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[VP] Epilogue

Day 2,238, 20:36 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto
Welcome for the last time my fellow South Africans.

Soon, first elections in this year will come to end, and after 5 hours of vote-checking we will have new president which means (obviously) the end of current, my term.
First of all, I want to thank You all for this month (special thanks to Tenshibo for giving me wonderful opportunity do do his share of work). I won't name everyone here, but thanks You. In general.
Probably, we weren't able to resolve all matters that risen during this term, for what I'm sorry of, and I hope next gov will do much better.

During this term we had learned few things, which (I hope) everyone will have in mind.
Never underestimate finals!
Yeah kids, you need to study hard instead of wasting life on internets. Always think twice before taking such big responsibility as becoming CP (or VP/MoD/MoFA/MoWhatever).
Omnes enim, qui acceperint gladium, gladio peribunt (Matthew 26:52)
Remember when last month lazos bumped LL party into top 5 to kick PSFA out?
This time while trying to repeat this, they failed and kicked pTOted UP out. So better do as Jesus says put up again thy sword into his place.
Is Big Brother watching?
I was never in favour "changing allies", but it turned to be good decision, at least for a while. Time reviled true face of Argentina showing they are even worst than Brazil.
If they want talk to "elected officials", I want to talk with officials elected by Conclave with the blessing of Vatican.
But don't worry, karma will return.

As I said somewhere before, my time is over. I have no longer will to argue of few pixel and pack of bytes in virtual world. I dream of long vacations in a country with full bonus set and "Retried" (don't confuse with "retarded") in about me. So yes, I've made my decision, I'm heading back for Poland (where I've been offered few high cabinet positions, which I happily rejected).

I came here some time ago, to be part of wonderful community, to help small country which had terrific atmosphere, great forum and awesome people. I was more than happy to do my best serving You as member of cabinet or congress. I was feeling of fulfilled and greatly pleasured when I saw effects of my job done here.
Really, keep it up, guys. It was more than pleasure to know You. Each of You (yes, even Henock).

After all this You are probably wondering why I decided to leave.
Upcoming elections gave many feed to my thoughts.
Irrespective of the results, they will be winned by pTOter.
There is no difference between fyromians and lazos - both came here illegally, and both aren't respecting our rules. Just take a look in accepted CS's section.
Lazos don't want to integrate. They want to make a private country for themselves, have SA just for them. "Fresh starting" them will give You nothing. Accepting the fact that You're pTOted doesn't changes fact that You're actually pTOed.
Fyromians (despite You all telling it's otherwise) didn't integrated. They are still fyrominas, ex-cot lovers, friends of Indonesia. Oh, how many times I was seeing them fighting against our interests?
"Unity in Diversity" the motto of South Africa. Fighting fire with fire is dead end. You will surfer consequences of "liberal" cs policy. You will become private playground of two opposing forces.
You were doomed since beginning, and there is no hope for You. And don't blame Leon for bringing Turks here, he is guilty of course, but your blindness and stupidity bring SA to current situation where there are actually more immigrants than "normal" people.
This is the sad truth.

Enough sadness for today.
Keep fighting, and don't abandon the hope (maybe I'm wrong?).
Now, hurry boy, it's waiting there for You...
I hope I can come back someday to better SA.
Lights out, curtain down.

Forever your servant South Africa.
Waving good-bye
El Reto.


Saffa Manne
Saffa Manne Day 2,238, 22:28

Good bye Boss. We will definitely miss you.
You are an asset to any country you are in.

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Day 2,239, 23:15

Started out bad, but it was a good recovery. You did everything in your power to keep this country afloat and I salute you.

M U R A T Day 2,239, 00:44

he gulum

Wilpanzer Day 2,239, 00:53

Good idea. eSA is no place for us anymore.

Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 2,240, 19:30

Is that really that bad already?

Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Day 2,239, 03:13

Good luck El

mal pariz
mal pariz Day 2,239, 05:54

You have done your best for the country, thanks for that. and have a nice trip back to poland.

MephistoHeineken Day 2,239, 06:27

good luck

Pickn Day 2,239, 11:49

Good bye, you are one of the best players who I know.

Tenshibo killed my dog
Tenshibo killed my dog Day 2,239, 15:59

This fucking guy knows what's up.

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 2,239, 17:07

Good luck in Poland.

Miyagiyoda Day 2,240, 01:03

Been good having you about. Hope we'll keep in contact.

kuckuck Day 2,240, 03:22

Good luck, it was a pleasure to have you around

Enriche2Ribeiro Day 2,240, 06:17

Good luck my friend you will be sadly missed

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