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[ULJ] Madara for congress

Day 1,825, 17:49 Published in Japan Japan by Fuyumi

said i was gonna run 2-3 months ago (a bit before we got conquered again) so here it is 😃

stuff about me:

i play a lot of games, and i have a lot of time (i watch a lot of anime too 😃)
im currently 18
my gender is a secret, but there is at least 1 person in japan that knows it, you can always take a guess, its a 50% chance

my favorite character is Tachibana Kanade
ive been playing erep for over 3 years, though i quit after a few months of playing (back when we didnt gain 5+ str per day, around 100-200 was a lot, probably was version 1

if i get elected to congress ill most likely be a ton more active on the forums and maybe even irc, making sure i get my word in on the matters at hand, ill also most likely release an article from time to time about current affairs



Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,825, 18:18


Ricca Greenwood
Ricca Greenwood Day 1,826, 00:38

[MoE] Exp, Energy, Gold and Currency


Shiro Yasha WD
Shiro Yasha WD Day 1,826, 04:28


tarasino Day 1,826, 05:03


The system isn`t a majority system anymore like 3 months ago but a proportional one. Your name won't be on the ballot but that of your party. Madara, you should say for which party you are running and why people should vote for your party.

Fuyumi Day 1,826, 07:45

good point 😛 with only 1 region i suppose it would work that way huh?

tarasino Day 1,826, 09:32

it has nothing to do with the number of regions. 2 months ago Plato changed the election system from a majority to a proportional system. Meaning: congress seats are distributed according to the votes a party ( and not a candidate) gets. Let's say there are 150 votes in Japan and only 10 congress seats (cause we only have 1 region). Your party the Lolies, gets 1 congress seat for every 15 votes it gets. So if the lolies get 30 votes total, the first 2 candidates in the Lolies list....

tarasino Day 1,826, 09:36

get into congress the rest goes home. If you are like fourth in the Lolies list, the party needs 60 votes to be able to send you to congress. And that's the bad news: You have almost no chance in getting elected unless you are 1, 2 or highly impropable 3 in the Lolies list.

Fuyumi Day 1,826, 18:39

oh dang thats a shame, well now i know 😃 learning something everyday eh?

Kagami Hiiragi
Kagami Hiiragi Day 1,826, 22:21

good luck!!

Lonqu Day 1,827, 03:24


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