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[Workers' Militia] Organizations gone, so what? The struggle will continue!

Day 1,520, 11:21 Published in Sweden Sweden by Radsoc

Fellow militiamen,

As organizations are bound to disappear in about two weeks, we are forced to disband both this organization account and its newspaper.

So, if you want to have a look at our history and past operations, this is your last chance. However, the militia will of course still continue to exist through our MU Arbetarmilisen. We are growing and have currently gathered almost 200 fighters.

Sadly the MU module forces MUs to belong to one specific country only, as the game designers are products of their own societies and don't seem to have the imagination to think outside the box and understand that people actually can fight for people who live in other countries, regions, cities, neighborhoods or houses as well. We just take our loyalties one step further - to the broad masses of working people all over the world.

We have no trouble fighting "our" country, after all, if such a situation arises it just means that the flag has been hijacked by some imperialists, so by fighting "our" country, we actually fight for it and us who live there.

Every action the game designers take get political consequences, in this case by limiting gameplay options severely and game-mechanically speaking outlawing the international struggle for socialism. Game mechanics in itself is very limited and only a pale reflection of the mechanics of society and technology in real life. However, some parts, like that of exploitation is equally valid here as it is there, but here technology is always on the same constant level, with Plato destroying surplus production, making communism more or less impossible to reach spontaneously.

What we see here is an IRL ideologic straitjacket on technology. Technology, i.e. this game, is reflecting the values and interests of its designers, not of its users. The admins have designed a game that gives huge benefits to the in-game bourgeoisie and that has cemented capitalism as the sole system in its rules of nature. As socialists we have to put in a bigger effort to figure out ways to bypass the mechanics of exploitation, to avoid being forced to hand out parts of our production as profits to some owners, and be creative in this endeavor. Earlier companies that had the most employees had the greatest bonuses, making it possible to have efficient state run companies, but this made it hard for people to compete and limited the amount of gold spent on new companies. This changed with new formulas that were introduced quite arbitrarily.

As a response we introduced cooperatives, but now when organizations have been outlawed cooperatives have been outlawed too. Our next step was to promote and make self-employment easier. However we came up with a new company model recently, which will be introduced very soon. It is based on publicly accessible means of production. It can best be compared to the public blacksmiths of Skyrim. Hopefully this won't be stopped by the game designers who frenetically change the rules prohibiting socialist solutions if they make people spend less gold by sharing means of production instead of buying loads of factories and using them all alone. And they do as it's a side-effect of socialism.

With the newspaper gone and it being impossible to set orders freely, our ability to intervene internationally is severely crippled. However, we have joined an alliance of anti-imperialist MU's called AAA, and we will soon appoint a militia representative to handle the inter-militia relations. It will replace the concept of the former international Workers' Militia.

Lastly, we encourage all our members and symphatizers to take the struggle to real life. There, no limits exist and laws of nature don't change every few months (in fact they never do!). History is on our side, socialism will be victorious, but not without an effort. Get organized! Stop the wars they are cooking up. End exploitation of man by man. End all imposed imaginary/legal limits on technology, like the recent SOPA act. Put an end to this system before it puts an end to you!

Militia Commander



Carl Wrede
Carl Wrede Day 1,520, 11:29

Otäcka landsförrädare bör stängas ned. När de dessutom börjar predika IRL saker så har det gått alldeles för långt!

Seblas Day 1,520, 11:48


Porosus Day 1,520, 13:10

So sad... I remember when WM helped Estonia and Latvia against Finland in V1.

o7 all the way mates

Radsoc Day 1,520, 18:01

I didn't know about that movie before I posted the picture. It is somewhat biased:

But is still ok with that in mind.

Howsky Day 1,520, 22:15

Neeeeeeeeeeeeejjjjjjjjjjjj, en av mina äldsta prenumerationerrrrrrrrrr. Tråkigt...


Ehm... Land och frihet är så avskyvärt att jag inte ens tänker kommentera den, filmen spottar på alla Spanien kämpar och passar så finfint i den neoliberala vågen (i vilken det bl.a. ingår att vänstern ska omvärdera sig själv på grundval av högerns reaktionära principer). Usch!

Carl Johansen
Carl Johansen Day 1,521, 06:30

😢 Vote

Raticon Day 1,524, 15:25

Gråta över förlusten av vårt ORG får vi göra sen, först skall kampen vinnas!

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