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(VP) Vote for YUUVA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 2,069, 08:19 Published in India India by Maxi Tippkick Maximillian

Well hello everyone,Parth here.I ask everyone to support YUUVA in the upcoming congress relations.Our right wing superpower was criticized for multis,working against the common man.Let me tell you everyday we give people weapons who apply for help.We are not a fake party.We are support by people from every class.If anyone needs something I will do my best to help since Abhinay is inactive.
3 months ago many people criticized YUUVA and decided congress would be much better without us.The economy only got worse and there were no major improvements.So YUUVA worked harder and we retained our position as no.1.We will continue to work harder so vote sensibly vote for YUUVA
Jai Hind



ultimatewinner Day 2,069, 12:06


Hobblit Day 2,069, 20:23

Jai hind...

vinayak.s009 Day 2,069, 22:07

Hail Yuuva
Hail India

Srinjoy Sarkar
Srinjoy Sarkar Day 2,069, 23:27

jai hind
hail yuuva

i will help YUUVA

Broken1 Day 2,070, 04:48


Sam Thakur
Sam Thakur Day 2,070, 05:52

TILL NOW I CAN SAY HAIL YUVA.................BUT as you said....(Let me tell you everyday we give people weapons ) makes me laugh as it has been around 15 weapons dispatch is done............i already said you people....Only make such promises which you can fulfill......otherwise shut your mouth.........netagiri bahut dekhi hai....kar ke chode chukey hain...chutiya nahin bana payoge........start the supplies back or i am gone from YUVA !

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 2,070, 12:00

Pehle apne party ka naam to seekhe le...

Sam Thakur
Sam Thakur Day 2,070, 21:57

abey chodu....ek U khud hi laga leta !

Maxi Tippkick Maximillian
Maxi Tippkick Maximillian Day 2,070, 22:11

Dost feed nahin dekhi.Abhinay thode time ke lien leave pe tha

Sam Thakur
Sam Thakur Day 2,070, 22:47

well i am on leave from YUVA now...take care...i am better alone

Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh Day 2,071, 02:34

leave pe nahi , banned 😛

My Brute
My Brute Day 2,075, 09:09

Calm down your tits bro 😕 we are brothers.

Sam Thakur
Sam Thakur Day 2,070, 05:53

i filled the dispatch form today...and waiting for supplies or tomorrow i will decide my future....thats all !

AnishJain Day 2,071, 07:46

Hail Yuuva

Sam Thakur
Sam Thakur Day 2,075, 09:33

Jaskaran are you saying that i should get banned ???? answer me

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