[Voice of Asteria] 2nd Announcement

Day 2,595, 04:29 Published in Greece Romania by Asteria HQ

Greetings all,

After almost a whole month of fighting we are please to announce that a Non aggression pact is signed between Poland and Asteria. It was a long and costly war and both sides fought valiantly. Here are its terms:

1. Poland gets its originals back.
2. Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France are in the pro Asterian* zone of influence
3. Asteria members do not atack Poland (NE, DoW, AS or any new way that admins may come up with)
4. Poland does not attack (NE, DoW, AS or any new way that admins may come up with) anyone until presidential elections
5. After the presidential election we talk about Polish expansion
6. Argentina, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia are free to pass a Natural Enemy law without affecting the NAP if Poland directly or indirectly using its allies or a 3-rd party take actions that harms the integrity of Asteria or its zones of interest (placing of combat orders, DO, COD)
7. This treaty is renewable every month with the change of government

*Hungary is considered pro Asterian

Hail Argentina
Hail Brazil
Hail China
Hail Greece
Hail Romania
Hail Serbia
Hail Slovenia