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[WHPR Day 2,358] Gnilraps Outro, American Hero, Tax Discussions, War Map

Day 2,358, 00:31 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

[WHPR Day 2,358] Gnilraps Outro, American Hero John Largo, Tax Relief Discussion, War Map

Dateline: Wednesday, May 5th, 2014 (Day 2358)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Special thanks to A^2, nickbergman, John Largo and Gnilraps.

Editors Note: Thank you to all the readers and staff this month. It was great working with everyone! Looks like y'all are stuck with me for another month however! ~ Blondeninja

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: Gnilraps: Outro
: 2: American Hero: John Largo
: 3: Tax Relief Discussion with Military Units
: 4: War Map

Editors: SecMed Blondeninja; DepSecMed WookyJack

Contributors: irule77, Alexander Auctoritas, Nickbergman and WookyJack

Gnilraps: Outro

WookyJack: It certainly has been a long two months. March 2014 Gnilraps won his first Country Presidency and many people were excited and eager to find out what a man with such an upstanding and heralded legacy in Erepublik could contribute. Now his tenure in the Executive has come to a close and like always there are differences of opinion how the office was handled. From Operation Grey Cup (aka wiping the rebels to the North) to controversial accusations of loyalty and the United States Armed Forces (USAF) merger we have time to look back in the wake of a man who is either to be lauded for his achievements or criticised profusely for missteps.

Hindsight is always 20/20. Mr. President, what would you like to say to your constituents at this juncture as you prepare to go back to the civilian life? Or should we anticipate more Gree- I mean Gnilraps?

Gnilraps: I do sincerely hope that the CP’s who follow me will not recklessly undo the most critical work I have accomplished by unleashing unprecedented amounts of Greeling on the eUniverse. You are welcome eRepublik. Now kindly don’t ruin it.

Thank you for this. Skeptics and loyal citizens will probably surmise the past month has been quite the financial conundrum as far as Presidencies go, but I have had the chance to listen to you on Fed Radio and read many of your publications the past couple months. Although my perception of how you handle things are more on a private basis, what do you have to say now to the public? Particularly, what happened after the USAF merger?

I did have some greater hopes for the merger that did not get realized. While it would be easy to blame Pfeiffer for this (he was very AFK these past two weeks), the fault is really mine. I allowed time to pass. Almost all of the good that has gotten accomplished so far is due to the hard work of rainysunday and her team.

I will take this opportunity to speak to those who have not been happy with the merger. I very much understand what it is like when someone from the “outside” comes “in” and starts messing with your stuff. I am sorry for all the ways I was a bull in a china shop. eRepublik cycles of 30 days feel so very brief and I allowed time anxiety to speed up what should have been a slower process. I hope that the end product will reflect how much actual care I have for the project. Success on this particular front was my main concern.

This coupled with the loss of Baja and the French regions that kept us full resources doesn’t tread lightly on your legacy. What do you have to say about these topics?

I regard the upsetting losses of bonus colonies as a fairly regular part of eRep life for us. We are going to capture them, then we are going to lose them. Then we are going to capture them again. Game mechanics have made this a surety. And so I am leaving the next CP with a full set of food bonuses and all but one weapons bonus. There were two reasons I did not move to reclaim Baja. Mexico was nearly wiped by Columbia right around the time I would have liked to have captured Baja, so that made it something undesirable. The other reason was that I had spent plenty enough money during my two terms. Capturing Baja requires a good bit of cash to do.

What are your plans for Erepublik after this journey ends? Any reflections overall?

I seriously doubt that Molly Emma will need much from me - she is more than capable and will surround herself with plenty of good people - so I don’t feel an urgent need to linger in the White House. That said, I will need to see how I feel about the “drop-off” of intensity. While it sounds like a good thing, withdrawal may become an issue. I know EZC will welcome me back, so I’ll work out my withdrawal issues there.

