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[WHPR Day 2,352] Spotlight Canada, Spring Hunt, Congress Elections, War Map

Day 2,352, 00:51 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

[WHPR Day 2352] Spotlight: Canada, Military Unit Contest, Congress Elections Wrap Up, War Map

Dateline: Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 (Day 2352)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

All the best to Blondeninja who could not be here with us tonight; take care Blondie.

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: Spotlight: Canada
: 2: Military Unit Contest: Spring Hunt
: 3: Congress Election Wrap Up
: 4: War Map

Editors: DepSecMed WookyJack
Contributors: Trekker, A^2, WookyJack

Spotlight: Canada

Oh, Canada. Oh, heck. What goes on from here? The current Country President’s (CP) most recent address to his nation wears a defeated, but resilient badge on his sleeve. The North vows to continue on a fight, but a after several months of being wiped, having no congress, their coffers desolated and seeing a seldom glimpse of light at the end, the beleaguered leader appears to have hit his wall. Will Rylde step aside for new leadership?

Recently, Canadian media has been getting some boosts of activity. In a last ditch effort to liberate enough regions to elect a Congress their endeavors were snuffed out by American forces. Dennis McVicker, a former American who is blacklisted by eUSA’s Congress, has stepped on deck to vie for a shot at the Canadian Country Presidency. Upon looking further into his intentions for Canada he is promising more activity, contests to win prizes, education, media, war bonds and as first act to sign-in a Meta-Congress from their most active players in their Top 5 Parties.

It is my hope that my domestic agenda will help induce a greater level of activity in eCanada and as a result help us fight our enemies more effectively so that we might be able to offer greater help to our allies in the future. This platform is my hope that together we can help build eCanada into the great nation I know it can be. I promise to do my part to make eCanada stronger and to push my cabinet to do the same. All I ask is that each and every one of you pitch in and work with us to make eCanada into something we can all benefit from. ~ Dennis McVicker

Things really are getting interesting because long time Canadian thedillpickl also threw in his intentions for CP candidacy. His stance will not differ far from what DMV3 vows to do. But what both candidates haven’t proposed were peace talks with eUSA. War between the past two bro-nations does not have an end in sight. Or could there be?

Saltpeter? With Mexico facing a wipe where will eUSA look next for full resources?

Muglack announced his candidacy for CP by issuing his own Terms of Peace. Quite simply he believes Canada should not MPP with Serbia, trade/rent regions with eUSA and find neutral ground with which to share resources. Also, whatever indignation both warring countries might view or think, Muglack believes both should be to blame and both should extend an olive branch. Whatever the course may be for the North we will see in due time as America will also hold its own CP elections. What will there be left to say besides ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!?!?

We may all fall together, but both countries appear on course to keep getting up for more war for months and months to come.

MU Contest: Spring Hunt
Trekker Tlumac

As you may have noticed we have a tournament going on. The pesky Easter Bunny went and pissed some people off. I guess it is to be expected. Mythical creatures and Fairytale folk tend to aggravate us normies. Remember that jerk face Cupid guy? What about those pesky Snowmen before him? At any rate this week it was that Bunny’s turn to get beat up. Usually these tournaments have prizes and usually they have strategies on how to best achieve the maximum rewards for the least amount of efforts. The follow paragraphs will cover that.

Well let me first state for the record that this tournament sucks. The rewards are not great for the effort to gain them. On this whole this tournament is not meant for the “average” player. It was meant for the Division 4 tanks who have the weapons and Energy Bars to burn. I say this because the end missions require 10,000 PP to complete. And even the low end missions are out of the reach of many players, as to complete each mission line players must have a lot of kills. The “easiest” mission line as far as kills goes still requires 100 kills. It also requires building a rocket and recovering 6000 health in one day. To recover that much health players would need to burn the health, which means kills anyways. The other two mission lines require 500 to 550 kills for one and 550 to 700 kills for the other, 400 of which must be done in one day.
Many of our players are still mostly training and little to no fighting, so these requirements are completely unreasonable.

