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[WGC-MP] The WGC Digest (Day 1799)

Day 1,799, 09:06 Published in Canada Canada by Addy Lawrence

For Reference:


It's been a slow start to WGC Mighty Pens. To be candid, I wasn't prepared to start this project as soon as I did but I really couldn't turn down the offer of a free MU so I had to accept. Now I can prioritize this project as it should and move ahead with our first initiative.

On the WGC Digest...

The first effort of the MU to foster a culture of quality journalism in eRep for eCanadians is the WGC (Writers' Guild of Canada) Digest. The WGC Digest is a list of the newspapers that have been recommended by MU members or respected advisors as being of WGC quality. A recommendation is included as a show of respect to the publisher and as a courtesy to would-be readers.

The WGC Mighty Pens will be the curator of the WGC Digest and invite you to enjoy the content which can be found below.

The digest is a living document and additions will occur on a continuous basis as appropriate content is identified.

On WGC Mighty Pens' respected advisors...

In trying to keep the MU aligned with the spirit of the original WGC, I have reached out to the legacy members looking for their input; Jacobi, Alias Vision, Acacia Mason, Plugson, Chucky Norris and Rigour6. I am counting on these people to keep the MU true to the spirit of WGC.

The WGC Digest...

For Reference:

The Shameless Plug, published by Plugson, recommended by Addy Lawrence
This eCanadian masterpiece if filled with wit, RL literary references, and relevant game and role play commentary which will expand your culture both in game and out.

The Merchant Man, published by Jacobi, recommended by Addy Lawrence
This eCanadian paper chronicles a great deal of political history in eCanada, covering 10 terms of CP news, and it also possesses an abundance of poignant policy pieces and statements worthy of going back for rereads.

A Rookie's Foolish Ideals, published by Shoi12, recommended by Zianni Vaatez
This eCanadian newspaper has a lot of decent stuff, including Weekly Power Rankings of enations as well as a weekly Around the World update of international affairs.

The Northern Telegraph, published by Acacia Mason, recommended by Addy Lawrence
This eUS paper serves as the journal for the strongest proponent of quality media work in the game, don't let the abundant alerts to the podcast fool you, this paper contains quality righting that integrates RL literature to game-play.

The Economist, published by Iain Keers, recommended by Addy Lawrence
This ePolish newspaper provides an articulate perspective, in English, of "the other side" and never fails to deliver an impactful message.


The standing daily order of WGC Mighty Pens is to vote up articles from this collection, as appropriate, as well as comment and shout them to promote quality journalism. If you would like to be alerted when these articles come out, you can subscribe to them now OR join the WGC Mighty Pens MU to get access to the shout feed OR you can PM me to be added to the WGC Digest Subscription List.

Who's your daddy?

Addy's your daddy!!!



Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,799, 09:07

Please consider voting and shouting this article.

Enjoy the WGC Digest

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,799, 11:27

what happened to Acacia

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,799, 13:04


Keep the media coming, Addy.
@CaptKushskins: I think Acacia is dealing with rl. I miss him too 😢

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,799, 14:07

Kushskins: Acacia is an avid Birdhunter irl, it is open season on a plethora of birds in Ontario, he's probably out shooting ducks, woodcocks, grouse and pheasant. He will return.

Shoi12 Day 1,799, 18:45

Decent!? Show some respect!

^.^ Appreciate the shout-out~~

Zianni Vaatez
Zianni Vaatez Day 1,799, 21:41

You're welcome, Random Citizen!

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