What do you have to say to whoever is your successor in the Oval Office?

Since I am fairly certain that it will be Molly Emma, and since I have utmost respect for her, I can honestly say that I don’t have a single important thing to say to her in a public forum like this. If I feel the need to say something to her, it will be done privately.

However, I will say this to anyone who seeks the office of President: Do your hard work BEFORE you run. If you come into the office unprepared you will waste half your term just getting organized. And do NOT surround yourself with merely a bunch of people who like each other. That is a guarantee for failure. Mix in some people who have the balls to call you out.

Any last thoughts?

Thank you, Mr. President.

American Hero: John Largo
Alexander Auctoritas

I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with American Legend, John Largo. If you have been in Congress, chances are you've met this statesman. If you've ever fought on the battlefield, then you've seen this soldier. We give you the one. The Only.

AA: Hey there.

JL: Hey yo.

AA: So, when and how did you find erepublik?

JL: I clicked on a link in a fantasy football site

AA: Did you found a community right away or if you two-clicked for a while first?

JL: When I first joined, I tried to play the economic module (when it existed). I worked and invested. My manager pointed out some Astra Kat G articles, and I got interested in government.

AA: Your manager?

JL: I joined the CVP and found my first group of friends. They were all Marines, the best of the best, but I was a bit of a maverick, and eschewed organized military. My goal was to be a one man army (little did I know that I would not be able to achieve that without being a Marine).


JL: My Manager was Possum something. CVP = Conservative Victory Party, run by Cromstar / DesertFalcon, and later renamed DemReps.

AA: That's some old stuff. Did you then join the USTC or get right into the Marines?

JL: So the CVP was my first community, then through the CVP, I got into Congress and they became my second community to call home. Back then, Congressmen were encouraged to join the National Guard, so I joined and loved it. And as my strength increased, I eventually joined the Marines, my current home. So I found a home in government before I found a home in the Military, which is probably why I am one of the few people that can exist in both worlds.

AA: 27 Congress medals?!? Wow, didn't realize you have been there that much. Have you been SoH?

JL: Yes, once SoH, and DSoH, I think once, maybe twice. I think I am #2 behind Cromstar in number of eUS Congress Medals.

AA: Did you start training hard-core as soon as the upgrades were available?

JL: No, initially I was one of those guys who tried to succeed without spending RL money. I never gave money to the "training whore" Lana. But like all persistent whores, they eventually wear you down, and you give in. Now, I'm probably one of the top 10 spenders in the eUS. Not sure if the persistent whore analogy is universal, or just a bad weekend in Vegas.

AA: I see you are ranked #2 behind Tsewell. Do you two have an unwritten rivalry?

JL: No,l I was #1 for a while, maybe a year (I'd have to go through my forum boasts to figure out the date), and he recently passed me. I know him from our shared eUS Military past, plus he has good relations with the Marines, even joining us for a contest. My only nit to pick with him is that he has not joined the Marines as I asked him to.

AA: I remember when I joined the Marines. I was honored and happy to not have to tag my nick anymore. It was a personal victory in erepublik. Do you remember how you felt when you were accepted?

JL: The #1 spot has predominantly been held by Marines historically. It was great. I was loyal to my National Guard mates, but it got to the point where there was no one to really compete with. When I got to the Marines, there was Technician and Jaywalker at the top and others ahead of me. There was my challenge that keeps me interested in this game.

AA: Did you ever achieve any personal goals in the econ module before they nerfed everything?

JL: I did, I worked as an employee and earned enough money to run one company and that netted me others that I had in my org, Hectic Industries. I had Largo Drilling, Largo Pastries, Largo Farming, Largo Digging.

AA: I miss the days of managing employees for profitability. After they nerfed the econ, did you just throw everything into being the best fighter?

JL: Yeah, Congress, AMP and the Marines. That's what I play for these days.

AA: Can you recall a specific battle in recent memory that you owned?

