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[ULJ] Official ULJ Congressional Candidates

Day 1,831, 15:50 Published in Japan Japan by Akki

Lolies are Coming Back to Congress!

It’s been a while since we last had election here in eJapan, and it will be the first congress election for eJapan after getting Kanto back from Taiwan. We have a full list of very good candidates running from United Lolies of Japan this month, and I bring you the official list of ULJ candidates running for congress this month. We have good mix of both experienced and new candidates running for the congress, and all of them will serve eJapan well in their own unique ways.

Following is the list of candidates officially running from the ULJ and short list of their qualification:

--- x3 CP of eJapan
--- x18 Congressmen of eJapan

--- x6 CP of eJapan
--- x36 Congressmen of eJapan
--- x14 PP of ULJ

Akira Kaburagi
--- x17 Congressmen of eJapan
--- x5 PP of ULJ

Natsu Natsumee
--- Running for the congress for the first time
--- Very active with many great new ideas that can help eJapan

Master Tigers
--- x14 Congressmen of eJapan
--- x4 PP of ULJ

Kagami Hiiragi
--- x3 Congressmen of eJapan
--- Editor of Lucky Channel and Picture of the Day

Sophia Forrester
--- x1 CP of eJapan
--- x16 Congressmen of eJapan
--- Presentation

Madara Uchihax
--- MU Commander of 3rd largest MU in eJapan, Maid Café
--- Presentation

Shiro YAsha WD
--- Running for the congress for the first time
--- Is active member of eJapan

--- x3 Congressmen of eJapan
--- x1 PP of ULJ

With new system, I had the privilege to order list of candidates running from ULJ. When we have 10 very diverse and excellent people running under our banner, it is very difficult to put ranking next to their name, since they will all make a very good congressmen with their unique flavor. Every ULJ candidates that are running will bring diversity to eJapan, and your votes can help many of them enter congress and work for eJapan, to help improve your elife. However, at the end of the day, list had to be made today, and while I still have my doubts, the current list of candidates running from ULJ is final. They are based on many factors involving experiences, activity, dependability, uniqueness, and etc. It is hard to correctly weigh each factor to accurately measure what their ranks will be, but voters, please help make my job easier by voting for ULJ and electing as much of those great candidates into congress.

Again, Vote for ULJ on the 25th!

Akki, Party President of United Lolies of Japan

Lolies serve eJapan in their own unique and special ways!


Shiro Yasha WD
Shiro Yasha WD Day 1,831, 16:17

voted supported o/

cuihao Day 1,831, 16:29


Fuyumi Day 1,832, 02:00

2nd largest 🙁

Akki Day 1,832, 02:05

Madara, I didn't catch that MU ranking was not based on number of people in MU. Fixed.

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 1,832, 04:41

great team!


Fuyumi Day 1,832, 07:55

it indeed works that way, though i like ranking by monthly influence dealt 😃 (making Maid Cafe rank 1 😛)

Darshu Day 1,832, 10:00

The leading team!

Auraborus Day 1,832, 12:04

Great line up, i agree.

Kagami Hiiragi
Kagami Hiiragi Day 1,832, 22:54

here and on the elections ^^

Ouibster Day 1,833, 13:12

This is like a who's who in eJapan - what a list.

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