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[WHPR Day 2460] Seventh Heaven

Day 2,460, 05:14 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

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[WHPR Day 2460] Seventh Heaven

Dateline: Friday, August 15th, 2014 (Day 2460)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: POTUS Interview
: 2: Country Spotlight: Mexico
: 3: Interview: DoI Secretary Civil Anarchy
: 4: War Map and Analysis

Editor: SecMed: Dave Gulya
Contributors: Lucius Best, Alexander_Auctoritas and Trickstir

POTUS Interview
Lucius Best

I am pleased to present this interview from our newest contributor to the WHPR.
Lucius Best indicated that he wanted a job within the Government and took me up on my offer as a Contributing Writer. Throwing him into the fray, his first piece was an interview with President dmjohnston. -DG-

Lucius: Do you plan on doing anything different from last term?

DMJ: At this point I'm thinking probably not. I don't want to burn out and be a sub-par President just to get another term

Lucius: What are your greatest opportunities this term?

DMJ: I think the geopolitical landscape is continuing to change and there may be opportunity for some really important moves there in regard to alliances. Our DoI is also making great strides in our recruiting efforts and that will continue throughout the month, bringing a nice surge of people into the game.

Lucius: Will you be seeking out a sand resource and what are the ideal options?

DMJ: The cabinet has had pretty extensive discussions about the idea. The possibilities are not all that great in terms of options for where to acquire it from, and it would stretch us thinner in terms of defending Resistance Wars in our bonus regions and make us more vulnerable to attack.
The housing market is not a major concern at this time and our 80% bonus still puts us near, if not at, the top of the pile internationally

Lucius: Do you plan on running for a 3rd term?

DMJ: Undecided at this point. I have a lot going on right now so I'll enjoy the break that comes next month.

Lucius: How have you managed to balance the imperialism of previous administrations with the need for resources, so easily?

DMJ: I've made a very strong effort to be reasonable in my dealings with other countries. In a game where a country's leadership changes every month, treating a country based on a previous month's interaction can be silly at times. I've tried to let foreign leaders make their own first impressions with me and vice versa and work from there

Lucius: Have you seen the new DoE website, and what do you think of it?

DMJ: I love the DoE website. Cholan did a fantastic job putting it together. I know Code-Y had some idea for some updates when I first talked to him about being my Sec Ed this month and the two of them are a great team keeping our citizens educated.

Country Spotlight: Mexico

Greetings citizens of the eWorld. Today we are going to visit Mexico.

Vital Statistics:

Capital: Mexico City
Population: 118 Million
Type of Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic

Mexico declared her independence from Spain on September 16, 1810 and a new nation was born. Only a couple years younger than these great United States. We have the pleasure of sitting down with a Congressman from Mexico, Xipetotec. We talked about a number of subjects and hope to give even the most seasoned veteran of Cancun and Baja some new information.

Xipe serves me his favorite dish, Enchilada, which I happily gobble up. I've always been a sucker for Mexican food. It tastes so F***ing good, I could eat it everyday.

After such a delicious dinner, we should go for a walk on one of the most beautiful beaches you've probably never heard of, Playa del Carmen. Some of the locals just call it 'Playa.' I can see why. amirite? We thought about visiting Mexico City, but it feels crowded all the time, so we moved on. Xipe and I reminiced about his time at NY State. he spent his sophomore year there and loved chowing down on hamburgers. I'm right there with you, brah. Not only do I love hamburgers, but NYC is the greatest city in the world.

A lot of people know a little about Mexico's history, but let's lay down some history for your butts.

The Olmec Mesoamerican culture to produce an identifiable artistic and cultural style, and may also have been the society that invented writing in Mesoamerica. By the Middle Preclassic Period (900-300 BC), Olmec artistic styles had been adopted as far away as the Valley of Mexico and Costa Rica.

There thee were the Mayans, which we've all heard about. We even lived through the end of their calender. To be honest, it probably just reset and started over. In fact, the Maya and their descendants form sizable populations throughout the Maya area; they maintain a distinctive set of traditions and beliefs resulting from the merger of pre-Columbian and post-Conquest ideas and cultures. Millions of people speak Mayan languages today. I didn't even know their culture survived.

Xipe recommends we visit Chichen and Monte Alban (built by the Zapotecas 2500 years ago. He says these sites are amazing.

Our friend Xipe lives in nourthern Mexico, near the border and actually sees snow every 10 years or so. Who knew? I figured it was about as foreign to them as a jungle is to us up here in BOSTON. One of his favorite trips is taking the train from Oaxaca to Mexico City. Maybe I'll have the pleasure someday. He even says there is a nice rivalry between his home city of Monterrey and Mexico City. Probably not as intense as LA vs NYC, but could be.

For all the uneducated folk, get yourself to UNAM (Universidad Autónoma de México), because of the wide variety of classes you can study or the Tecnológico de Monterrey. Both of which are world renown.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know our southern neighbor as much as I have. I cannot wait for the day when I see her beaches and enjoy the embrace of a beautiful seniorita.

Interview: DoI Secretary - Civil Anarchy

An Interview with a man of invention, Sec of the Interior Civil Anarchy

Well after a few days of crazy, I got a chance to sit down and have a short but incredibly insightful chat with the new Secretary of the Interior Civil Anarchy. He comes to the table with a new roll out program which seems inventive and exciting.

Trickstir: The first question I have has to do with the new recruiting program the

DoI is doing, I noticed all the links. Is there a drive to get more

exposure outside those 5 sites?