JL: There have been plenty that I have owned, but the only one that sticks in my memory is the one for Albania against Serbia. I remember taking the day and just clicking fight for hours and hours. We lost the battle, but we made a statement.

AA: Have you enjoyed the Canadian and/or French campaigns? Did you enjoy beating up on anyone else in the past?

JL: Canada is not enjoyable because many of them are friends. We need to get back on the same page. Their leadership has lead them astray.

AA: I see you were VP twice, for who? And did you get the freedom to push any agendas?

JL: I was VP both times for Vanek. He let me go wherever I wanted. I'm always big in unifying our country, because its easy math that we are stronger that way. We created a mass survey that was probably the only successful one we have done nationally. We gauged the country's opinion and set a course to implement it.

AA: Any particular cabinet that you particularly enjoyed?

JL: I have been in a lot of cabinets as an adviser. That's my favorite position in executive. I can't really pick a best cabinet of the top of my head.

AA: I see you are missing one particular medal...Any plans?

JL: I am missing the POTUS medal, and I think one day I'll get it. I have ran in the past 2 Novembers. Maybe this year will be different.

AA: You have been a voice of reason in my experience, and a bridge between the eUS Military and frankly everyone else. How do you take some criticism without taking offense?[/b]

JL: Its about the goal of everyone getting along. You can't take offense too quickly, or there can never be any common ground for consensus. I've learned to see the plans behind other's actions, and respond to their intent and not their actions.

AA: If you could change one thing about our recent foreign affairs, what would it be?

JL: FA? Of course I would like peace with Canada, but I think it is more of a failure of the Canadian FA than that of the eUS.

AA: If you could press the button for an Airstrike, who would the target be?

JL: Airstrike? IF I had to pick one country it would be Serbia, duh.

AA: Do you still enjoy Congress and being an active member in AMP?

JL: Yes, I enjoy congress. I'm now one of the "old veterans" so I enjoy watching new solutions to old problems. As for AMP, it is the best party out there. I wasn't there at the very beginning , but have been there long enough to know that AMP is MY party, and I have helped build it to where it is now, and I hope to see her continue for the future.

AA: You are a rock. And the USA is thankful and lucky to have you as one of our citizens. Thank you for your time. Anything you would say to the readers of the WHPR?

JL: WHPR? I would like to tell the readers of the WHPR to continue to be active in this game. This is a marathon game, not a sprint. Know that the eUS is the best country and keep building it to be a greater nation.

AA: Do you have a favorite historical quote that you tend to live by?


AA: And lastly, cake or pie?

JL: Ah, ah, Pendleton. The white cake, with the sweet frost.

Tax Relief Discussions for MUs

Do you like taxes? No one really does, but the are inevitable and necessary for our success as an eNation. We can’t support many of the programs we all enjoy without taxes, as well as supporting our national MU. There has been some controversy regarding this as of late mostly due to the effect it is having on private MU's and the lack of money they are making to help their members via the commune system. There are are many arguments regarding this topic. From a tax break to private MU's to a tax return of the same end. Along with the ideas of what to give back, the discussion continues with how to give money back to the private MU’s. The stipulations that would be attached to those monies has been the greatest topic of controversy.

The different ideas for implementation range from a flat 2% tax break to tax returns based on either damage inflicted or based on the communes being worked. It could also be said that it could possibly take money away from USAF, but seems unlikely at the moment. Members of congress are currently hashing it out as no side has been able to gain ground; although it does appear to be swaying toward private MU’s receiving some sort of stipend whether it be a tax break or a tax return. The main gridlock begins on how to implement such a program and how one would go about tracking it. The ideas of tracking by commune or damage seem to have some votes on either side of the aisle, although neither has won outright. There are as many questions as there were when you started reading this article, but the question is will there be an end to this discussion and any solutions agreed upon to help assist the private MU’s in the eUSA?

