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[USWP] The Undead Decide...Othere for PP!

Day 2,002, 11:30 Published in USA USA by Wild Owl

The members of the United States Workers Party were asked to choose an individual who they thought who would best represent us as Party President for this month. As the nominations for the Party President started, one name shone above all and was chosen unanimously as our Party President for the next month. It is my pleasure to announce to you that the United States Workers Party formally endorses Othere as its official candidate for May-June 2013.

Othere is a relatively new member of the USWP and a hard working individual who has worked his way up the ranks. He currently serves as the Secretary of the Interior and is heavily involved in helping out newer players in our eNation. We are convinced that Othere will represent the USWP and continue to serve her members in the stellar way that he has done in the past few months.

ATO Operations

Our beloved nation is under a considerable political take over threat by members of hostile nations working in unison to damage us. We ask all active members to check #voting on IRC (Server: Rizon) before casting their vote. Your vote may be the difference between a loyal eAmerican or an enemy agent winning the party elections, so please do check in and help out the country.


Like practically everyone else, the USWP is intrigued by the changes that are occuring in the country domestically with the formation of US-AIM and realises the potential that this group can offer to make the game fun for eUSA. The USWP has a long history of diversity and we have members from both the United States Armed Forces and US-AIM in our ranks. We hope that the recent cooperation between the two groups which was shown in the Aquitaine RW continues and the US benefits from this by becoming a leaner, meaner and tougher warmachine.

eRepublik MU Competition

We are excited by the new competition organised by eRepublik regarding MUs, with the top 50 internationally and the top 3 domestically winning rewards. While the USWP does not have an official party Military Unit, we have members from several MUs in our ranks. We wish all eAmerican units the best of luck and hope that as many of us as possible manage to make it into the top 50 worldwide. Goooo USA!

Brains 4 Zombies

Supply rules:
-Only one request per day
-eUS Citizenship

Supply Packs:
Non-USWP Members (Under level 25): 500 health
USWP Members (Under level 36): 500 health, 8 Q6 weapons

We look forward to serving more eUS soldiers via our B4Z program.

The USWP Zombie Elite Team


Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,002, 11:34

Long live the Undead

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,002, 11:44


Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,002, 12:34

Look at Ajay trying to remain relevent

panpitoo Day 2,002, 14:25


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,002, 16:33

buying votes sucks. political crap will be all over place today...

Othere Day 2,002, 23:14

It's a reality in the eUS nowadays.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,003, 01:50

everywhere in the eWorld...

n4n0 Day 2,002, 17:47

lol Ajay liked his own comment

Indi Alex
Indi Alex Day 2,002, 18:05

It's to display his lack of support from anyone else.

AL Commando
AL Commando Day 2,003, 07:27


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