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[VPOTUS] To Arms, America

Day 1,813, 12:36 Published in USA USA by Inwegen

I've already found my first intern (we'll sleep together) ^__^

Greetings America,

First off, congratulations on defending our great nation against those that wish to take it for themselves and the nations they come from. There are enemies amongst us, yet we continue to band together in difficult circumstances to prove we are a United citizenry.

Today, I come to you with a bit of a backstory and a bit of a preview of the future. I hope you've grabbed a beverage (preferably alcoholic) and a snack (I quite enjoy a pretzel mix with drinks) to be your companions through this article. If not, please do so, sit back and relax.

The Old Tried and True. Great memories, but ineffective

As our esteemed President Cerb has outlined in today's article here, for far too long this nation has been simply defending itself against those who wish to do us harm both in war and in politics. I'm not here to tell you that I and others 'told you so' after numerous warnings throughout the years. What has happened in the past has past. But, let it be known that from here on out we have moved from simply defending to a combined effort of defence and attack.

Some may ask "Inwegen, you were the previous CIA Director, why is change occurring just now?" That is an excellent question and one easily answered. Many believe my friends and I to be elitist. Hell, we like to joke about it, but truth be told, we move and adapt to changes in the community just as the rest of you do. It was not up to me to unanimously change the way in which our ATO staff and community-at-large operates in situations like this. In fact, this is the largest PTO we've had to deal with in our own nation. It is a new battle in which there have been a few stumbles in adaptation, but we are on the front foot and continue to outmanoeuvre those who wish to do us harm.


So, we've up'd our firepower. With the newly formed Department of Homeland Security, we're taking a proactive approach of analysing and categorising friendly citizens and those eTerrorists that wish to promote and assist with the active PTO effort of those who have exploited the weak game mechanics of citizenship. We may not be able to stop them from acquiring citizenship and parties, but we have shown we can beat them in elections and we will continue to bar them from participation in our community. I can't give you much more than that at this time, but be on the lookout for more information from the DHS Director, Slade Cash.

I will also be overseeing discussions on The Unity Candidate process and ways in which we can make sure our national candidates for congress and the Presidency are chosen in a way that accurately reflects the direction in which the American community wishes to move. While I am not promising a system in which everyone is happy, for it is impossible to please all, I am promising an open dialogue between party presidents, the intelligence community, and our government.
On a personal note, I'd like to congratulate my good friend Pfeiffer on a successful term as President in difficult circumstances. He did a great job in trying times. Ask any former or current president and they will attest to the turmoil involved in the job.

I'd like to congratulate my new boss and future brother-in-law (really, people, this family has great genes. I'm going to have a smokin' hot wife) Cerb on another term and great cabinet. I know he and myself have an open door policy. If you have any concerns, please feel free to message us.

I also wish luck to my successor in the CIA, Artela. She has become a fantastic friend and a great asset to this community. She works tirelessly in the shadows to keep the nation secure and has been an amazing deputy and boss at times. Slade Cash and Artela have the potential to create a domestic defence force against eTerrorism and PTOs like we've never seen before. I look forward to the results of their cooperation.

Thanks and I look forward to a great term,
Vice President of the United States

You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.

And, now, some important links/information:

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Keep informed. Get educated. Play the game.

Make sure you join the official USA forums!

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Inwegen Day 1,813, 12:36

First reserved for Cerb's sister/my future wife

n0s3 Day 1,813, 12:37


Cubby Day 1,813, 12:38

I am Cubby and I approve this message.

Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,813, 12:38

Sexy. These are troubling times indeed for eTerrorists.

bigcdizzle Day 1,813, 12:44


Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,813, 12:48

I sense AFA trembling like little school girls

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,813, 13:02

omfg, Wiggy wrote an article!?!

fingerguns Day 1,813, 13:13

I'm so jacked

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,813, 13:20


Pfeiffer. Day 1,813, 13:20

I'm marrying her, not you. Dirty Russian.

Artela Day 1,813, 13:24

\o/ Go Wiggy!

emdoublegee Day 1,813, 13:32


DokJon Day 1,813, 13:52


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,813, 14:12

"On a personal note, I'd like to congratulate my good friend Pfeiffer on a successful term as President"

and with that you destroy any credibility any sensible person would think you'd have

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,813, 14:19


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,813, 14:20

^^kind of like how the world thinks AFA is a bunch of twats because you are affilitiated with them?

Cicero Alvez
Cicero Alvez Day 1,813, 14:37



LordRahl2 Day 1,813, 15:20

Attack. I like it. RGR flailing about as always I see.

Candor Day 1,813, 17:05


Synesi Day 1,813, 17:23


GoalieBCSC Day 1,813, 18:08

***Top Gun Checking in***

av khan
av khan Day 1,813, 20:10


Juanin Gonzales
Juanin Gonzales Day 1,813, 22:14


SCPittman Day 1,813, 22:26

Woot for the VPOTUS

Yanisin Day 1,814, 01:11


Viarizi Day 1,814, 02:49

OMFG - AFA must disband immediately this guys are so scary!

Oblige Day 1,814, 05:16


Zesmaster2 Day 1,814, 05:16


Luuklag Day 1,814, 05:16


KillAre Day 1,814, 05:16


Penegrin Day 1,814, 05:18


marcelbok Day 1,814, 05:23


ErrOrka Day 1,814, 09:11


Shade Gunner
Shade Gunner Day 1,814, 09:50

v + s

Radigast Day 1,814, 12:25

Burn eUSA burn !
Go go go eChile !

Dinnyin Day 1,814, 15:11

DHS FTW! \o/ We got this!

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Day 1,814, 15:40

You do realize that you saying that Inwegen has no credibility on adds to his credibility.

Kutluk Bilge Kul Ishamael
Kutluk Bilge Kul Ishamael Day 1,814, 16:49

Arsenal > Manchester United

Fitisin Day 1,814, 20:25

"analysing and categorising friendly citizens"

Uhhh...that's not creepy.

Norbengo Day 1,815, 02:19

You are you Brits so ugly ppl? o.O

Have your ancestors practised a lot of incest on that island? 😮

Thedillpickl Day 1,815, 02:35

Norbengo floats in from nowhere, comments a racist remark to British, then leaves.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,815, 03:30

'You are you Brits so ugly ppl?

Have your ancestors practised a lot of incest on that island? 😮'

At least they aren't the product of a moron and an idiot....

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,815, 07:11

*sets out a roach motel*

Jump in, Norbengo!

Ramilas Day 1,815, 09:21


Zheng He
Zheng He Day 1,815, 09:27

Lots of words.
Not much content.
A VP's role 🙂

Ifartonmyenemies Day 1,815, 12:23

Just because of Radigast's comment, I propose that we use eChile to test our new offensive program 😛

WhydoIbother Day 1,815, 16:48

I would be interested in helping work on the Unity Process

Waruda Day 1,815, 21:49


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