[WO4CP] An Announcement

Day 2,593, 11:28 Published in USA Poland by Wild Owl

Hey America,

We’ve had a really strong 2014. Full bonuses, a strong geopolitical position and almost complete victory over our enemies have been achieved. Some of the divisions in our society have decreased, and we have moved on to tackle many internal and external issues with a united front. We as a nation need to consolidate the gains made during the past few months as we move forward into 2015. While America as a country has generally been known as fickle and unreliable in international circles for its Foreign Policy in the past, we have been able to set out and achieve a realistic set of goals in the FA arena recently that we need to keep building upon in the months to come. It is also important that we keep giving due attention to our domestic programs, keeping our nation engaged and motivated as we move forward into a New Year. For this reason, I am nominating myself for the post of President of the United States.

Far too often, we Americans have been divided into cliques, each ran by their own Patriarch or Matriarch, promoting their own beliefs. I believe in this country. I believe that we as a country can unite together, getting over our personal differences and biases as we have done in the past as we solidify our place in the League of Countries for the better. I do promise to do everything possible as a leader to set an example I hope, and I have faith, that the rest of the nation will follow. For a country as well endowed and blessed as ours, there is no limit to what we can achieve, and I hope to lead our nation to excellence as we continue to re-grow and regain our stature internationally.

I hope that you find it in your heart to support me,

Wild Owl