[Voice of Asteria] The Star that Never sets

Day 4,326, 03:40 Published in Romania Romania by Asteria HQ

They hit us hard - true.
We were unprepared - true.
We might not achieve an end to our suffering this year, that's also true.

But we endure.

It took us months to learn to cooperate better.
It took us months to rebuild our strength.
It took us months to grasp a victory.

But we endure.

Should we allow our enemies to violate with impunity the sanctity of Asteria?
Will you permit the dogs which teared apart our flesh to escape?
You will not.
March foward, then.
Teach the world that darkness attends those that violate our Holy Alliance.
The result of our efforts will be perennial glory, and a durable peace.

Because today we endure, but tomorrow we will bask under the light of the Asterian star.

Asteria HQ