[Voice of Asteria] A French Ordeal

Day 4,588, 15:02 Published in Romania Romania by Asteria HQ

Since the CODE demolition of France’s core regions, Asteria has always respected France’s neutral position. Whilst the trusted columns of Asterian power lay in ruins and planned their return from nothing, we acknowledged and accepted that not all countries could be expected to withstand the lure of security. Some may say that the price of such security was too much, but in the core of HQ we acknowledged and accepted that there would be friends who would succumb and leave us at our time of greatest need. To quote from a film, It wasn’t personal, it was just good business. Thanks to this change in allegiance, with the eWorld engulfed in war France enjoyed unthreatened territorial integrity and safe TW farming. However, this did not come without a price. CODE took advantage of this on several occasions, by using France to block Asterian movements on the map and thus protect CODE as the tide of battles started to change. The governments and soldiers of Asteria were coordinating. The governments of France were feigning ignorance and claiming neutrality.

Until this point, the overriding feeling within Asteria HQ was that the actions of the vocal few, should not change our feelings towards the many who had shared in our previous glory. This changed when French government officials fought against Asteria. Each time, these individuals were “fired” but magically reassigned to their positions the next month. In truth, ever since the referendum declaring neutrality, French government has been anything but neutral. CODE took advantage of positioning and movement on French cores for attacks towards Asteria - they used borders to get initiative via laws and invaded neighbouring countries. French officials were asked many times to refrain from allowing CODE countries on Asterian borders, yet they always allowed such movement when it served CODE agenda. In essence, the governments of France, tasked with serving the people of France, turned France into a CODE puppet state that would do the bidding of their masters. They used the “liberation” as a facade to enslave the nation. The neutrality that was meant to usher in an age of independence, made the country even more dependent. In truth, I assume that they actively allowed it, because the alternative, that a sovereign French government had no choice in the matter, would make this whole story even more depressing. Should that one day turn out to be the case, I think it will be a sad day for all in France.

We tried to maintain friendly relations with France, respect the choice of the people of France, and maintain at least cordial official relations. Whilst we were respecting their neutrality, and agreeing to some Asteria or pro-Asteria TWs for France to maintain the neutrality they claimed they wanted to uphold, the same core individuals went behind our backs and cooperated with CODE.

The same individuals organized several referendums, gleefully announced their allegiance to CODE, yet when they finally managed to get the result they wanted, they did not want to enter the alliance and left France in limbo - a pro-CODE puppet that has outlived its use. Asteria has never harbored hatred towards France. The current situation is a consequence of actions taken by the political elite that has been leading the country since the declaration of neutrality. Originally my plan was to say that things are never too late. Then, France completed the ultimate betrayal. They tanked hard against Bulgaria, and Macedonia, the biggest voices of French support within the proAsteria family. In fact, to see France fighting for Croatia, against Bulgaria, was personally one of the darkest of my days on eRepublik. Things may change again, who knows. But what I can say for now, is that the entrance of France into CODE is not a recent decision. This was a decision taken at the height of CODEs power, so that the same people who fought so hard against France’s oldest friends, could maintain their gold income.

Anyone who claims there was a genuine effort to remain neutral is lying.

Anyone who claims Asteria gave France no choice is lying.

I would hope that anyone who says France sold their history and friends in exchange for some gold and tuesday epics is also lying, but from my perspective, that is exactly what your core power base has done. Here is hoping that one day things can change.

Secretary of Foreign Affairs,