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[WHPR Day 2468] Eight Days a Week

Day 2,468, 15:21 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

[WHPR Day 2468] Eight Days a Week

Dateline: Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 (Day 2468)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: American Hero: john nwp
: 2: Government Update

Editor: SecMed: Dave Gulya
Contributors: Lucius Best

American Hero
Lucius Best

I recently got the honor of meeting one of our great members of eUSA’s Armed Forces. He has been an eRepublik player since April of 2012. He has supplied the most tanke to Div 1 and Div 2 than any other USAF QM. He is once again an American on return from Chile. He did this to better supply our glorious country’s soldiers with battle supplies. He is currently a member of the NSC (National Security Council). The NSC plans battles and wars. Finally, he also does press briefing for the government. He is none other than:

That’s right… john_nwp. He has worked hard in this game and he deserves to be an American Hero. Congratulations John, you’ve earned it.

Government Update
SecMed Dave Gulya

Here’s what’s going on in your world!

Department of Education - The DoE has ben providing food for answering the Question of the Day for some time now. The Question of the Day Program has recently reached 1000 Dispatches.. That is around 50,000 Q5 Foods Dispatched from the day DMJ became the President his 1st Term. The government is planning to increase the reward to 75 Q5 Foods for one day to celebrate 1000 Dispatches. If you would like food from this program please go to the DoE website here and answer their QotD.

Department of the Interior - Secretary Civil Anarchy has provided the newest of eUS Citizens with the most needed resources all located in one easy to find article. Check here on how to read about getting help in your earliest days of eRepublik.

Department of Defense (Citizen Orders) - Secretary Disco Musolini provides the soldiers that support and defend our great nation with DoD Orders. This is the most recent set of orders: [DoD Orders] (Day 2467) Hokkaido and Pays de la Loire. National Security Council Director john-nap coordinates the Battle Orders which can change at a moments notice depending on the temperature of the political climate across the globe.

Department of Homeland Security - Right now you can find Vice President Tyler Bubblar helping to run DHS and preventing Political Take Over (PTO) moves across our nation. His latest news was listed here: [DHS] Dusting it off for August. Always look for messages from DHS around Election time, most especially around the time of Party President Elections. They always count on the help of our great eAmericans.

The White House Chief of Staff is the President’s Right Hand Man. This post is currently help by Wild Owl. The position of Chief of Staff is critical to the running of our Country as this person is involved in nearly ALL of the inner workings of Government. The CoS keeps daily tabs on what members of the Cabinet are working on as well as what is happening around the eWorld. As such, I have included here: [Save eRepublik] The Value of Community Wild Owl’s latest article to show you his commitment to our Country.

Office of the President of the United States of America - dmjohnston is constantly working to keep this Country running at maximum efficiency and productivity. This recent [POTUS] Special Report - Day 2464 is a great example of how serious he takes his duty as our President.

For Greeling:

Secretary of Media: Dave Gulya

Deputy Secretary of Media: SColbert

[POTUS] Special Report - Day 2464

[WHPR Day 2468] Eight Days a Week

Be Sure to check out these Official Government Newspapers for the latest News!


Dave Gulya
Dave Gulya Day 2,468, 15:22

First for getting it done!

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,468, 17:49

I wish I could still help.

Lucius Best
Lucius Best Day 2,469, 05:39

short and sweet

Igor0k Day 2,469, 08:08


Cholan II
Cholan II Day 2,469, 08:11


biaxident Day 2,469, 15:01

lol SColbert's profile links to Jude 😛

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 2,469, 15:33

Sure is

James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Day 2,470, 02:00

Fixed it! Thank you.

Arg-ha Day 2,476, 13:25


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