[Voice of Asteria] Asteria - Philippines relation (Thailand operation)

Day 5,551, 15:34 Published in Romania Romania by Asteria HQ

Greetings to all eRepublikans,

In the past 24 hours, things escalated quickly regarding the relationship between Asteria and the Philippines. Philippines are still claiming that they are a neutral country, but their actions in the past 24 hours did not prove it. In this article, I will explain the reasons that lead to and will lead to our actions against the Philippines.

Romania decided to send an airstrike law on Thailand, targeting their core regions. Our main target for the airstrike was Central Thailand, second possible target region was Northern Thailand, the region which holds the Thailand weapon bonus resources. Philippines decided to attack Thailand in Central Thailand and had orders to win it because Thailand asked them to do it and not continue their usual ping pong TW between Southern Thailand and Central Thailand regions.

I personally contacted the CP of the Philippines on Tuesday morning when the score was about 80-40 for the Philippines. Unfortunately, those discussions did not lead to anything, Philippines decided to listen to Thailand’s orders and set that battle as PH win, although it was our main target for the airstrike. We assured the Philippines that we are not willing to attack them in Thailand if they just keep their normal ping pong TW with Thailand and not cover their regions. If we are going to conquer Thailand, it was ok for us to keep PH in Southern Thailand, the region that they held when Romania started the airstrike on Thailand.

Prior to the message to PH CP, I also tried to contact another official of the Philippines, but he decided to ignore me.

We also created a Telegram group with the previous two mentioned PH officials and the Asteria leaders in which we wanted to fully understand PH position in Thailand. But we were fully ignored. The group was created around 2 PM, in this group we also mentioned that I hope that they will not also block N.Thailand. They had a 30-minute margin to block that region from Romania AS and of course that they did it (Link battle), but they were not able to reply to any of our messages.

So that is how the situation is now in Thailand :

Probably Philippines will cover N. Thailand , while Thailand queued RW in S.Thailand to cut the border with Romania after our landing and use the Philippines in such a way that we need to attack them first in order to be able to attack Thailand again. And the fact that Philippines agreed to this and decided to interfere in the Romania (Asteria) vs Thailand (CODE) war and help Thailand by covering their core regions was a clear signal that they chose a side.

As I said also in my messages from the screenshots - I had no intention of starting a war with the Philippines, but they decided to help and listen only to Thailand, ignore communication from Asteria's side, and interfere in Asteria vs CODE war. I think that most of the real neutral countries can confirm that they should not cover regions of the country in which they have a TW, if that country is being AS’ed by the enemy side.

Best regards,
KENSHI Rares - Asteria SC