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[WTP] Election Time

Day 1,817, 16:18 Published in USA USA by Sir LeatherNeck

Welp, that time has come around again to elect a Party President this month. I have immensely enjoyed leading this party in the last month. I have had the joy of working with and meeting some of the greatest party members in this game. WTP is a solid group of individuals, and I am honored to be your leader.

Vote here for Party President

In the past month we have:

-Elected 8 congress members from our party
-Forged a relationship with the Black Sheep MU aka VMA-214 (Thanks to hard work from Hale26)
-Established a treasury department
-Have a working census for our party, as well as tracking and other important stuff
-We have gotten our forums active and teeming with talent
-Started the base for a WTP mentorship program, as well as a congressional mentor program, which will be instituted this coming month
-Elevated our media status to top five status in the eUS
-Worked closely with the other top four parties (AFA excluded) to inhibit the vast PTO currently in the eUS.

Pretty decent month IMO. We are small, but play large...and that is what I admire about this group of players. But our fight is not over. We need to keep rising beyond expectations and stay on this road of solid leadership in congress, the executive and the party.

So, with that said...I humbly ask for your vote in our forum elections. I have the vision and ability to lead this party yet again into a month of uncertainty. Join me in another month of solid leadership, and most of all....FUN.

Humbly yours,
John Jay

Obligatory sexiness:

And for the ladies:



Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,817, 16:18


Hale26 Day 1,817, 16:24

For the People
By the People

I can personally attest to JJ's leadership abilities. He is always there when needed (as long as he isn't out breaking his leg), and organized an excellent team to run as leadership.Especially that Hale guy 😉
Gl Mate o7

George Griffin
George Griffin Day 1,817, 17:47

JJ for the 2nd Term!

Waruda Day 1,817, 17:48

Voted, gl

av khan
av khan Day 1,817, 17:59


Candor Day 1,817, 18:15

For the People
By the People

beerman616 Day 1,817, 19:36

voted for picture

oh, and gl with the race... 😃

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,817, 20:22


MazzyCat Day 1,817, 21:57

Ty for the obligatory sexiness. /me fans self off!

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,818, 02:17


loftedraptor Day 1,818, 12:35


LOL, no wonder Romney lost!

SCPittman Day 1,818, 12:37

@John Jay


RebelBlood Day 1,818, 12:42

roflmao @ RGR aka Ajay Bruno aka General Cartman Lee aka Spanky Knuckleshuffler ...... not sure on that last one but it fits. thanks for the laughs JJ 🙂

romney campaign telling ajay/rgr to

Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Day 1,819, 23:03

those chicks look like skanks

Juluma Day 1,819, 07:15

Me like from eFinland!

When you arrive to save eFinland from Fettis 😃

Oblige Day 1,819, 11:31

For the People
By the People

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