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[WAR Crew] Lock up your daughters!

Day 1,915, 22:35 Published in Australia Australia by scottty the NUKE


Two eAustralian patriotic soldiers Roboa and myself; Scottty have set out to create a new, better, stronger group of elite soldiers. Both of us have been part of many Military units, ranging from Knight Hawks, Hawks, ST6, FuzzyBunnies to even the old Dropbears.
With this experience together we have decided to form WAR Crew

WAR Crew will be invite only, if you wish to get an invite send a message to scottty the NUKE or Roboa

We will not have any strength requirements, no rank requirements and no division requirements. We just want the most active eAustralian's and only the most active.

Each week we will review fighting performances, so we will see how many times you have fought and how much damage you are doing. This way we will determine if you are capable of being apart of our Military Unit.
It will also determine how many more supplies you will receive.

A minimum of 10 Q7 weapons will be given a day.
For those who will use more then 10 Q7 weapons a day, will be able to request more.

WAR Crew & Politics
WAR Crew party has been created.
We will always fight for what we think is best for eAustralia.

You will be dismissed if you;
Disobey orders (we are always watching)
Your review comes up as not being active enough
Disobeying commanders orders

scottty the NUKE


In ~Roboa~ we Trust


Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,915, 22:36

~WAR Crew~

supereviloverlord Day 1,915, 23:02

In ~Roboa~ We Don't Trust.

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,915, 23:04

Reported for Vulgarity

Miyagiyoda Day 1,915, 23:07

How can you be always watching if all we can see is your bottoms?

infin Day 1,916, 00:07

wuh oh we get a bad ass on the loose.

stump1100 Day 1,916, 02:07

If it's invite only, why does someone have to ask for an invite?

Majester Day 1,916, 02:48

If it made sense these guys wouldn't be involved. Go with the mystery, and enjoy the illusion.

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,916, 18:23

What this one said.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,916, 03:13

lock up your daughters, llamas & sheep even

jackdaknife Day 1,916, 04:59


Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,916, 06:06

───▄▄██▌█ Transporting PAIN
▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ to a location near you
███████▌█ KnightHawks
▀(@)▀▀▀(▀▀▀▀▀▀)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ (@)(@)▀▀

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,916, 06:07

Stoopid erep no copy it right 😕

Video Jack
Video Jack Day 1,916, 11:10

Now why would I lock up my daughter? That would only get her interested in BDSM.

Brennan Shields
Brennan Shields Day 1,916, 13:40

How active is active I'm on every day brahhhhhh

Video Jack
Video Jack Day 1,916, 19:11

Is the War Crew going to be Australia's mercenaries for hire? I'm a Legendary Force. I wonder if I could join. I want to be a mercenary.

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,916, 21:49

We'll see what happens in the future

Video Jack
Video Jack Day 1,917, 00:31

How far in the future? Like, do I have to get cryogenically frozen and then re-awakened in 1000 years? Because I don't think I can wait that long.

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,917, 02:25

Maybe a couple of weeks when we have some numbers

MoistMaster Day 1,917, 10:35

Tell me what you know dreams? dreams? tell me know what you about night terrors? NOTHING. YOU DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT THE TRIALS OF TOMORROW. You would rather lay awake in a bath full of sorrows.

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,917, 22:30

/me Crushes a bit, little bit, rolls it up, takes a hit
Feelin’ lit feelin’ light, 2 am summer night.

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