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[WRP] - A view from Parliament - Issue 17

Day 1,896, 10:19 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Huey George


It’s not farewell…however it’s an ending.

In issue 17 of “A View from Parliament” I’ll update you, my constituents on how the final handful of law proposals I voted on ended. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and the 16 preceding ones of this series and “get out of the way” and wish the best to all the newly elected members of Congress(Parliament).

Hopefully I'll have chance to represent you once again in the future, where I'll continue this series.

Law proposals

Completed law proposal are;

Income tax change from 5% to 8%

I voted NO. This was because it has been a long standing policy of my own and the Workers' Rights Party to reduce income tax to encourage spend, Less to the Government, more to the hard worker. This increase would have been directly against this policy and not in the interest of my constituents.

The current vote ended;
6 YES votes to 20 NO votes

I'm very pleased this law proposal wasn't successful.

Do you want the current president of United Kingdom to end this office?

A famous impeachment

Yet another impeachment vote called. I voted NO. This was because BigAnt was voted in by the electorate and his action hadn’t warranted impeachment. I personally still back him and I feel the vast majority of my constituents still support him.

The vote ended;
13 YES votes to 20 NO votes

President of Slovenia proposed a mutual protection pact with United Kingdom

I voted YES. This was because Slovenia are a fellow “TWO” member, staunch and loyal ally. A continuation of the MPP makes absolute sense and will aid the general population of both countries with extra fighters for their conflicts.

The vote ended;
35 YES votes to 4 NO votes in the UK
36 YES votes to 2 NO votes in Slovenia

President of United Kingdom proposed a mutual protection pact with Chile

I voted YES, This was because Chile is a stout, valuable ally and in the past has aided us greatly in our battles. The MPP with Chile also allows our citizens opportunities at times to fight in their wars to gain experience. Therefore I could think of no reason not to continue our MPP with Chile.

The vote ended;
43 YES votes to 1 NO votes in the UK
37 YES votes to 3 NO votes in Chile

Thus bringing to a close and providing transparency for all my decisions I made in Congress(Parliament). As always I welcome your views. Please feel free to comment or personal message me.

Closing thoughts

It was a great honour to represent the UK in Congress(Parliament) for two consecutive terms as one of your servants, perhaps taking this new world a touch too serious, an achievement I’ll always be proud of. It’s also an honour I’d like to repeat at least once again in the future.

I’d like to personally thank the members of the Workers’ Rights Party and lots of others for supporting me while I was a member of Congress(Parliament).

I’d also again like to thank New Era, the UKPP and ESO specifically Sage Goku and Sir Nick, lancer450 and Rodney Mckay for giving me a prominent position on their Congress running lists. I was successful twice and unlucky twice however enjoyed the campaigning.

Many promising member of Congress(Parliament) were elected this term, young and old, experienced and new to the role. I look forward to following and supporting any Congressional update articles they release. With 6 law proposal raised since they've taken their seats I know they are already working hard for us.

Now that I'm no longer a member of Congress(Parliament). I will double my efforts with the Workers' Rights Party and the Free British Irregulars, in my opinion a "lead by example" political party and military unit. I might also re-investigate taking another active role in Government, if any future administrations would have me.

Who are the Workers' Rights Party?

The Workers’ Rights Party is a political party which strives to see the eUK is full of dedicated, active and well-informed citizens supported by their government. We are dedicated to ensuring equality and enhancing society for all eUK citizens. We trust the people tempered by prudence, this separates us from a lot of the other parties of the eUK who dis-trust the people tempered by fear. At the heart of our party is fairness, free-thinking and creativity.

How can you help?

Join the Workers’ Rights Party – Together we can work towards a better, stronger and brighter eUK

Who are the Free British Irregulars?

The Free British Irregulars, fights for freedom, fairness and justice, we fight for the United Kingdom and her allies. Although the proud fighting arm of the Workers' Rights Party we will accept any man or woman who uphold our ideals.

We are a open, creative and progressive military unit, with every solider free to follow their own path and find their destiny in aid of the eUK.

The Free British Irregulars supply:

Weekly supply of 25 Q6 Weapons and other weapon supplies to help build rockets if required.
Weekly supply of 250 Q5 Food
Extra supplies to complete missions and mercenary medals
Stability, direction and a strong chain of command

Consider Enlisting today!

Thanks for reading

Huey George
Owner, Press Director and Editor of The Daily eWorker
Vice President of The Workers' Rights Party
Owner of 462-477 Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing and Agricultural Concerns
Commander of the Free British Irregulars Military Unit
Former Member of Congress(Parliament)
Former Minster of Foreign Affairs


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,896, 10:33

As always informative and a valuable tool for citizens and a beacon for all Congressmen to aspire to.

Hope to see you back in Congress soon Huey and good luck to the great people at WRP \o/

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,896, 10:36

voted a great congressman

FightAndProduce Day 1,896, 11:12

Voted,unfortunate that you did not get a seat this time around.However in the next day or two,I hope to release a article on congress proposals.

On Guard

lancer450 Day 1,896, 12:59

One of the best imo. Voted!

nathaner Day 1,896, 15:08

too many impeachment attempts in the last two months

myheadstone Day 1,896, 21:39

We will all miss your great articles about your time in congress but i'm sure we wont have to wait long before the next one. Looking forward to FightAndProduce doing his bit to keep the country updated.

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,898, 01:49

Thank you, Dr Hugh, Daniel Quayle, FightAndProduce, Sabzii, lancer450, nathaner and myheadstone \o/

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