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[USWP] Outgoing Party President Message

Day 1,909, 06:25 Published in USA USA by Artela

Outgoing statement from your current Party President

As we reach the end of my current term as the PP of the USWP, I feel there are some people within the party I need to thank for their help and willingness to step up and get things moving in a positive direction. There are many people who have played a part in helping the party this term, but I will concentrate on the main three who have put in large amounts of effort to keep the party headed in the right direction.

Rainy Sunday

Rainy recently re-joined the party and I immediately put her to work as my VP. She has been, along with the next person in my thank you list, vital in getting the regeneration effort really going and has taken on a lot of the unglamorous work in the background. She has vast amounts of experience in dealing with the newer members of the eRepublik community having served many terms as the Secretary of the Interior and having led the Civilian MU for some time. She is a huge asset to our party and I am proud to have her onboard having chosen to join our ranks once again.

Bacon Empire

Bacon has taken the party Horde by the scruff of the neck, and along with help from Rainy has managed to shake life back into it. We now have active party volunteers helping to do vital jobs. Alongside this Bacon has done some great party publicity media pieces. He’s another huge party asset who deserves to be recognized for his work. Well done Bacon.

Hadrian X

Hadrian has done a great job this term as my Party Chief of Staff, keeping the party executive on their toes and on track and ensuring that executive level communications have been an ongoing thing throughout the month. It’s not a job that the general membership normally see, but it is a vital one in keeping the executive motivated. Part of the job includes keeping the PP sane, which he appears to have managed to do.

What’s next for Artela?

Well, I’m currently juggling being Chief of Staff for the USA with continuing to command the Ultramarines. Given real life work commitments as well I think that’s enough to keep me going for the immediate future. However, for now I’ll still be around and in the party executive, helping the next leadership guide the party forward.

Finally, just remember...

All the best

Artela’s wiki

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Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,909, 07:07

Good job. And good luck to next PP.

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,909, 07:12

How did the party drop to 5th place? It was top for so long.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,909, 07:34

Good job Artela. I will always look to you as a prime example of leadership, both on a party and national level, as you dedication to your party and country is exceptional.

Very nice article, and very nice team that was assembled. The future of the USWP looks bright from my admitted outside Fed view.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,909, 07:48

You are easily one of the most focused and well-organized leaders I've had opportunity to work with in this game. You have earned far more respect than you've been shown and received a lot more grief than you deserve.

Kudos for keeping priorities straight.

Bacon Empire
Bacon Empire Day 1,909, 07:55

Thanks to everyone that has put in hard work this term. I've grown to expect a lot from this group. Farewell Artela.

kamikaze o7
kamikaze o7 Day 1,909, 10:00

votesclub + s

ligtreb Day 1,909, 10:42

Excellent work Artela. The future of the party looks great, especially with rainy sunday, Bacon Empire and Hadrian doing what they do.


IDEIAS Day 1,909, 11:05


Many congratulations on your work this month Artela.

Hug, and I hope we can always count on you to help the party. o/

Arrden Day 1,909, 11:45

Jesus I feel like the red headed step child

EnterAwesome Day 1,909, 15:01

Artela is awesome... so awesme!

Bacon Empire
Bacon Empire Day 1,909, 17:00

Why is that Arrden?

Tyrannocopters Day 1,910, 21:08


kakaosi Day 1,911, 06:18

Comment deleted

kakaosi Day 1,911, 06:22

"What’s next for Artela?"

Ammm...maybe another attempt to steal BH medal?!


Artela Day 1,915, 12:41

LOL, you're still going on about me using up a bucketload of fights? Sheesh. It's not as though I actually did try to take the BH - if I'd been _trying_ you wouldn't have been top of that table 😛

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