[World]When I Grow Up...

Day 752, 11:12 Published in USA United Kingdom by Dishmcds
Today, the Administration announced that they are going to begin allowiing players to purchase Strength with Gold.

Let's compare this to Life. They created what they call a realistic "simulation" of the World. They coincidentally coined it The New World. How cool. When we all start out, we have no skills, no strength (or very little), and not much money. Now, let's take a look at real life for a moment.


When a Child is born into the world, it is harbored and loved (on most occasions) by a parent or guardian. It is taken care of, without much responsibility, but also without much knowledge and strength. It is forced to learn its way around the New World.

Like so...

Picture of Young Dishmcds born on Dec 16, 2007

Adolescent Phase

Between the ages of 7-18, on the average, we come into a stage where we learn a great amount, and also become confident, rebellious, and knowledgeable in various aspects. We usually go to school for most of it, and take the time to attain responsibility such as a jerb (that we steal, apparently). This shows us the value of hard work.

Like so...

Adult Stage

This is where we become fully grown, functional adults. We have careers and jerbs, run countries, organisations, companies, mass movements of people, armies, etc.

This is the majority of our lives, lasting upwards of 40 years, depending on the retirement age of the country we're in.

Like so...

Elderly Stage

This is the stage where we shrivel up, pass on our knowledge, and die.

Like so...

Congratulations. You've just turned every single player who has busted their hind parts to earn their stripes in wars, train every for two years, and build Erepublik from Beta to now. According to you, the cycle of life goes from Birth to....

Thanks. I'm so glad I've been here so long.

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