[Voice of Asteria] USA - Asteria Agreement

6 days ago Published in Romania Romania by Asteria HQ

USA - Asteria Agreement

The governments of Asteria members and the USA, in an effort to end hostilities and improve relations between all involved parties, agree to the following:

Article 1.
The parties involved in this agreement are the current Government of the USA and all member countries of Asteria (Bulgaria, Iran, Italy, Peru, Portugal, Romania and Serbia), who are represented by Asteria HQ’s diplomacy team and will, therefore, be named in the rest of the agreement as just USA and Asteria, respectively.

Article 2.
This agreement will be active for 6 months starting at the date of publishing of this article, the 22nd of May of 2020 and will stop being active at the 22nd of November of 2020.

Article 3.
On the 22nd of November of 2020, both the then USA government and then Asteria HQ will reconvene again and decide if they want to renew the agreement with or without any changes for another 6 months. Both parties hold the right not to renew it if they do not wish to do so but commit to bringing their best efforts to extend it for another 6 months.

Article 4.
The USA agrees not to undertake or participate in any hostile operation towards Asteria and Hydra or other Asteria/Hydra affiliated countries and won’t attempt to block any Asteria operations.
Asteria is not allowed to take hostile actions against the USA unless the USA actively tries to take advantage of the agreement to block Asteria operations.
Both parties express a commitment to start a long-lasting partnership and a permanent end to hostilities.

Article 5.
Both parties agree to appoint a specific team to be in charge of managing the TWs, planning for future rotations and all other issues regarding the day-to-day management.

Article 6.
The USA will keep the following core regions under their control: Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Virginia and Washington DC.
Those regions can only be occupied for strategic reasons if there’s an outside invasion or in the case of TW rotations due to an increase in determination.
All other regions are suitable for the placement of countries for Training Wars and/or for strategic reasons and will be put to use in a way that maximizes safety and profit for both parties.

Article 7.
The USA agrees to host Training Wars for the following countries: Serbia, Iran, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Article 8.
At the request of the USA, Asteria agrees to let them maintain their current Training Wars with South Korea and Finland.
At the request of Asteria, the USA agrees to start and/or maintain Training Wars with Portugal, Poland, UAE, Moldova and RoC (Taiwan).
All other new Training Wars will be subject to the approval of both the USA and Asteria and cannot be in any case from Andes or CODE.

Article 9.
The USA has the right to choose the regions of the Training Wars and the order they are used for rotations, but Asteria can choose where to place which countries.

Article 10.
Asteria will be able to propose countries to participate in the Training Wars, but the USA retains the right to veto any country not included in Article 7 assuming there’s a valid reason for it.

Article 11.
All future TW partners in the USA are obliged to return 100% of the taxes received from the USA’s core regions on the 7th day of each month. If the amount exceeds 500k cc, then only that will be returned to the USA’s MoF team.
However, this article will only be active after the 7th of June, in order to give time for all countries to rotate to their specific regions.
Specifically, that means the first donation should be on the 7th of July, with the amount being the taxes collected from the 7th of June to the 6th of July.

Article 12.
Under the terms of this agreement, in case of an action targeting the USA core regions that wasn't previously approved, all parties must consider it as an act of aggression.

Article 13.
The USA and Canada agree to sign a 12-month Non-Aggression Pact and express commitment to support each other’s side in all further diplomatic issues.

Article 14.
If one of the parties disrespect any of these rules, the agreement will be considered void and the other party is allowed to use any hostile means deemed necessary.
Article 13 is excluded and will remain in effect for the full duration.

Article 15.
For all intents and purposes, only the English version of this agreement is valid to solve any disputes.

Signed by:

Tyler Bubblar - USA CP
PimpDollaz - USA MoFA
zRTx - USA MoD

Yoradorc - Asteria Interim SG
Pheonixian - Asteria Interim SC
Emrace - Asteria SoFA