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[WRP] - A view from Parliament - Issue 15

Day 1,886, 13:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Huey George


In this latest “A View from Parliament”, I’ll update you on one law proposal that was still under the vote and update you, my constituents, on four law proposal completed over the past handful of days.

Law proposals

The outstanding law proposal from last article were;

Norway has been proposed as Natural Enemy.

I voted YES. This was because it was the will of my constituents and provides our citizens chance to earn True Patriot medals and fight directly for the UK. It’ll also make us a stronger and more useful ally by providing our citizenship battle experience and military co-ordination practice.

The vote ended
33 YES votes to 2 NO votes in the UK
The counter NE vote ended;
17 YES votes to 0 NO votes in Norway

This law proposal has caused some very vocal protest against the conflict it brought, the subsequent repercussions and BigAnt’s management of it. In BigAnt’s defence even the best laid plans don’t survive the first shot fired and he and other predominant eUK citizens have worked tirelessly to best manage the conflict and protect the eUK. Not to forget the in-valuable support from our allies have provided who we must give our heartfelt thanks to.

Also the majority of the eUK population are enjoying the conflict (and probably the eNorwegians, eCanadians and eDutch.) I'm sure we will get through this and be stronger at the other end ultimately validating Congress'(Parliament's) and BigAnt's decision.

However this episode again has highlighted the "divide" in the nation while I feel as President (Prime Minister) BigAnt must try and do more to address this "divide" in the nation. It's not as significant as sometimes it's made out in the media as I believe most eUK citizens want a united nation and there is a real will to achieve this among all the political parties so we must not be swayed by a vocal few who sometimes speak without considering the impact on the majority.

Completed law proposal are;

President of Poland proposed a mutual protection pact with United Kingdom

I voted YES. This is because Poland are a fellow “TWO” member, staunch and loyal ally. A continuation of the MPP makes absolute sense and will aid the general population of both countries with extra fighters for their conflicts.

The vote ended
35 YES votes to 2 NO votes in the UK
35 YES votes to 2 NO votes in Poland

President of United Kingdom proposed a mutual protection pact with Spain

I voted YES. This is because again like Poland, Spain are a fellow “TWO” member, staunch and loyal ally. A continuation of the MPP makes absolute sense and will aid the general population of both countries with extra fighters for their conflicts.

The vote ended
34 YES votes to 1 NO vote in the UK
31 YES votes to 1 NO vote in Spain

Income tax change from 3% to 5%

I voted NO. The law proposal to change it from 5% to 3% was not passed long ago. Therefore not enough time has passed to test the system or allow the average citizen to feel the benefits of the change.

The vote ended
17 YES votes to 15 NO votes

I’m disappointed Income tax has returned to 5%, I felt this was a progressive step towards a fairer tax system for the average hard working eUK citizen however the will of Congress(Parliament) must be respected.

Do you want the current president of United Kingdom to end this office?

I voted NO. This is because BigAnt was voted in by the electorate and his actions hadn't warranted impeachment. I personally still back him and I feel the vast majority of my constituents still support him.

The vote ended
16 YES votes to 15 NO votes

As always I welcome the view of my constituents. Please feel free to comment or personal message me.

Closing thoughts

I'd like to end by drawing your attention to Ullok's article [THC] Chaos or Community? if you haven't come across it yet. It's a fantastic article and the UK community it reflects is promising. Ullok has done a great job.

Finally similar to a point I raised above and somewhat to the article linked above I'd like to say if you dig below the surface the eUK has a great community, so if you are new or established and tired of the routine "arguments" don't give up and just dig a little deeper to find a part of the community which suits and is enjoyable.

Who are the Workers' Rights Party?

The Workers’ Rights Party is a political party which strives to see the eUK is full of dedicated, active and well-informed citizens supported by their government. We are dedicated to ensuring equality and enhancing society for all eUK citizens. We trust the people tempered by prudence, this separates us from a lot of the other parties of the eUK who dis-trust the people tempered by fear. At the heart of our party is fairness, free-thinking and creativity.

How can you help?

Join the Workers’ Rights Party – Together we can work towards a better, stronger and brighter eUK

Who are the Free British Irregulars?

The Free British Irregulars, fights for freedom, fairness and justice, we fight for the United Kingdom and her allies. Although the proud fighting arm of the Workers' Rights Party we will accept any man or woman who uphold our ideals.

We are a open, creative and progressive military unit, with every solider free to follow their own path and find their destiny in aid of the eUK.

The Free British Irregulars supply:

Weekly supply of 25 Q6 Weapons and other weapon supplies to help build rockets if required.
Weekly supply of 250 Q5 Food
Extra supplies to complete missions and mercenary medals
Stability, direction and a strong chain of command

Consider Enlisting today!

Thanks for reading

Huey George
Owner, Press Director and Editor of The Daily eWorker
Vice President of The Workers' Rights Party
Owner of 462-477 Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing and Agricultural Concerns
Commander of the Free British Irregulars Military Unit
Member of Congress(Parliament)
Former Minster of Foreign Affairs


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,886, 13:12

First \o/ Another great update and thank you Huey. Sadly mine have slipped this week due to RL shenanigans but I'll follow your great example and do one tomorrow O7

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,886, 13:42

How much have we spent wiping Norway? It was meant to be two easy battles won without being a damage drain.

lancer450 Day 1,886, 14:52


Alphabethis Day 1,886, 14:52


myheadstone Day 1,886, 20:52

Great article, keeps us all updated in what is happening in congress, look forward to the next one and also Dr Hugh Jardon's article.

Bohemond4 Day 1,887, 10:11

good update!

Asid250 Day 1,888, 08:31

You have been writing good articles, I wonder why you don't get votes.

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,888, 10:20

Thank you, Dr Hugh, lancer450, Alphabethis, myheadstone, Boh and Asid250. You all have my deep respect.

Thanks for the question however sorry Danie, I'm unable to answer your question accurately. Ultimately whatever the cost I feel it has be worth it in hindsight. However admittedly its for each citizen to decide.

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