[Voice of Asteria] A Decade of Dominance: Celebrating 10 Years of Asteria.

Day 5,928, 00:25 Published in Romania Romania by Asteria HQ

Happy birthday !!!

Ten years ago, amidst the pixelated battlefields of eRepublik, a force was born. Six nations, united by ambition and camaraderie, forged an alliance destined to leave its mark on the virtual world: Asteria. Today, as we celebrate a decade of its existence, we delve into the legacy of this remarkable alliance, tracing its journey from its humble beginnings to its place in eRepublik history.

It all began on February 11th, 2014, when Argentina, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Greece joined hands, laying the foundation for Asteria. This initial spark ignited a fire, attracting other nations like China, Iran, Peru, Portugal, and Bulgaria to its banner. Fueled by a shared vision of conquest and glory, Asteria marched into battle, leaving its mark on countless wars and conflicts.

From the early days of the Aurora invasion of Greece to the pivotal Poland-Serbia War and the fierce South American battlefields, Asteria's name became synonymous with strategic brilliance and unwavering resolve. Victories like the capture of eMexico City and the liberation of eSlovenia stand as testaments to the alliance's prowess. But beyond the triumphs, Asteria's spirit shone through during moments of adversity, adapting to changing landscapes and emerging stronger than ever.

While military might defined Asteria's rise, its legacy extends far beyond territorial gains. The alliance fostered a unique sense of community, where friendships transcended national borders. Shared experiences, triumphs, and even defeats, forged an unbreakable bond among its members. The laughter after a successful campaign, the camaraderie in the face of setbacks, and the unwavering support offered to each other – these are the true treasures Asteria unearthed.

Today, the landscape of eRepublik has evolved, and Asteria's presence might not be as visible as before. Yet, its impact remains undeniable. The strategic tactics it pioneered, the spirit of unity it nurtured, and the respect it commanded on the battlefield – these continue to inspire players and alliances alike. As we celebrate its 10th anniversary, Asteria serves as a reminder that true legacy lies not just in victories won, but in the bonds forged and the spirit that endures.

What does the future hold for Asteria? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: the flames of ambition and camaraderie that ignited the alliance a decade ago still flicker within its members. Whether they return to the battlefield or choose a different path, the spirit of Asteria will continue to resonate, reminding us of the power of unity, resilience, and the sheer joy of forging our own destinies in the virtual world.

Here some Story's

Joined the alliance as SG in a certain August, cannot remember the year :). :).🙂 It was supposed to be calm, nothing happens in August at least that's what people with more experience told me. The alliance was not at his strongest and that is an understatement, Argentina and Greece having left and Brazil joining them.
They have soon created a new alliance, it was called Adriatica if I am not mistaken and were starting to become active. One of their flagship actions was to attack Macedonia in Asia and from a strategy point of view it put Asteria in a very tricky position.In one hand we knew that our foes were looking for weaknesses, going against former allies would be tricky from an internal stand point, we could have ended up isolated and from a longer term and strategic perspective defending Macedonia although cannot even remember if any Asteria country had mpp at that time would have been the best choice.
Since I was kind of new to alliance politics I had huge doubts if Asteria countries would actually follow the same logic and path, I had no track record, was largely unknown and was a huge bet which had impact on the alliance for the foreseeable future.
Through the help of people in HQ it seemed the countries understood what is going on and were willing to commit but up to the moment of battles was not really sure of the amount of support.The battles started, Asteria was present in full force, we had a list of priorities of which AS to down, the Asteria chat was buzzing with activity.At 2 AM in the morning it was looking that we were close if achieving our priorities, went to sleep.Woke up at 8 AM and there were over 1000 new messages in our chat.The alliance did not only managed to achieve it's priorities, it smashed the AS.It was a huge celebration, we did manage a win which would charter Asteria's position for years to come, we did show that we know what commitment is probably even to the level even Macedonia did not believe possible but most importantly it was a win for inside the alliance itself which showed that although we have lost members we still had the appetite to come together, work with dedication for the future.Above all Asteria's strength was always the people who sometimes spent nights together to plan, coordinate have thousands of messages sent and understand important moments and always found a pool of new people to bring, grow and take over.At the 10th year a big virtual glass to the people who spent their time, days and nights for the benefit of their communities, sometimes known but must of the times unknown heroes of the alliance because the real power of the alliance was always it's people :)" :)"🙂

1. The initial idea to form a new alliance came from an old Greek player, Ektonosiakos, and me. We had a secret 2-year-old deal that we would keep a communication channel open (between Serbia and Greece) in case "shit" happened. When Spoland betrayed us, we started negotiations immediately. That’s how Asteria began to form.
2. I am the author of the original Asteria charter, and my friend Ektonosiakos is the coauthor.
3. One of the funniest moments in forming Asteria was that our opposition (which won the month of forming the Alliance) didn’t know that we were behind Asteria until the Asteria charter came out. Also, I need to give a shout-out to player Nikol000, who was CP back then. He took it all with dignity and didn’t want to blow the whole thing up. That’s what good politicians do.
4. The name of the Alliance was us trolling the "godfather" TT Lighter by letting the opposition "do something" other than voting in the process of forming. Of course, when the charter came out, that was the coldest shower, yet the name stuck, and here we are.
5. You can find the full story in my announcement article if you want to read it: https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/od-sumraka-do-svitanja-two-vs-asteria-2375493/1/20 it’s in Serbian but easy to translate.

I am proud to be a part of the longest-living Alliance on eRepublik! Keep up the excellent work (and the bad too). "

I n f 0 r m e r
I’ve been part of Asteria HQs on and off since May 2014. so there is a lot of stuff to say that happened in the last 10 years. But let’s skip through Asteria vs Aurora/Sirius and other old stuff for they are long past and as Lady Galadriel said much that once was is now lost for there are none who remember it 😊. One of the important moments in Asteria’s history was when we were beaten back hard after a long time of dominance because of some uncalculated moves out of the alliance. I don’t remember if it was vs CODE or if there wasn’t an adversary alliance active then. Most of the alliance countries were under pressure and Bulgaria for example was wiped by a Technik that was called “trains” afterward. But after some time, together we managed to gather around and beat the enemy back. Later on, we perfected the “train” strategy so well that we had 7 or 8 active trains going on at the same time and kept most of the enemy countries under permanent wipe. It went so well that admins decided to intervene and change the laws so that the idea of trains couldn’t be possible anymore. Here we should salute Phoenixian, Panda Moniom, Mohammadh77, and all the strategy crew of that time who made that possible.
The most important thing about Asteria is that it always valued diplomacy, Internal Communication, and strategy as important as damage and walls. This always helped us to overcome problems and hardships and emerge victorious in the end. Lots of People and alliances with fat visas and unlimited damage came and went away. But Asteria still stands!! Many hours (sometimes too many hours) of work and planning with the help of our great fighters helped to achieve this. At the end, I wish a happy 10th birthday for Asteria. We should go to college soon😃😃😃"

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