[WOLF] New HQ + More

Day 2,194, 13:14 Published in Pakistan Colombia by WOLF HQ

“Within the Soul of each Man beats the Heart of a Beast”

Greetings One & All!

We would like to announce that a new WOLF HQ has been selected! This is how it’s going to look during the following month:

Alpha Leader: St0L3n1

Beta Commander: Mohammad Bilal

Omega Diplomat: I-G-D

Alpha Message

In current events we just witness that it doesn’t matter if you are a small nation. If you get a fair chance to fight, you can bring down the hole “EMPIRE”. It is all about COURAGE & FAIR CHANCE!

WOLF is still young, we are still learning, we have to walk a long way from this point and we will achieve many miles in our journey because we have that COURAGE, we have that heart which beats in every BEAST; we are WOLVES!

”The gaze of the wolf reaches into our soul”

We will publish an important article in a few days, which will include the names of all the Beta and Omega members (not just the people in charge of these sectors), and something new. Stay tuned!

For more information please explore the following links:

We work as a pack, we fight as a pack, we stand as a pack. The WOLF Pack of eRepublik

I-G-D, Omega Diplomat