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[Weekstrom]Congress elections nov 13

Day 2,197, 07:05 Published in Netherlands Poland by Weekstrom

Due to RL issues later than planned, but here you go; Some thoughts on our current congressional politics.
As you are no doubt aware it’s time for our congress elections following very active days upfront in which most of the parties were very busy getting votes and members.

40 seats!
For the first time in a long time we will be able to get 40 seats again. That brings a question to mind however; Are we up to it? Some of you are no doubt still aware of the first time we were able to vote 20 members into congress again after a large period of time which resulted in a deception as not all parties had come up with enough congress members to fill the seats resulting in 3 empty seats. So how does it look this time?

I’m happy to report that this time all parties had at least enough congress members to support the number of votes if only all members of the top five parties vote and will vote at their own party.
Still there are large differences. Some parties are able to provide extra members if they would receive extra votes from people not being a member of their party or not a party member at all. Of course there will be members of parties that don’t vote as can be seen for instance in the results of the last congress elections. As can be seen there the number of party members was rather different than the actual outcome so parties need extra members to cope with the potential extra votes. And as I&W is, big surprise, no part of the top 5 I suspect one or two parties will receive their votes this elections resulting in a likely much higher percentage of votes then otherwise would have been the case.

Actual situation
Presented in a table the current situation looks as follows where I first of all show you the number of party members, the percentage of members in the party when looking at the top 5 parties alone (%M), the number of Proposed Congress Members (PCM), the percentage of members of a party that candidate for congress (%CM). As can be seen the needed amount of 40 congress members as a total is reached as we have 51 proposed.
What’s also visible is the activity of the party when it comes to candidating for congress. It’s very clear GPN is not only the biggest party, they also have by far the highest percentage of players that actually wants to be involved in congress politics.
Next I show the number of Congress Members that will get a seat from the party if votes are spread according to the size of the party (CM).
To conclude with I show the max % of votes a party can handle when it comes to delivering Congress Members in this elections and the margin the party has between both. The higher the latter, and the more active the party members are for congress activity, the safer of course.

Party potential
As you can see there is a maximum percentage a party can handle if it comes to congress seats. If the result of the voting would be VVN would get 10 seats due to getting 25% of the votes (one can dream can’t he) but they are only able to provide the 9 actual congress members they proposed, 1 seat will be lost harming our democracy as well as our finances. Another way of showing it is in the table below.
For each percentage of votes mentioned it is shown for a party if at that point adding another vote would be beneficial to them by a green arrow, if it most likely makes no difference anymore by a yellow exclamation mark or will result in no extra seat or even the loss of a congress seat by a red arrow.
You’ll notice a spot for every party that has a green background as well. That’s the percentage they would have if only the players from the top 5 parties would vote and all on their own party. The more green arrows to the right of that the more extra votes a party can handle above their own.



Kordak Day 2,197, 07:08


M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,197, 18:57

Nice! Looks like GPN is doing the best for our nation. 🙂

So just go on voting for GPN: we can handle it. 😉

at your service
at your service Day 2,197, 22:12

I'd say VVN with the 23% margin ain't bad either while I thought DemNL focussed on congressional work but that isn't shown here.
Still I'm glad to see there are at least enough members present from every party this time to handle their own votes!

ElGorro Day 2,198, 00:22

Preliminary outcome of the elections can be found here:
[MoI] Uitslag Congres Verkiezingen | Outcome Congress Elections

FrankieVB Day 2,198, 03:17

It's always a pleasure to read another of your analysis 🙂

SpikyJade2700 Day 2,198, 10:03

Very good work as always

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