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[WHPR] TW With Indo, and Interior Department

Day 1,977, 12:46 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room
White House Press Report – Day 1,977: Training War with Indo

Broadcasting from the Whitehouse

Dateline: Friday, April 19th (Day 1,977)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
1. War Report
2. Interview with Othere, head of the Department of Interior
3. Webcomic of the Day

The War Report
Freelance Writer Hale26

The T is silent~

Now that our little vacation down south is done (Our Mexican friends even loaned us one of their Explosive Taco Makers ! ) we've invited some of our new CoT friends to spend a few days with us.

Getting into a few more details, Vanek has arranged a Training War with Indonesia to help them gain some TP points and the like. The fight will mainly take place in Hawaii and Papua, with California and Maluku Islands being back up lands as well. Naturally, this being a TW, all battles will be launched at times when the attacker has a greater chance to lose.

Also, since we really don't need the NE bonus coming out of a TW already, we're not going to respond to Indo's NE. We'll hold onto our NE for now 😉

Though this is guaranteed to be fun, we plan to ignore the TW to a noticeable extent. Rather, we're going to be focusing on containing Argentina's surprising shift back into South America. Though Argentina had gained a foothold in the United Kingdom, they have all but given up on that for a return to the usual warring grounds. Just a bit odd, isn't it ?

Strange as the move may appear, Brazil and our friendlies from CoT have adapted to the shift very well so far. Chile has captured Pampas, and Brozil has successfully defended their gold mine in Western Cape. Though this is but 1 day in a series of battles that will be fought, must say-
Episode 1 turned out pretty good.

Interview with Othere on the DoI
WHPR Staff Writer Clint Carmel

Legit like this Buffalo

ClintCarmel: What can you tell us about the Department of the Interior?
Othere: The DoI has been around for over 1000 days, and has been committed to the plight of the new player, and the mid-level folk alike. We process nearly 60 requests for supplies every day.

How long have you been running it? Do you find it worthwhile?
I was Deputy Secretary in February and March, and took over for rainy sunday in April when she ran into Real Life. Of course working in the DoI is worthwhile. The future of the nation and the game in general rests in keeping players engaged, and that begins from the day they create their account.

You've been everywhere from New Zealand to the UK, in game. What attracted you to the eUSA? How does it compare to other countries, so far as having programs like the DOI?
I joined the game with a friend I played with elsewhere. He knew players in the eUK, and I followed him. After a year of so in the eUK, eNew Zealand was created. I wanted to have a chance at being in the first generation of eKiwis. Unfortunately, the eastern Europeans gained a foothold in eNZ and I shortly thereafter moved back to the eUK. When the eUK and eUSA became allies for a short time in Terra, I obtained eUSA citizenship for the bonuses, and to obtain membership in UM. Been here, mostly two-clicking, ever since. Many other countries have programs similar to the eUS, but I haven't been a part of any other eSociety in a long enough time to comment on that.

Are you looking for new staff?
We are always looking for new blood. Check out this article for more information on how to apply!

Do you feel that the DOI is successfully reaching enough new players?
Yes, though like anything else we're not perfect. Mass Messaging is a thankless job, so we need more people to spread the load so that not only a few folks are doing that task.

Web-Comic of the Day

Today's webcomic of the day is from the reputable Cyanide and Happiness, which is always good, so enjoy~

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Recommended Reading:

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This is the complete and comprehensive list of all resources available to US players.
Dept of Interior: [DoI] Free Stuff for America
Free stuff, fairly self explanatory
WHPR: [WHPR] Civil Service Job Fair
Want a job working in Civil Service? Click here!

Media Around the Net
Some compiled media for your viewing pleasure:

Interesting Reads
-V for Victory, Vanek's Paper

Notable People
-Josh Frost on the Feds-Cicelpici was TO'd
-Pfeiffer does a ton of damage apparently

Party Updates
-Federalist Party update from Derphoof

On the Forums
-Thread on Serbia and Kosovo

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WHPR: Day 1977
Incoming TW with Indo

Paul Proteus, Secretary of Media
“Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.”
-Mark Twain

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Derphoof Day 1,977, 12:51

Comment deleted

Hale26 Day 1,977, 12:52

Voted o/

Derphoof Day 1,977, 12:53

I hate typos. Paul Proteus is my hero. The lack of his writing in here makes me sad.



Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,977, 12:54


CoT has a weird assortment of nations.

The Mike
The Mike Day 1,977, 14:02

Hale26 o/

Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 1,977, 14:42


Binda33 Day 1,977, 22:56

Kill Indos!!

baba ili deda
baba ili deda Day 1,978, 08:04


Cando46 Day 1,978, 01:50

instead of support your allies you waste your damage


OdagiriJoe Day 1,978, 02:42

its the first time we doing TW with eUSA, so awkward to push the red button 😛

PimpDollaz Day 1,978, 03:02

that's one weird top-rope setup

Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Day 1,978, 09:56

My 2nd ex-wife used to say the same thing.

chamanight Day 1,978, 06:08

TW with mexico , TW with indo..... ok, live your unreal world-war.....

Why are you so afraid to attack an enemy country??? and live a REAL war???

Please , c´mon! Live the life!!

Learn from Argentina, Bosnia, Poland, China, Bulgary, all countries that fight in real wars and take risk but feel adrenaline, never boring, always crying for a victory or for a loss....

Live a real life , not a fake one...

by the way it would be great if you come back to EDEN we really miss you.

Be brave, dont fail

Good luck!

Jeff Shiiste
Jeff Shiiste Day 1,978, 08:30

The days of Eden are running out. Sorry, but there's some truth in that. Is CoT the best option? Probably not. Maybe one day Eden v2.0 will happen.

chamanight Day 1,978, 15:54

i am probably with you about EDEN, but what about your boring situation....

baba ili deda
baba ili deda Day 1,978, 08:04


seeker1 Day 1,978, 11:08

Don't need extra damage from NE??!!

klop123 Day 1,978, 12:27

Well Romania and Serbia signed an MPP...

Serbia has a border with America and Romania can airstrike, Vanek is just being careful

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 1,978, 18:09

We are such sweet lambs for helping our new BFF, Indo, fight training wars to get more experience.

I guess the Resistance Wars they're fighting to hold land in Evil Australia, Unworthy South Africa, and the Perfidious Philipines, don't provide poor, peaceful Indonesia with enough targets to keep our skills sharp.

Oh, and spoiler alert: Argentina is trying to get back into South America because England, not strong enough to save itself, is relying on Big Bro Poland to drive the Argentinians out of the UK. Argentina is no match for Polandball. As Polandball recovers English territory, these territories are almost immediately RW'd back to dear Olde England.

Mystery solved!

Got any more mysteries for us?

Hale26 Day 1,978, 20:17

Jon, if they had NEd Poland after the S.W England win instead of Spain, they could've had time advantage. Or, they could've ran somewhere else. Hid, I dunno.

Point is, it looks weird. An AS just for a babyboom is questionable because it's never been done before. No need to be so agressive mate 😐

As for RWs, those aren't the same as direct wars. A fellow alliance member wanted to get some real action, so we decided to help them. That's all.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 1,978, 21:21

Aggressive? I think my interpretation is equally, or even more plausible, than yours, mate. I didn't mean to offend you by questioning the the wisdom of our omniscient government, mate. Apologies.

RU Mad fer IT
RU Mad fer IT Day 1,978, 18:44


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