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[We the People] Presidential Elections

Day 1,871, 08:05 Published in USA USA by Serendipitous

Dear People,

These are dark times. We stand on the edge of a political take over by foreigners, exiles and cheats.

As you may know, the Unity Process for electing Presidential Candidates was implemented three months ago to help defend against this threat.

However, due to reasons which are not yet understood John Jay, our Party President, has yet to withdraw from the race or un-nominate himself as the We the People candidate.

At this time we have been unable to contact John Jay either in game, on IRC, via the forums, or IRL.

For that reason, I am asking you People, please watch this space for further announcements! It is absolutely imperative that you do so!

Personal Message:

Please note that John Jay has removed himself from the race.

We the People Leadership
Oblige, Party Vice President
Hale26, Director of Communications
Serendipitous, Director of Media
MazzyCat, Director of Inter-party Relations



GurkaaN Day 1,871, 08:14

lütfen hemen her yeri alalım

KosovolsKosovo Day 1,871, 08:16

cCc cCc Buradan başlayın beyler yeniden oyuna

KosovolsKosovo Day 1,871, 08:16

cCc lütfen hemen heryeri alalım cCc


KenanGomutan Day 1,871, 08:17

cCc let's conquer everywhere pls cCc


smirnofftoi Day 1,871, 08:17

cCc cCc

FOr interneyşınıl pıç

S.Marcos Day 1,871, 08:19


Helios Hyperion
Helios Hyperion Day 1,871, 08:20

cCc let's conquer everywhere pls cCc


O.G. Loc
O.G. Loc Day 1,871, 08:25

cCc lütfen hemen heryeri alalım cCc


Burakyzn Day 1,871, 08:26


Kemal Cagatay Arslan
Kemal Cagatay Arslan Day 1,871, 08:26

20 arkadaşım var lütfen ekleyin

Mehmet Mustak
Mehmet Mustak Day 1,871, 08:28

cCc lütfen hemen heryeri alalım cCc


FeverFire Day 1,871, 08:30

cCc let's conquer everywhere pls cCc


Thedillpickl Day 1,871, 08:32

Apologize but I do not understand Turkish spam for article. Please if you explain? Google translate does not make to English any sense.

I'm sure JJ has some problem. We can only hope that something bad has not happened. Please do not jump the gun and make the situation worse.

I appreciate the WTP Leadership making the situation public and giving an explanation. This will stop rumors and innuendo from the start.Everyone must have patience. We have several hours before this becomes a real problem.

grimgod Day 1,871, 08:33

lütfen hemen heryeri alalım

gozgoz Day 1,871, 08:39

lütfen hemen her yeri alalım

mustafa bozkurt
mustafa bozkurt Day 1,871, 09:06

cCc lütfen hemen her yeri alalım cCc

KosovolsKosovo Day 1,871, 09:35


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,871, 09:48

Change is coming to America!

Thedillpickl Day 1,871, 10:05

"Please let almost every location"

What are you trying to tell us, we do not understand. Is Turkey supporting a TO?

KOSOVO IS KOSOVO Day 1,871, 10:12

cCc let's conquer everywhere pls cCc

ligtreb Day 1,871, 11:25

Thank you for posting this article. It's sad this is what it's come to.

CeSurKral Day 1,872, 12:30

cCc let's conquer everywhere pls cCc

Noablule Elubaon
Noablule Elubaon Day 1,873, 09:52


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