And let us touch upon the 10,000 PP. Let us assume you are one of the people that are getting the 40 health every six minutes and you use every single bit of that energy for fighting only. If you continued this for the full 168 hours the tournament runs, you would still be 3,000 PP short of making it to the final mission. So either way you are going to have to shell out the equivalent of at least 300 Energy Bars to get to the final mission. If some how you do manage to get to the final mission, it is not as easy as killing the Bunny with the crazy carrot gun. That is part of the requirement, but the other is that you must also get a BH. Then you can claim your prize, which happens to be a rather pathetic +200 Energy center for 15 days and two small bombs. (Yeah, not joke. I thought it was bad too)

In case you are not yet completely demoralized and still have some ambition to complete the missions, I will share some of the ups. While the missions themselves are crap, the weekly rewards are not terrible. Plato does not see fit to give out a lot of Energy Bars this week (which is a bummer), but on the other hand there are plenty of small bombs to be had. 25 small bombs, in fact, on the road to 10,000 pp. Those bombs definitely are enough to help with that BH that must be attained.

I completed the missions in a little less than 24 hours. It took a LOT of energy bars and a lot of clicking. The bottom line is that I do not advise trying to complete the missions for anyone under D4. The 10,000 pp alone means that you will have to go up at least two full levels to complete the missions (bad news for anyone level watching). Be aware you need a significant amount of energy beyond what you can get from standard recovery. There are not going to be a lot of Energy Bars given out to help you (only 25 total before 10,000 pp). And the carrots are not going to be enough to bridge the gap. You get 1 carrot per 25 kills and they are worth ½ of an Energy Bar. So every thousand kills is only worth 20 Energy Bars in carrots. This is one of those times where you either need to buy gold and then Energy Bars or already have enough Energy Bars to complete the missions. Both are pretty well ludicrous. With any luck, the rewards will be back to normal next week and we can put this whole tournament behind us.

Other parts related to this are the Military Unit parts of it. This part is pretty straight forward, but effects more people. There is a listing of the top 100 players to have killed the most Bunny Henchmen (this literally translates into the top 100 in kills divided by 25, as Henchmen pop up every 25 kills). The three MUs with the most players in the top 100 get bonus carrots. That bonus is equal to a percentage of each player’s initial take in carrots. Mu with the most in top 100 gets 40% bonus carrots, 2nd gets 30%, and 3rd gets 20%.

There is also a kick back for the top three countries with the most players in the top 100 for henchmen defeated. It has to do with gaining determination for bonuses for 10 days. The prize is not really that lucrative and it is unlikely that eUSA will need to worry about it. I (Trekker Tlumac) am currently ranked 6th in the eUSA for henchmen defeated, but ranked around 160 in the world. It is unlikely that 5 or less players in the top 100 will make a difference. But that is the low down on the Spring Hunt tournament for you folks. Keep fighting.

Congress Elections Wrap Up

For the first time in a long time the Congressional Elections happened, unimpeded by a Political Take Over (PTO) threat. Yes, arguably there is always some sort of threat, but nothing to the extent of what we saw with We The People weeks ago. It really stirred the paranoia pot, but it was staved off in time. The Department of Homeland Security continued the offensive and like a python does to her prey, squeezed the last breaths of life from the only feasible PTO threat that remained. Will this be the end of PTO as we know it? I feel fine...

Also, The Federalist Party, United States Workers Party, American Military Party, Black Sheep Party and We The People secured Congressional seats. The Liberty Advancement Party moved to the 6th party spot. What will become of the parties’ relationships from here?

War Map
Alexander Auctoritas

That's more like it. Good Job. North USA secured.

Europe has changed a bit since we last spoke. We'll hit the highlights.

The big WAR right now is Argentina VS Spain. It's not necessarily a close war, with Argentina winning the first four battles easily. But, it could have some key repercussions for the long-term landscape of Europe. If Argentina wipes Spain, unlike the Romanian invasion, Argentina could keep them under thumb for a long time. Spain is like the little sibling of Europe. They need constant protection, and have a difficult time holding onto regions they have won, be it Canada or France. This War will be a good tipping point in World War VII. SIRIUS VS ASTERIA is getting more real.

The USA has declared France it's natural enemy once again. I suppose we do need Aquitaine for Rubber. It is technically ours, after all. So, we march on over and take what is rightfully ours. I wonder if they will surrender before the War is over? Chile is also doing some work on France. They've been enjoying their time in Europe and they are currently the ONLY EMPIRE in erepublik. They are winning their battles against France, easily. If France cannot find a safe place to hide, Chile could perma-wipe France and deny them a Congress. On the flip side, France is running through the United Kingdom. They have won four battles in a row and look to take East Midlands. Additionally, the Republic of China has dropped out of the sky to join the fun in the United Kingdom. They are winning their battles easily and are poised to take West Midlands. Could the United Kingdom be in danger of being wiped?

