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[vMoF] Economic stuff :3

Day 2,004, 15:07 Published in Switzerland USA by Jason Welsh

This article has a pretty simple idea, It's a calculation of which food and weapons are better to buy as far as how much you're getting for your money.

Here's the basic formula if you feel like trying it out.

Weapons: (2000/[firepower X # uses] X current market price) = price per 2000 firepower

Food: ([20/energy restored] X current price) = price per 20 energy

And here's the current price per amount of all the food and weapons on the market right now

FOOD (last updated 14:54 erep time d2004)

q3: 0.33cc per 20 energy
q2: 0.35cc per 20 energy
q1: 0.40cc per 20 energy
q5: 0.50cc per 20 energy
q7: 1.50cc per 20 energy
q4: 8.23cc per 20 energy
q6: [unavailable]

WEAPONS (last updated 14:56 erep time d2004)

q7: 8.74cc per 2000 firepower
q5: 20.00cc per 2000 firepower
q4: 20.31cc per 2000 firepower
q6: 21.39cc per 2000 firepower
q2: 28.35cc per 2000 firepower
q3: 33.22cc per 2000 firepower
q1: 125.00cc per 2000 firepower

So there it is. I'll be updating this over the next 2 days, and there will be more to come sometime in the future.

Stay sexy guys!



Rican Day 2,004, 15:12

Thanks Jason....
we need quantitative information like this.
keep it coming

Thedillpickl Day 2,005, 12:13

That's a might big word there pilgrim.

pop George
pop George Day 2,004, 16:18

How important is it for the eUS immigrants to get licenses to sell here?

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 2,004, 19:12

Not very. I have one, and there's not a huge price difference (eSwiss prices are slightly better for sellers). Stuff does take longer to sell here because less people, but you'll be helping stimulate the economy.

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 2,005, 09:42

My license is still US, it isn't important

csabo07 Day 2,004, 17:08

Very helpful, especially for a newcomer. Thanks Welsh!

Kaad Day 2,006, 13:24


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