~Why Roby Petric Resigned~His Private Correspondance~

Day 330, 08:04 Published in USA USA by Lukasz Makowski

[size= small; font-family: Times New Roman]As EVERYONE already knows, our Former President Roby Petric has resigned.  [/size]There has been lots of accusations as to why.  The accusations especially linked Petric to other Croats in the game, who have apparently quit also en masse.  Petric did not cooperate with other Croats when he quit the game.  He did it because he wanted to.  Reasoning that he quit the game because he was Croatian is just plain stupidity.  So, to all that have been wondering, I have obtained his correspondence (with permission) and here it is:
[size= small; font-family: Times New Roman][XX] is for privacy issues[/size]
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[size= small]On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 6:18 AM, President of EUSA [XX] wrote:[/size]
[size= small; font-family: Times New Roman]Hey Franco! (aka TGM)I wrote to admins earlier to appoint you for President of USA. Reason for that is that I do not intend to play V1 they made, because I am really disappointed at it, and this is not game I participated in for last 4 months. I'll switch to some other game, because I don't want to be part of that kind of shitty project those [guys] are making. (I could write for hours now, but it wouldn't make any sense)Until time they give you President seat, you can access to National Federal Reserve, where I (almost) all money from USA treasury. I left only [XX] USD for citizen fees and small amount of Gold. In FR you will find [XX] USD, and [XX] of Gold. On what I spent other money you will find on this account under documents (USA Treasury).To log on [XX] account, use [XX] user name nad [XX] password. Under Keys document [XX] you will also find document named "Keys" - Users and passwords for USA owned SO's are all there. Change them please. With controll of FR you can make all donations and interventions until you get President seat formally.If you need any kind of informations from me any more - please e.mail on [XX] I will not publish my reasons in my newspapers, because I don't want to ruin perception of V1 for other players before it is out. I hope it will develope even more in future, and not declining (although I believe it's the end of eR we all know).What concerns you - I am sure you will get all things immediately, and will be excellent President. Nothing will happen this two days anyway until V1 will be out, so I believe its best time to do this without any consequences to country.Please, send eR message to admins - (moderators and others from menu) for confirmation of transfer of President to you.After transition will be made, I asked them to suspend my account.Thanks and bye![/size]
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[size= small]On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 8:21 PM, TGM aka FRANCO [XX] wrote:[/size]
[size= small; font-family: Times New Roman]Wow!  I don't know what to say.Thank you and I won't let you down.[/size]
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[size= small]On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 2:10 PM, Roby Petric [XX] wrote:[/size]
[size= small; font-family: Times New Roman]Hey Franco!It's not about letting me down, it's about not letting down nation. Although I am RL Croatian I always took eUSA as my eHomeland and I was always doing best I could for benefit of my nation. I do not doubt you will proceed in same way.If you will have any question, or have any problem, or need any info, please don't hesitate to write me e-mail, although I am not part of this game any more I will help you in any way I can.Let me explain my reasons. I know many will ask, but as I said, I don't want to go public and distort public opinion on V1, and making things harder for admins, since they live from this project in real life:In RL I  work and make for living from similar kind of projects as eRepublik is. Mostly I deal with mass communications through newspapers design and other kind of layouts, and I participate in many decisions on structure, tactics and strategies when we do such things. I also worked on TV, so I know much about working with wide base of consumers. I started to play this game because I liked it's social component, and it was really good for me to have one virtual channel for mass comunication tactics and solutions. I was good, obviously, since I won President seat in just 3 months and in country with almost biggest number of players, and without external help or cheating. Also I always tried to be really honest and working in best benefit of my "consumers" - Party members and USA citizens in this case.Since I know what kind of project eRepublik is, and I know impacts on mass it products, and since I worked on project similar to this I know it's in deep decline by what I saw in V1. Mass of people is hard to lead and communicate if you don't have sense for it. By what I saw providers of that service, eRepublik team in this case, are not good and lacking in it. It's about my principles after - I don't want to help and participate in any kind of project lead by uncompetent people, and I believe they are. It's not all their fault since they have investors, but I saw good post on eR forum from Uncle Sam which shoot at essence of what it is all about. It's not for public publishing, but I hoped at least you will understand my reasons...E-mail me on whatever you need, and please change password on Federal Reserve, just before you do send me e-mail on confirmation how many USD and Gold you found in it, so we don't have some problems in future.You can always e-mail me personally also, you are good and smart guy, and I love to communicate with intelligent people. My e-mail adress is also my [XX] adress, so you can add me and contact me if you need me anytime.P.S. - be sure to write pm to admin on transfering Presidency to you ASAP, otherwise others will grab for that seat imiddiately.[/size]
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[size= small; font-family: Times New Roman]From: TGM AKA FRANCO Date: 2008/10/12To: Roby Petric[/size]
[size= small]Thanks for the update.I've got [XX] gold and [XX] USD in the Fed.I also emailed the admins.[/size]
[size= small; font-family: Times New Roman][END OF CORRESPONDANCE WITH FRANCO][/size]