The Netherlands have picked a fight with Norway. It's going reasonably well. They have traded back and forth for a few battles. They are 3 and 3 in the war right now. Norway has initiative and is about to attack. Further south, Romania looks to boot Ireland out of Europe. It would be a shame to see them kicked after hanging out and having fun for these last few months. If they do get booted, I hope they return.

Lithuania has come storming in to fight off Belarus. They have won four battles in the War and continue to march on. Belarus is putting up a good fight in Vitsebskaya, so the War could stall out here for a bit. Sweden continues to run through Latvia, having won all the battle in the war. Kurzeme has just started with no clear dominator at this time. Finland has won 7 of 12 battles in the war with Estonia. They are looking to secure Southern Finland and renew their attacks on Estonia's mainland.

Incidentally, it would appear the Cyprus and Israel are now locked in deadly combat forever. It's an interesting proxy battle between SIRIUS and ASTERIA, with little strategic importance. But the spiritual importance is indeed very grave. The war is currently at a stalemate. Cyprus, until recently, had Israel wiped. We shall see if they can do it again.

Not pictured is Turkey taking care of determination in Iran. It's become the norm for countries to allow successful RW's to reset determination. Then, they can wipe them before Congressionals and ensure total dominance.

Also not pictured is Mexico and Colombia's War. Unfortunately for Mexico, Colombia has won six battles in a row. SIRIUSLY? What the FU**? Where's the team? I think it's time to send in the wolf.

Overall, it looks like ASTERIA is making some headway in Europe, Central America, and retains all dominance in South America. SIRIUS enjoyed some relative peace for a good while, but the recent attacks by ASTERIA have really put SIRIUS on their heels. World War VII is just getting started.

Enjoy the Show. And keep shaking that ass.

For Greeling:

Your SecMed; Blondeninja -|-DepSecMed: Wookyjack
"Its only after we lose everything that we’re free to do anything."

Contributors: Trekker Tlumac, WookyJack, Alexander Auctoritas

WHPR Day 2352
Spotlight: Spotlight, Military Unit Contest, Congress Elections Wrap Up, War Map

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Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,352, 00:56

This one is for Blondie 🙂

Captain Black Sheep
Captain Black Sheep Day 2,352, 01:07

★★★★ Baaaa ★★★★

Arrden Day 2,352, 01:09


GZA The Genius
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Elanaconda Day 2,352, 01:24

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Trekker Tlumac
Trekker Tlumac Day 2,352, 03:57


Cthulhu.. Day 2,352, 04:16


Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 2,352, 11:41

Long winded and rather boring, also noted a complete lack of greeling.

Cthulhu.. Day 2,352, 15:38

F*** YOU

biaxident Day 2,352, 13:20

good read

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,352, 14:50

Thank you, the team definitely worked hard!

Bucephalus92 Day 2,352, 15:46


Returning the favor would be appreciated 😉

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,352, 16:15

Already did 🙂

Bucephalus92 Day 2,352, 16:28

Thanks o/

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Disco Musolini
Disco Musolini Day 2,352, 19:24


Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 2,353, 00:17

"All I ask is that each and every one of you pitch in and work with us to make eCanada into something we can all benefit from. ~ Dennis McVicker".

Finally, someone I can agree with.

Canada currently benefits most Governer-General of Canada, Greeling.

I'm will fight to continue this tradition.

Sharky Malarkey
Sharky Malarkey Day 2,353, 05:29

Very informative. Thanks!

DMV3 Day 2,353, 10:19

Needs more DMV!

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,353, 10:43

There was a pretty FAIR amount I thought!

DMV3 Day 2,353, 10:44

Needs more! 😉

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,353, 10:47

Win that election and I'll do a full article about you from [Full Collapse] 😃 😃

DMV3 Day 2,353, 10:48

Deal! o/

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,353, 21:11

"Also not pictured is Mexico and Colombia's War. Unfortunately for Mexico, Colombia has won six battles in a row. SIRIUSLY? What the FU**? Where's the team?"

of all allies to stand by and watch get screwed... selfish and shortsighted, eUS.
oh, wait-- that's not news.

yukka08 Day 2,354, 04:04


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