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[USWP] Hunting for Brains

Day 1,996, 05:10 Published in USA USA by Wild Owl

Over the years, the United States Workers Party has worked for the plight of eUSA and her glorious citizens. Whether it is political, economic or social support for the average citizen, the USWP has cared for every aspect for its zombies.

Currently, the USWP runs the Brains for Zombies Program where we provide 500 wellness to all eUS citizens regardless of their party or MU affiliation. USWP members on the other hands are entitled to 500 wellness and 8 q6 tanks daily. This makes our party members more affluent and gets more damage for our nation and her allies on the battlefield.

Recently, however, the elite Zombies have been looking at methods to pick upon the best minds of our country for our own nefarious needs. It is for this purpose that I announce, the USWP writing contest!

All you have to do is to write an article on the topic, “What I would do if I was CP of USA for a week?” Everyone, irrespective of party affiliation, is invited to apply.

The prizes are as follows:
First prize: 10 gold
Second prize: 1000 USD.
Third Prize: 1.5 times the supply of food/weapons for the entire week via the B4Z program

Party President hopeful, Othere, has been kind enough to offer 2 gold for all USWP members who wish to partake in this competition and do not own a newspaper yet.

We hope that a large number of people, both USWP and others, take part in what we envision to be a weekly USWP event from now on. Once you have published your article, please submit the article link in an ingame message to Wild Owl or Othere. The last day of submission is Day 2003. Here’s to some interesting nominees for the prizes at grabs!

The USWP Zombie Elite Team


Othere Day 1,996, 05:22

Good luck undead authors!

Othere Day 1,996, 05:49

USWP Members, Contact me if you need gold for a newspaper!

ptr15 Day 2,001, 15:35

i still have some gold left and don't want to impose more than i need, i just need .29 gold so i can have two, also knowing what a CP was would help my writing as i am only a four day old player.

Othere Day 2,001, 16:05

CP = Country President.

I have already transferred as much gold as I can for today, so I will send you over the 2 gold worth of cash. Use the monetary market to exchange it for gold 😁

Ludonarr Day 1,996, 08:40

How will the "winner" be determined?

Othere Day 1,996, 11:12

By a panel of USWP senior staff.

Ludonarr Day 1,996, 06:21

This should be fun *gets to work*

KutlukBilgeKulTengriTheGod Day 1,996, 06:29


Emerick Day 1,996, 07:22

I am a young and upcoming USWP member who does not own a newspaper. Please send me 2 golds without bothering to check the validity of my claim.

Dalan Di Celes
Dalan Di Celes Day 1,996, 10:25


ArcNox Day 1,996, 11:26

Comment deleted

ArcNox Day 1,996, 11:26

Sent ; )

Vasily Dzerzhinsky
Vasily Dzerzhinsky Day 1,997, 08:07

That's fraud.

S3rgio P
S3rgio P Day 1,996, 07:58

voted 513/28

nuno258 Day 1,996, 10:38

voted hard

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,997, 03:50

"Over the years, the United States Workers Party has worked for the plight of eUSA and her glorious citizens. "

A dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation: "the plight of poor children"

Perhaps not the right word to use 😕

Emerick Day 1,997, 08:18

I think they knew what they were doing

bruno shak Day 1,997, 06:19

Comment deleted

Darknight293 Day 1,997, 14:20

I gonna fail, I know it! But I will try my best!

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