned....

Joe Rox
Joe Rox Day 1,804, 10:06

eIndia can only benefit from this.

ShockWavve Day 1,804, 10:15

Yellow- listed

ShockWavve Day 1,804, 10:19

@zina80 ........racist ? Really?

Zinaa Day 1,804, 10:19

@navincharles......I already have the eIndia CS! So i am in already & accepted by your CP. The thing is, when some of us decided to move, we intended to go somewhere that has a clean & friendly atmosphere & welcomes a group of descent & experienced players into their community. Most of us including me are mature players not teenagers. Some of the reactions i have seen so far is very hostile. I assure you, we are one of the best group of people one can find in this game.

Zinaa Day 1,804, 10:21

So... as i said, if we are not even getting a chance to prove who we are, yeah i call it racism or whatever

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,804, 10:28

A new definition for being racist 😕

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,804, 10:30

Zina, with the big issue of PTOing lately in countries all over, you do need to consider the fact that when a group of people comes into a country which the country has had no experience with before, the country might be cautious and mildly hostile untill a common respect and understanding is reached. Saying that you do lot's of damage and whatnot isn't automaticly going to gain you respect in a new community.

navincharles Day 1,804, 10:31

Ok you beat me to it 🙂 Hahaha.. I agree if i wished to move to some country with friends, I would expect the same.. But tell me, do things happen the way we expect all the time? Do we not accept it and still go ahead, like our bosses... If you are serious about it, you will eventually get it.... This would be my version of understanding... I m not saying that you have to think in those lines...

navincharles Day 1,804, 10:32

@Hizaya!! I dont know you bro, but thats exactly what we are going through!!!

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,804, 10:32

Much like some serbs in our country who came in a batch and said they wanted to integrate and wouldn't touch our politics. The first PP election that came after that, they PTOed the 3rd biggest party, they don't want to bother with any forum nor irc, they don't make any articles aside from propaganda articles against decent CPs.

SuperTim Day 1,804, 10:36

Addy, as usual, has nailed it! Well said, well spoken and as plain and simple as it can be.


Alias Vision
Alias Vision Day 1,804, 10:54

Some are interested in politics, Addy said as much. However we are sensitive to the PTO argument (we are after all coming from the US where people talk of little else) and are willing to work with our potential new hosts. If ultimately the compromise is to stay away for the first two months, then so be it.

I'm not going to sit here and bullshit you though. I am interested in the political game in the future, all you have to do is look at my profile to see that.

Alias Vision
Alias Vision Day 1,804, 10:56

Here is my dilemma... We can argue all we want with whether or not we want to PTO India, the truth is a real threat would likely use the same language. So I'll use my words and hopefully they ring true to you... I want to come to India because my friends are wanting to come here... I want to come to India because I'm interested in building something... I want to come to India because I'm not willing to return to Canada just yet which is the only other home I've known.

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,804, 11:01

great saying Hizaya! that's indeed our real concern too but unfortunately one of them likes to call us a racist old hag for having the same concern and expects us to accept her with open arms!

klop123 Day 1,804, 11:02

eIndia will get some great people

ShockWavve Day 1,804, 11:09

~ let them in ~

Derphoof Day 1,804, 11:17

eIndia is getting some great people out of this!

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,804, 11:21

IMO, welcome to eIndia guys (for those who already r here and for others in the waiting list). this is a game..let's play and enjoy together. but i don't like the argument that u can do more dmg than the whole country, hence u should be accepted. this only makes u mercenaries and u will shift country when the situation is not favorable to u. show us u really want to be part of the community by being in it and not identifying urself apart? can u do that ? or am i the racist here.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,804, 11:26

We intend to be part of the community by being in it, we went on record for that.

We referred to our ability to do damage as a concrete example of the benefits of us "playing for India". It isn't to show off or to sleight the existing military or to insult other MU's, its just a statement of fact on our part to build support for allowing UAgg and opportunity.

It is difficult for us to demonstrate that we will be a part of the community if we don't have citizenship. That said, we'll try.

Zinaa Day 1,804, 11:31

@citizenneel......fair enough. We did not ask for anything more. Give us the chance & then judge us.

mali mrnjo
mali mrnjo Day 1,804, 11:36

voting for white list

Fighter100 Day 1,804, 12:11

nicely written. o7

ArawnLives Day 1,804, 12:22

I obviously vote for letting them in. Zina80 - we're being asked to give you a chance, give us a chance as well. Every eNation is a mixed bag, and we're finding out what our country would like, democratically. I know it isn't pleasant to be discussed as such, but we have reason to be afraid. I just feel we have much more to gain from you guys being here. Not to mention, you guys seem like a lot of fun and active in the media and such. We would like that. xD

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,804, 12:22

a) be part of MARCOs / BRATs MU then, show u want to be part of the existing eIndian setup.

if u create ur own MU, u can fight where u want and not where the country requires it

c) if u create ur own MU, u r separate from the existing military setup and not being part of the chain of command. in short u r keeping ur team away from the govt. MUs

d) if u really want to be part of this community, u may want to call urself eIndian.

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,804, 12:23

e) from ur article i can understand that ur going to have a separate MU ( that is not under the ctrl of govt) promise lots of dmg from ur MU and participation in politics

f) since one of ur team member think that this ecountry is ruled by kids & racists and ur team comprises full of mature ppl, as a mature ppl and good samaratarian, do u really think that ur team being as a separate MU is a confidence building measure..can u accept point (a)?

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,804, 12:24

g) finally, onus of proving ur allegiance is with this country is with u . can u list out the things u r willing to sacrifice to be part of this community?

KaMeeNaY Day 1,804, 12:28

Very well written.. A chance should be given to them. Though if we are wrong there isn't much we can do to stop you guys anyways..

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,804, 12:29


erodial Day 1,804, 12:34

Well said nailed as usual 🙂. I share most of these guys concern as being in a small community as eAlbania we go through the same scares anytime someone new approach us. I know we know how great of a community UA is...i wish our future new hosts can take the courage to accept us and get to know us. i think this is the most honest group of people i have seen in this game and eIndia will be lucky to have we will be lucky for you to be our hosts.

erodial Day 1,804, 12:35

I am not coming to eIndia so my opinion cannot be considered biased 😁)

ShockWavve Day 1,804, 12:36

@anddy @ zina80 .............. Uncle citizenneel raised some valid points.....

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,804, 13:11

"The ruling class would not stand up to the perpetrators and a "kleptocracy" developed."

Still waiting for you to tell me how a kleptocracy developed. I called you out last time you used this term to describe this point in eCanadian history and you ignored me then. Now you're taking your histrionics global.

How did eCan become a kleptocracy after you left? Or do you really just not know what that word means?

ArawnLives Day 1,804, 13:16

Why do they need to be in eIndian MUs? Are all eIndians in Marcos or BRATS? No, they're not. Are all eIndians required to sacrifice to be here? No, they're not. These are people who should be here. That's all. 🙂

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