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[Wavve] India United

Day 1,835, 13:16 Published in India Australia by ShockWavve

Hello guys ,

I am writing this article as the Party president of India United and Congress man of eIndia against a power member of eIndia

You guys knows me as troll and non-serious kinda guy .......but what I am writing here is damm serious and questions the functioning of eIndia.
I although relatively new , became party president of oldest party of eIndia..........My party was at lowest when I took over presidency just few weeks ago , but had great support for my party members and we worked and gained new members and increased our congress seats many folds ...........I took everyones advice and shared responsibilities with everyone..........we had a party thread running all the time .....everyone had his voice heard

But certain things happened during last few days .

1) within few minutes of congress result , a congress member resigned , apparently he was waiting for gold and changed his CS .
2) within few minutes of congress result , a congress member accepted a CS illegally and proposed a law without disscusion
3) within a day another law was proposed without disscusion by another congress member

What's common In it..........THEIR PARTY ......the yuvva party led by Abhinay Gupta .
Abhinay bro , u contacted me on 24th asked about my party list .......said that we should be sure about everyone .....


And when talk about action against those persons ........u never reply .

It's the responsibility of party president to inform their candidates about laws of congress .

4) A congress thread was created and my whole party is left out of it but a non-congress member found place in it ????


Why is a non -congress member in congress thread but not a Party president of 10 congress man ( plus a 3 times congress man , ex HoC , ex Minister of Immigration ) left out of it ???!!

What next?
What my party is doing ?

My party is not going to participate in any fake congress thread as already told by "vigorious " (deadley )in that thread and I stand by my party member .

We demand action against yuvva party , it's president and all those noob congress members .

We demand justification why a non-congress member was included in that thread ????

And that non-congress member telling to blacklist me ........go ahead .........I might be left without CS like Hamturk , but I will be satisfied that didn't let injustice happen . We will not let injustice be done , we will bring justice to all big and small , because are India United

Party president , IU
( soon to be blacklisted from eIndia)



Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,835, 13:19

Transparency and accountability, where is it in eIndia?

vigorious Day 1,835, 13:22

I am agree with shockwavve

Latvian Soldier
Latvian Soldier Day 1,835, 13:32

Hail INDIA, Hail LATVIA!!!!!!!

Ghost Warrior1373
Ghost Warrior1373 Day 1,835, 14:03

v + s

Luiz Gauderio
Luiz Gauderio Day 1,835, 14:07


Fighter100 Day 1,835, 14:26

lol..shockwavv..its not fair to target whole party cuz 1 or 2 persons did not follow rules..!
you are free to disagree with Yuuva PP, but majority of congress members in Yuvva follow i don't see how you could call all of them noobs. : /

we have had "noobs" proposing stupid laws from other parties as well including "oldest" party IU.

ShockWavve Day 1,835, 14:33

Fighter100 .......i called for action against those 3 persons not all .
And I don't beleive that any party would had mistakes in a span of minutes .

I have full respect for other congress members like u , miltiadis1 etc .

But can u justify these things that happened to my party ?

Lonqu Day 1,835, 15:49

Bleh. Do your research first. Bhishk had planned to go to eUS all along, but didn't realise he had run for congress until too late. He's not a person to chase the gold.

As for deadlydisaster, the probability is that the rules were not explained to him properly. He did make a thread in the forums, but what he did wrong was propose the law at the same time.

Lonqu Day 1,835, 16:02

The CS approval was unfortunate, but eIndia has this sort of thing every month with noob congressmen. Most likely deadly approved before he could be told about the CS rules. Finally, the thing with the congress thread was probably an administrative error.

Personally, I think this article was wholly unnecessary - those sort of things happen every month and can easily be discussed without pointing fingers. And stop being so overtly dramatic about blacklist and leaving eIndia, yeah?

ShockWavve Day 1,835, 16:09

@ alector ......."facepalm"

If bhishk had planned well in advance why he was put high in order ??

It's responsibilty of PP to select good candidates and inform them rulz.

Do your research ......"facepalm" again..........

Well u are from Yuvva "facepalm" party .......what can be said .........facepalm

And what about leaving my party out of congress thread but including UvAjed ?

No answer ?

ShockWavve Day 1,835, 16:11

@ alector mate ...............if u don't have something concrete to say .......plz don't bro

Lonqu Day 1,835, 16:20

As I said, Bhishk didn't realise he was on congress list - so how could he have told Abhinay his plans?

Secondly, I did mention the congress thread problem. I'll repeat it: "Finally, the thing with the congress thread was probably an administrative error."

Please don't embarrass yourself with all that facepalming.

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,835, 17:53

I don't think such thing can be just an administrative error, the whole party and only one party's congressmen were left out! We should be very careful before making such mistakes!

kapahii Day 1,835, 18:38


yea, u r right, it was not intentional to acquire gold, i am ready to return the gold to the government and even the medal if it had been possible,

i wanted to get exposure in the game, therefore i had move to eUSA, i will surely return to eIndia in future.

