[WHPR] Day 4881: History Time!

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Dateline: 1, April, 2021 (Day 4881)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

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1: eUS History Trivia Contest
2: War Updates (ft Cthulhu)
3: This Week in eUS History

1: eUS History Trivia Contest

We know it, we love it. The eUS has had a long history, which is good for people who want to make trivia contests out of it. I’m doing that now!

I will post a total of 5 questions in the comments, some will be easy, some will be hard. The first person to answer each question correctly wins 5k cc!

The catch? I will wait some amount of time between posting each question, and I won’t announce ahead of time when each question is posted. So check back often if you want to be ready!

First question will be an easy one, and I’ll have it up at the time of publication.

Good luck! o>

2: War Updates (ft Cthulhu)

Greetings to all you beautiful people in the eUSA and the eWorld at large. Unless you've been hiding under a rock, the eUS is in the midst of a full-scale invasion. We have had some minor successes, such at thwarting the initial eCroatia Air Strike by gaining a border with them in the Philippines. We are doing our best to use the remaining game mechanics to close borders, block attacks, position allies, and open strategic Resistance Wars.

The mechanics allow for attacking another country in three ways. A nation can declare a war which costs gold. They can declare an NE, which is free, but can only be changed every seven days. And, lastly, you can Air Strike a target which costs currency and food. This can only be done every two weeks. The first two methods require a common border to start the proposal, and you must still have a border for 24 hours when the vote finishes, otherwise the war closes automatically. The air strike cannot have a border when it is proposed or finishes, like we did with eCroatia.

Furthermore, regions can only be attacked by one country at a time (and RWs count). Thus, we can use friendly countries to attack before an enemy can position themselves. We can even use ourselves to keep allies, such as how we've done with eLithuania, from being the target of air strikes. One of the most important aspects that we can control ourselves is the opening and timing of Resistance Wars. We need to be able to open the correct RW when a region becomes available. For example, if Bulgaria had two regions available (X, Y) and one (Y) would block an opponents attack, but we opened the other regions'(X ) resistance war; it would allow the attack from the enemy to succeed against region Y.

There will also be real time updates on battles, such as switching from winning a region to losing, because of the closing of another battle. We will also need to delay or prolong some battles, so that we can control an aspect of another attack or Resistance war. Herr Vootsman has been working with our allies and some of the most active and brightest in our country, coordinating these very maneuvers.

The eUS is not going down without a fight, and our allies are committed to helping us coordinate and strategize in real time. eCroatia laid down about 100B damage in a battle today in less than ten minutes. Clearly, they have the Romperov advantage. We gots to be Wolverines, and outmaneuver them in order to antagonize, disrupt, and otherwise delay their efforts. Many think our wipe is inevitable, and that may be so, but we can da** sure give them HE** and go down swinging. We ain't gonna just sit on our butts and take it. We gonna make them fight for every inch.


Deputy Minister of Defense, CTHULHU

3: This Week in eUS History

Here’s a history lesson, you dummies.

On March 22, 2009, CP Uncle Sam was officially impeached by congress, and scrabman filled the role, assembling a cabinet within hours of assuming office. In early April, he was re-elected to a second of three terms in a row.

Among his presidential accomplishments, he turned over control of Fort Knox Federal Reserve from the CP to Congressional leadership. This prevented further executive abuse of the federal budget. Furthermore, he worked with congress to create a standardized system of tracking the national budget.

Remember V1? I saw like a week of it lol. Remember hospitals on the map? Scrab put one in New Jersey, which was apparently a big deal.

At the time he took office, the eUS was at war with Mexico, however negotiations were in progress at the time. Following their conclusion, the two nations started “war games” in Baja, a primitive version of TWs.

Another thing he did in his April term was create the position of “White House Press Secretary.” I pity the person who has to do that job.

[WHPR] History Time!
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