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[USA] Would you like a communist military?

Day 807, 02:02 Published in USA Pakistan by Max McFarland 2


Recently Josh wrote an article titled Frost/McFarland for February: Helping the Military..... He covered two basic ideas, Strength Equals Victory & Rank Equals Wreckage. He outlined some plans for increasing the strength and rank of the military. He covered them pretty well, so I won't go any further into those plans. Let's talk about work communes.

I have put a lot of gold into supplying the MI with companies and upgrading the forts system. At least 400-500. I have no desire to drag up links and details, but it's significant. I mention this only to point out that I have seen the results. The MI has been able to accomplish much, much more. Every dollar goes farther, because they are able to self-supply much more then they could before. They are much more self-sufficient.

Naturally, this success has more to do with the organizational skills of beerman616, Seuss, GoalieBCSC, and others, since they made everything work. The success should also be rightly attributed to every patriot in MI who works for minimum wage in these companies, producing the tools of war for their themselves and their peers. My only contribution was to empower them to maximize their own potential. I'd like to do the same for the entire military.

So, I'd like to make a simple offer to the entire eUSA Military. I'll pay for whatever work communes you want. This offer is open-ended, regardless of who wins this election. There is no upper limit to the price tag. I enjoy my time here, it's worth the investment, and I want to see the eUSA Military rise to ever greater heights. I strongly believe that work communes are a step along this path.

Let's make the eUSA military the most powerful, most efficient machine we can manage, right now, in V1. Later, when V2 comes, we will adjust fire. Let's worry about the present, since we have no arrival date for the future. We can cross that bridge when we come to it.

To be perfectly clear, I offer to pay for the following:
1. Whatever organizations the military needs.
~ These might be used for item distribution and/or holding companies.
2. Whatever companies the military needs, within these parameters:
~ Manufacturing and Constructions companies will be purchased from the USA companies for sale market; they will only be located within the original 51 regions. New companies will only be built if there are no companies for sale at reasonable prices. Additionally, if the military currently operates any manufacturing or constructions companies overseas, I will buy those from them for market resale, and provide them with equivalent companies located in the original 51 regions.
~ Land companies will be handled similarly for high grain/oil/wood. High iron/diamond companies can be located in any allied nation, though I prefer iron companies in Karnataka. I will provide the eUSA export license for any iron/diamond companies overseas.

3. Whatever company upgrades the military needs, within these parameters:
~ Weapons: Only Q1/3/5. The cost/benefits ratio for Q2/4 sucks.
~ Moving Tickets: Only Q1/3. The Q2 ones are pointless, and Q4/5 have poor cost/benefit ratios.
~ Food: Any Q1/2/3/4/5 requested.
~ Gifts: Only Q1. The cost/benefits ratio for Q2/3/4/5 sucks.
~ Land: Only Q3/4. The cost/benefits ratio for Q1/2/5 sucks.
~ Houses: Any Q1/2/3/4/5 requested.
~ Infrastructure: Stay away from my monopoly.

In summary, I will pay for whatever work communes the military can staff with their workers.

Some of you may be wondering if this is possible. It sounds expensive, doesn't it? Relax. It's fine. To put things in perspective for you, I pulled some info from my real life bank statements. In the past quarter (90 days) I spent $7,925.25 on eRepublik. Mind you, this figure is in real money.

Guess what? This is within my quarterly budget for leisure activities. I enjoy my time here, or I wouldn't be here. I spend my money freely on the things in life that I enjoy. So, it's fine.

Don't worry about the price tag for my plan. If the military wants to improve their efficiency with work communes, then I've got them covered, 100%. It's as simple as that. Let's empower them.




Max McFarland 2
Max McFarland 2 Day 807, 02:02

wkwkwkwkwk communism?

Alfred Ball
Alfred Ball Day 807, 02:10


Alfred Ball
Alfred Ball Day 807, 02:10


Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 807, 02:10


Max, you are altruism to the max, and while I am an Objectivist IRL, in this game this kind of altruism is win and awesomemaxxx.

Also, are you a famous person, IRL? *gasp*

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 807, 02:13

Also, damn you Alfred, if I didn't have to type so much, I'd be second by now...



Anna Adams
Anna Adams Day 807, 02:17

....That is a lot of pancakes.

dupi Day 807, 02:27


Zoli Day 807, 02:27

You've done much for this community and especially the USA.


Twistedtoo Day 807, 02:32

Max McFarland is my vice president

Twisted420 Day 807, 02:36

mine too

Sirbeg Day 807, 02:43

Vote this up allies 🙂

<a href="" target="_blank">[..]/1/20</a>

megahack Day 807, 02:55


Lord Ali
Lord Ali Day 807, 03:09

Now this is one mind-blowing patriot!!

Carr De Vaux
Carr De Vaux Day 807, 03:25

at least someone is keeping the game profitable - so the rest of us can enjoy it. Go max!

CivilAnarchy Day 807, 03:44

I do?

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 807, 04:05

voted, applauded and saluted! o7

Peter James
Peter James Day 807, 04:44

As a proud fighting member of the mighty eUSA Mobile Infantry, and diligent worker in one of Max/MI self-supplying companies, I can attest to the pure awesomeness of work communes.