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,835, 19:21

@ Alector / ShockWavves, first three issues though i find it trivial, the PP / Party spokesperson has the responisibility to answer it and make an official statement. It happens (CS and rogue proposals happen). Shocky it was discussed in IRC as well and you were asked not to blow up this.


Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,835, 19:26

@ Bhishk, if you wanted to move to eUS, atleast you could have the courtesy to finish the term as congress member and go in the next month and not put your party in a dire strait here. You didnt find it necessary to discuss your situation with your party president. Send the 5g to CBI (u dont deserve it, imo, but mine doesnt matters)

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,835, 19:36

@ Alector, Leaving a full party members from the thread, you seriously think its an"Administrative error" ?, would love to see yuuva facing such "Administrative errors" in future. Do remember your comments here.

In all, things that would have been troubleshooted amicably has gotten into open now. Since i am not privy to the congress member's thread, i do not have the story from the other side. Many of you here are veterans of the game, try not be Elitists.

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,835, 19:59

This party bashing/newbie bashing is what pisses me off the most..Specially at the time when we are trying to achieve something.
1. Why did abhinay include people who are not in congress?
A: Those people are Cabinet Members. And you for one don't try to pretend being so serious Mr.
You quit your HoC position 15 days after taking it up and have become a wannabe troll.

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,835, 20:04

2. Regarding your so called claim about IU mmbrs being left out..Let me see.
A. Last i checked M. Khurram, Shockwavve, Shreyash Wadiwala, varundewan, SykoFk, Dinesh raju, Vigorious, Master Duce 007, Asmitatheone, Hemanathan Kumar were in the congress thread, and all of them belong to your party Mr. trollhead.
And now for your claim as to why they weren't included in the first thread?
Fine me how many mmbrs from Forward Bloc are included in first thread. mr. "I am so funny that I am rude"

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,835, 20:05

Just to quote abhinay
"its contains common members : hemanthan, asmita, uvajed, myself(as i created)
congress members of IU and FB

1st thread consist of congress member YUUVA, Ashwamedism and common members...."

Are you even aware that there is a limit of 30 mmbrs per thread? Mr. "I Know everything"
This isn't called biasing it is called being more organized..

Asmitatheone Day 1,835, 20:12

I would just clarify on one thing.
ABHINAY made that thread becox i asked him to. In that order, becoz we agreed on it. The common ones in both threads are Hema, the CP, UvAjed the contestant for next term, Abhinay, bcoz he creates it, and me, since i am still the HoC.


Aks1010 Day 1,835, 21:49

I am seeing perfectly reasonable explanations to most of the accusations. They probably would have been given if asked in a discussion.

It makes more sense talking to people concerned directly rather than bashing them in public. Nothing good can come of this. Just increases the animosity which is not good for the community.

Aks1010 Day 1,835, 21:52

I am new to this game and am a first time member of Congress. I do not know the rules that congress members are supposed to follow. Some experienced player could probably take initiative and write an article for first time Congress members and guide them.

Knowledge is power. The more information we share amongst newer players, the stronger we become as an eNation.

Just my 2 cents...

Jai Hind!

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,836, 23:27

It is not called being organized by conveniently leaving out a whole party. He was supposed to make a thread and include congress members in order of activity. Including few common members doesnt solve the problem. What are the chances, issue discussed in the first thread will be discussed in the second? Also, it was divided on basis of parties with similar ideology. Most issues will be "solved" without any sort of opposition.

deadlydisaster Day 1,836, 00:48

quoting 2 words of my mentor "Grow UP"

ShockWavve Day 1,836, 00:51

@ UvAjed .........let me clarify ........I was 45 days rather then 15 days of me as HoC .

And Asmita aspected.........u won't go against Abhinay .

vigorious Day 1,836, 01:12

@asmita ............... did you discussed with IU PP or other IU members advising that to abhinay you cant take decision for IU alone you had to asked before that we are making 2 thread and it will be like this.

not after all happened you starting supporting abhinay

ShockWavve Day 1,836, 02:38

^^^ bro , leave it ........

Asmitatheone Day 1,836, 03:49

I take the decision as the de facto HoC, as long as I am one. I took the decision as the HoC for congress members.
Not as a party members.

I have said what is the truth. And i stick to it. I am not suppoorting abhinay.

it is terrible to see yuuva members quitting after congress or issuing CS passes without talking.

But leave the issue of the congress thread out of this. That was my decision.

Asmitatheone Day 1,836, 04:01

@Dinesh Raju: Ur comment is valid. And that is the reason we always used the forum which is now almost defunct bcoz no one goes there to discussed. this thread business is new.

ShockWavve Day 1,836, 12:37

Things sorted out ............sorry for inconvinence .........Chapter is closed

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,837, 08:03

Closed or not, I request that we all give equal opportunities to express everyone's points of view and work together as a nation and sort out our differences. Please don't patronize each other.

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