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[UP] Congratulations

Day 1,894, 06:47 Published in South Africa Chile by Léon Reno

Dear citizens of South Africa,

We have majority in congress once again as Union of Patriots. Thank you everyone who voted for UP and congratz all UP congressmen.

All congressmen, please do not approve anyone in-game without MoS' decision. Since we are under pTO threat, this is most important thing you should be careful.

Stay active on forum, follow our forum debate, party shout wall and our PM group.

About five golds we won from elections; as UP we will collect it and share with our newbies. We hope this is going to be good example for all other parties.

For the better South Africa,
Union of Patriots
Léon Reno



Wilpanzer Day 1,894, 06:50


Locutus Day 1,894, 06:52

Having majority means you have 51% of Congress seats, you don´t! Learn the meaning of the word before using it!

RoteBaron Day 1,894, 06:55


Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,894, 06:56

Locutus, that is my wish but for now, I mean we are the party who has the most number of member in congress.

Locutus Day 1,894, 06:59

Then why didn´t you write that!?

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,894, 06:59

Calm down man.

Locutus Day 1,894, 07:04

Always calm! But as you named your paper "The Quality News" I thought your articles should have some quality, they don´t, by the way. I´m mearly pointing out the obvious lie in this "Quality" article.

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,894, 07:06

Locutus,éon_Reno take a look to the Media part.

Locutus Day 1,894, 07:10

Sorry, I don´t follow. It´s just a list of country names. I says nothing about the obvious lie in this poorly written article.

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,894, 07:15

Don't feed the troll, my favourite proverb. ^^

Locutus Day 1,894, 07:21

I´m not trolling, I´m just pointing out that an elected PP are telling lies in his article about the latest Congress election.

Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Day 1,894, 07:40

I put that 'join today' font under the logo back in the day \o/

Dule87 Day 1,894, 07:57

V !

Sheldon the Mad Scientist
Sheldon the Mad Scientist Day 1,894, 08:11

vote!! o7

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 1,894, 09:14

I like quality, *sniff*...

These days a hard commodity to come by. Tsk.

Pickn Day 1,894, 10:32

r & v

atrawall Day 1,894, 22:24

Congrats UP. Set a good example, and keep UP the good work!

LiquidIce Day 1,895, 06:32

I want to say congrats and well done... But I can't.

Locutus Day 1,895, 07:07

Then don´t!

Enriche2Ribeiro Day 1,895, 11:48

So it was you rusty kuntz, i always wondered good job.

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