When you fight, you're helping your corps &amp; country. When you work, you're helping your corps &amp; country.

Whatever you may lose in terms of pay, you make up for with extra weapons &amp; MT's. Which, if you're in the military, is what you spend your extra money on anyway.

We are very lucky to have such a generous sponsor who is willing to commit rl $$ to these work commune projects. They could eventuate with eRepub $$ alone given enough time &amp; human resources, but this is a fantastic opportunity to fast-track a self-sufficient military machine.

I implore all eUSA's decision makers to seriously consider Max's offer. For everyone else who wants this to happen, simply vote Frost/McFarland in the next election.


Maxmillian VonWillebrand
Maxmillian VonWillebrand Day 807, 05:28

I can personally vouch for this type of system working as I implemented one very similar to it for the eUS Airborne some time ago and it works like a charm.

topmir Day 807, 06:14

$7,925.25 wow

Drumdude06 Day 807, 06:15

Voted, In Max we trust.

KC Michaels
KC Michaels Day 807, 06:25

A great gesture!

Collin Roche
Collin Roche Day 807, 06:29


Tiacha Day 807, 06:35

Wow. Just wow. Did you see my comment on Josh's last article? How are you going to get Congress on board with the tank training match program? Or is that gonna be out of your own pocket too?

Shiloh DeGreat
Shiloh DeGreat Day 807, 06:56

I don't know what this means, but I like it!

Bastion Day 807, 07:13

That makes me feel REALLY good about the ~$90 I spent last year. 😉

Capt.Wolf Day 807, 07:18

I can agree with spending money on things that are fun in life, but eight-thousand dollars on eRepublik? And that's probably not even getting close to his total.. McFarland must be quite wealthy, or else spending money on this game would be the last thing on his mind. &gt;.&gt;

beerman616 Day 807, 07:56

Holy crap Max! Your just so damn generous! You really have enable the MI to become a legitimate mobile fighting force! You are a true patriot sir!

dh219 Day 807, 08:15

If Max gets elected as VP these private sector projects will become government-backed.

Government-backed communism? Ol' Joe McCarthy will be spinning in his grave. Don't vote for unAmerican packages, vote Zoli for a term of apple pie, happy endings and shooting kids on your lawn.

God bless America!

Longshot47 Day 807, 09:27

Holy crap - eCan loves you too!

Great job max

Canada Invictus
Canada Invictus Day 807, 09:42

The entire Crimson Order operates within a work commune, we are self supplied and growing fast. The system works, and he's offering to bankroll the whole thing? Accept!

Max McFarland, if the public is foolish enough to reject you, move to Canada 😉

GoalieBCSC Day 807, 10:02

Impressive Max! You have enabled the MI to become much more effective, we will always consult you when needing any type of upgrades.

Titus Feore
Titus Feore Day 807, 10:04

the benifits for the military would be seen with the MI the commune system works upgradeing our military in this way would soon level up and we could have a military full of potential tanks! way to go MAx a true american patriot!

TemujinBC Day 807, 10:05

Dammit McFarland, I thought I spent a lot of money on this game. Wow bro, that's outstanding! The Admins must LOVE you!

Perhaps you'd like to take a little holiday to eCanada sometime? I could set you up in a nice place in Alberta or Ontario? Perhaps you'd like the old cities in Montreal? You're more than welcome to come up here for a month. The exchange rate is good right now 😁)

Sander Cohen
Sander Cohen Day 807, 10:06

.... wow... thats a lot of meow mix for frost

Devoid Day 807, 10:09


TemujinBC Day 807, 10:10

And yes, the Crimson Order in Canada is a testament to the effectiveness of commune-style military organization.

If you think America is a powerhouse now, set this up and see the heights you can attain.

John Q Publick
John Q Publick Day 807, 10:55

damn, must be nice! 7900 in RLM. I'll send you my address loan me fiddy I'll pay ya back tuesday.

Absolutist Day 807, 11:45


Try and hurt my already fragile eUSA economy with this crap and we'll have another NEDM on our hands!

This would destroy the weapons industry. Think things through before you go making articles!

mjmnum1 Day 807, 11:52

Josh, to put that in beer terms, that's 46 kegs of Guinness or 90 kegs of Killian's. What a patriot! That's a lot of beer sacrificed to the Admin.

Dczip Day 807, 11:53

Get this man a cookie!!!!

NXNW Day 807, 11:56


Thank you for stepping forward in this incredibly positive fashion. As the military expands we need to develop funding sources beyond the budget we receive from the government.

This model is tested and true; most branches already have substantial &quot;self-sufficiency&quot; efforts underway. To the people that disagree with this method, how much do you want your taxes to be increased? 🙂

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 807, 12:17


ben11119 Day 807, 12:30


FireBean Day 807, 12:37

Wow. What do you do in real life that gives you that kind of leisure money? (You dont have to answer) Thank you.

CaptJustice Day 807, 12:44

Max 4 Prez in March!

George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Day 807, 12:55

$7,925.25 lmao you should get a admin account from eRep or medal or something.

eric424 Day 807, 13:25

Maxxx to the Maxxx!

Zheng He
Zheng He Day 807, 13:36

McFarland is richer than god

JeepAmerica Day 807, 13:45

Damn you are rich Max XD

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