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[WCC] World Cup - oh wait, it's over.

Day 2,429, 07:59 Published in Australia Canada by Claire Louise

Well. That's that then for another four years. Was it me, or was the final a little... dull, maybe? Slight anti-climax there.

Germany spanked the hosts, Brazil, 7-1. 5-0 up by the 29th minute. Mental. They then of course went on to beat Argentina in a fairly boring match compared to the semi. So yeah. That's that. I don't do analysis. Bugger off.

So, since Germany won (many expletives), that means the winner of the WCC is LordR92! I sent your weapons over yesterday mate, enjoy!

I was runner up, bagging 60 Q7's. The top scorer of the competition was James Rodríguez for Columbia, meaning Doovah bagged 20 Q7's. As for the red cards... Not a single nation had more than one red card. Each of these nations finished all with one red card:

So, instead of splitting the prize, I'm gonna throw it into a random draw. You can't split 20 by 11, so yeah.

Lonely Fighter bags the last 20 Q7's, grats mate!


1, Dr Hugh Jardon --- Switzerland
2, Claire Louise --- Argentina \o/
3, F0rse7i --- Iran
4, Jeff Vader --- Australia
5, Rusty D --- France
6, MGB Guy --- USA
7, MarkTD --- Costa Rica
8, Gaha --- Nigeria
9, Theoski Lasio --- Algeria
10, Guagature --- Bos-Herce
11, Mickskitz --- Honduras

12, Stevofromthevalley --- Netherlands
13, JHead --- Ghana
14, Mithalraman --- Chile (!!!)
15, VampDeath --- Uruguay

16, LordR92 --- Germany
17, Doovah Sandy --- Columbia
18, TJ Titan --- Italy
19, kerna96 --- Cameroon
20, Sky Pownage --- Croatia

21, J Seemore --- Brazil
22, Fungo Chutney --- England
23, CaptainNeon1 --- Russia
24, Mr Sherlock Holmes --- Japan
25, Mongoosier --- South Korea
26, Roboz --- Mexico
27, T.B Hat --- Portugal
28, A Just Man --- Ecuador
29, k0llht0s --- Spain
30,Csanat --- Ivory Coast
31, DrF --- Greece (Fix!)

32, Lonely Fighter --- Belgium

Cheers to everyone who took part! And thanks to Hugh for masterminding this plan in the first place, then allowing me to destroy it 😛

So what are the prizes?

Last 16, 10 Q7 tanks each = 160 Q7 tanks
Quarter Finalists, 30 Q7 tanks each = 240 Q7 tanks
Semi-Finalists, 50 Q7 tanks each = 200 Q7 tanks

Losing Finalist, 60 Q7 tanks = 60 Q7 tanks
Winner, 100 Q7 tanks = 100 Q7 tanks
Nation with the cups top scorer = 20 Q7 tanks
Nation with the most red cards = 20 Q7 tanks



LordR92 Day 2,429, 08:05

I WON! 😃 o7 \o/

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,429, 09:24

Best World Cup in my lifetime and i enjoyed the's just that the whole tournament was such a high. Anyways, thanks for taking this over work ❤

WARNING.69 Day 2,429, 11:04

Are you 4 years old?

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,429, 11:07

Mentally yes, why? If you had spent a bit more time enjoying it rather than watching whatever shinny object was fascinating you then you'd have seen this was the best world cup in many, many years...many pro's of the game have said the same.

Goals, drama, Suarez being Suarez, shocks yeah you've stopped reading haven't you...must be a nice Christmas Bauble you've found 😛

WARNING.69 Day 2,429, 11:09

because if you say that was the best world cup in your life, only means that you only saw 1 world cup.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,429, 11:11

I've been watching them since i first can remember retarded, like i said you'll find very few pro's of the game who disagree. Records broken everywhere, great football and shocks...still one person says it was sh*t so must have been sh*t.

Oh Portuguese? lmao

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 2,429, 12:04

"because if you say that was the best world cup in your life, only means that you only saw 1 world cup."

Sound, rational logic right there!

Fidel Castro reborn
Fidel Castro reborn Day 2,429, 09:27

o7 voted

klinki Day 2,429, 11:21

V 12


dead dreamer
dead dreamer Day 2,429, 11:27


Saiwun Day 2,429, 13:54


Schoft Day 2,429, 18:26

What game did The Netherlands a red card?

Mickskitz Day 2,430, 00:18


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,430, 00:27

It was the ten countries below the Dutch, The Netherlands was the last red from the previous World Cup Finals in 2010...this one needs to be removed from cabinet immediately in my humble opinion.

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 2,430, 05:51

Well thanks for telling me. You sent the screenshot and didn't explain that part 😛

Meh, still stands.

CHIVAREGALSR Day 2,430, 02:49

I can't believe Brasil lost 7-1, since 1975 they have never lost a game at home, and first ever lost in their history for 7 goals, the last time they lost by a big margin was in 1920 6-0.

Germany one more world cup and they will be the only nation with Brasil to have 5 cups, great work Germany with out a doubt !!!

Schoft Day 2,430, 04:32

Never lost 2 WC games in a row either since WC74

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,430, 07:02

The 7-1 game was brilliant...not for Brazil obviously. But to see such history like that and you knew it was a footballing moment that will be discussed decades later...moments like that we what made this world cup special.

Guagature Day 2,430, 04:03

I got more enjoyment out of 2 Chicks 1 Cup over watching the world cup.

Also I missed out on my hearty handshake since I got a loosing team 🙁

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