Civil Anarchy: We have a total of 40 sites set up, and ready for usage. The reason

we're doing those 5 sites is basically to test the program. In the

upcoming weeks, we're going to be incorporating military units, parties,

and other organizations into the program by giving them a few links of

their own to add to orders, messages, or anything they'd like. The

trade-off is that the organization is allowed to keep any profits from

the link itself. So it seems like something people will be glad to

participate with.

Trickstir: I saw in a recent article you released, well the comments to it that

there was a thought about a possible youtube add? is that still on the


Civil Anarcy: Yes, We are still looking for a person who knows how to edit videos though.

While we have the funds available, and quite a few ideas for the ad

itself, we have yet to find someone capable of actually making the


Trickstir: Well, maybe someone reading this video has the skill set you need. There

are many programs the DoI ran in the past such as Bewbs 4 Newbs, which

were plagued by multi's. This caused them to be shut down. Do you have

any thoughts on getting us our bewbs back?

Civil Anarchy: I recently brought up the idea of bringing B4N back, but unfortunately we really do not have the means of effectively ensuring the program is not overrun by multis. At this point, it is generally agreed that funds of that sort would be better spent in BU2SU and STW, and I would personally hold that viewpoint as well. I am, however, looking at different ways to tie Interior programs to forum activity, or at least incentivize forum activity, for obvious activity benefits.

Trickstir: Recently, someone had asked if there would be a central forum, or website for the Department of the Interior, similar to the Department of Educations site? Is this a possibility? or even getting space on the DoE site, which would allow for permanent links and information to be placed there?

Civil Anarchy: We will not be making an entire forum for the Department of Interior, but we're currently working with Education to incorporate Interior programs and information into the existing DoE website. I feel as though that will probably be more effective, considering people that need education probably could also benefit from Interior, and vice versa.

Trickstir: As you move forward with recruitment, and retention set programming, class groups or populations will grow. We have seen grab bag fundraisers in the past for the DoI. Do you have any fundraisers planned for this month? or possibly if reaffirmed next months term?

Civil Anarchy: We're currently setting up the prizes for a potential grab bag event, although I'm unsure at what time we'll actually hold the fundraiser. At the moment, our reserves are at a point where we can reasonably deal an increase in the people using our current programs, so there's no need to do a fundraiser immediately. I just like having things set up so, in case something were to happen, we could do so on relatively short notice.

Trickstir: Thank you so much for your time, as I know you are busy getting the Department up to full speed I will let you go. I look forward to an increase in the already positive results we are seeing with the recruitment campaign.

War Map and Analysis

Welcome folks to another exciting edition of As the War Turns. This week, we expect to find new and exciting happenings all around the eWorld. What do you think is going to happen?

The USA has invaded the Canada. And there was much rejoicing. We have marched through seven battles with ease, and expect the campaign to wrap up in about nine days, give or take.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria and Romania are fighting another heated and hotly contested battle...just kidding. Romania has won eight of the ten battles in the current WAR. While Bulgaria has some holding in Ukraine that should keep them from being wiped, their core regions should be gone in five days or so. C'est la vie. I wonder why they attacked Romania in the first place.

Up in the Assguard, Finland and Estonia are conducting a training war, I think. I may be mistaken but who cares. They are having fun, right? On the western Assfront, Norway has been invaded by the UK. After two victories, the UK let Norway secure a battle. Currently, Sorlandet is in the favor of Norway so we shall see how this pans out long-term. On the southern Assfront, Russia has having some fun at Sweden's expense, having won four of the six battles in the WAR. I'm not sure if this is a training war, or not, but who cares. The only good Swede is a dead Swede, amirite?

Poland is putting France into the hurt locker. They will cruise through every region without even breaking a sweat. They probably don't even need to set any CotD's on this campaign, having already won all four battles in the WAR. Surprisingly, France looks like they are going to surrender in Corsica. HUEHUAHUEHUA

Indonesia is or was the focus of some heat. They are currently at war with Colombia, and have lost the first two battles. Looks like they going to lose this next one too. There is an open WAR with Singapore, but it looks like a training war, as every other battle has gone back and forth. Look at this CRAP.

Mexico and Colombia have fourteen battles under their belt now. Having split them evenly seven and seven, no victor has emerged. They stack up closely in number of citizens and world rank. This looks to drag on.

Chile was focused hard by ASTERIA and LETO and lost their status of empire. They now begin the task of regaining their EMPIRE status, and work on Peru first.

Have fun out there people and keep shaking that ASS.

For Greeling:

Secretary of Media: Dave Gulya

Deputy Secretary of Media: SColbert

[POTUS] Inauguration Take 2

[WHPR Day 2460] Seventh Heaven

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Dave Gulya
Dave Gulya Day 2,460, 05:15

First for getting back on track!

dmjohnston Day 2,460, 06:32

I definitely misread his first question...

Sleepy POTUS Best POTUS?

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,460, 08:30

You've been a damn good POTUS sleepy or not.

Jan4yks Day 2,460, 11:04

Comment deleted

Yosemite Sam01
Yosemite Sam01 Day 2,460, 13:04


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RaccoonGoon Day 2,460, 13:26

Voted for Mexibro and another good WHPR.

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,460, 15:18

Great POTUS. Way to step up Lucius Best and do some writing!
Great Mexibro synopsis and war maps.
And I'm hard for CA

Cthulhu.. Day 2,460, 16:37


DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 2,461, 06:33

no vote because Roosevelt 😕

ASecretSource Day 2,461, 00:13

Nice read, informative & visually appealing.
Good job - voted!

seyed90 Day 2,463, 00:31


RedGil Day 2,466, 05:17

got some great information that helps as a new player on 3rd day playing into the workings behind the scenes

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