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[WINNERS] Awesome lottery is AWESOME!

Day 1,915, 10:49 Published in Croatia Hungary by RupTot

Hello, RupTot again.

I just finished rulling out the winners.

As you notice in this video we only have 2 winners (because vote #141 wasn't written), so prizes will be shared in this way:

I - goes to #70 ChorsTA

II - goes to #149 BinHex

III - After a 2nd extraction using goes to #11 Danischim

Donation log

300 Q7 TANKS + 1500 Q5 FOOD + 350 Q3 FOOD - SENT TO ChorsTA
150 Q7 TANKS + 1000 Q5 FOOD + 250 Q3 FOOD - SENT TO BinHex
50 Q7 TANKS + 500 Q5 FOOD + 100 Q3 FOOD SENT TO Danischim

All items sent.



D A L T O N Day 1,915, 11:02


Danischim Day 1,915, 11:04

thanks my friend

Life Magnetic
Life Magnetic Day 1,915, 11:04


III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,915, 11:07

vote : P

BinHex Day 1,915, 11:39

Haha, ne mogu da vjerujem da sam dobio, inace nikad nista ne dobivam na nagradnim igram. A sto se tice nagrade, sad bi neko reko da sam pun ko brod, ali (2,055/3,000) a vise od polga toga je Q1 food koji sam proizvodio dok nisam znao da je svetogrđe skupljati exp. Tog drugog dijela nagrade se odricem, nek ide donacija za ove nove Bebe što su dosle, ako ih ima uopce. I da, Hvala RupTot.

Chirika Day 1,917, 03:56

ostali nisu nista dobili

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