If you feel like getting the full scoop yourself feel free to read about it here.
This has been nickbergman with WHPR keep our country in your hearts and it’s future in your mind.

War Map
Alexander Auctoritas

North USA is Secure. o> Gnilraps and his defense team.

South America looks a little different than last time we looked. Brazil is on the map. No Congress yet, but an NAP is supposed to be in place to ensure their long-term survival. We'll hold our breath. Venezuela is finally peeking back after a Portugese wipe. Let this be an important lesson in not attacking unless you are prepared to be wiped, just ask Mexico. Maybe they were, but I doubt it. Meanwhile, Argentina continues to roll over Spain. No wonder they don't need Brazilian regions anymore. Will they wipe Spain? And if they do, how long will they keep them under thumb. They have now won twelve battles in a row, about to win number thirteen. At the same time, Argentina conducted a successful airstrike against Croatia in India. And they are poised to win the second battle, easily. Argentina...the new Poland. You go girl.

Europe looks a little different, with much of the WAR in erepublik, as always. Poland is now ChewChewShoe'ing on some Swedish territories. They have won three battles and can win as many more as they wish. Sweden has managed to get the better of Latvia, but was recently repelled with Latvia winning the last two battles. Estonia and Finland have a cornerstone WAR waging, for the ages. Netherlands and Norway continue to go back and forth. Lithuania and Belarus have a good ping pong match going, with neither gaining the upper hand, currently.

And now we have the meat of the SIRIUS VS ASTERIA World War VII raging as follows: Hungary is at war with Croatia, and currently has the upper hand. The plan seems to be to kick Croatia out of India and then wipe them in Europe. Chile is the bearer of burden, waging another war against Serbia. Everyone is piling onto their backs and looking to ride this to an ultimate victory, but they will probably run out of directly connected regions before they can finish it. Chile is working on Slovenia at the same time, so they may get there. Slovenia keeps picking on Italy. On the backside, Albania has won one battle against Serbia and looks to be a pain in the A** forever. Serbia and Croatia remain at WAR, as they beat each other's brains out, forever. If Croatia and Serbia ever manage to team up. GGA

Keep that ASS shaking.

For Greeling:

Your SecMed; Blondeninja -|-DepSecMed: WookyJack
"Its only after we lose everything that we’re free to do anything."

Contributors: nickbergman, Alexander Auctoritas, WookyJack

WHPR Day 2358
Spotlight: Gnilraps Outro, American Hero John Largo, Tax Relief Discussion, War Map

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Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,358, 00:34

First for a phenomenal WHPR staff!

All the best, Gnil o/

ubuntu21 Day 2,358, 01:00

Good luck Molly Emma.
Thanks Gnil!

Thanks to the WHPR staff!!

bigcdizzle Day 2,358, 03:07

The fact that John Largo was not the very first American Hero is a shame.

Good article though. Voted.

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,358, 05:25


Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,358, 06:53

I enjoyed reading this article.

Bucephalus92 Day 2,358, 08:37


Gnilraps Day 2,358, 08:57

Great WHPR Staff this month!

Thank you blondeninja and everyone.

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,358, 09:09

You did awesome despite the nay-saying. It was a pleasure working with you.

Tenshou Day 2,358, 09:22


The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,358, 10:07


yukka08 Day 2,358, 16:29

Gnilraps AND Largo -
Great stuff !

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 2,358, 16:44

So the eWorld is a MESS as usual 😃

John Largo
John Largo Day 2,358, 16:48


Cthulhu.. Day 2,358, 17:30


blondeninja Day 2,358, 17:45

Thanks to all the readers, it was a good month of news!!

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 2,358, 19:00


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,358, 21:51

Hail Serbian-American Friendship!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,359, 09:30

Speaking for Largo ♥

Ingame54 Day 2,359, 12:06

you always need more greeling...

Heemsleepy Day 2,359, 13:11

/me feels John Largo's AMPS

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