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[UKRP] Free Raffle - Open To All UK - Week 10 -

Day 2,298, 13:49 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Kapten Johnson

The UKRP Weekly Raffle

Greetings UK,

This is the Weekly Raffle set up by me under the United Kingdom Reform Party, although the lottery is open to everyone that has a UK citizenship. To sign up for this weeks draw, the only thing you have to do is post in the comment field on this article. I will make a new article every week, due to my flexible work schedule I’m not sure which day everything will be done, but I promise that everyone will have at least three days to sign up! On the same day as the next raffle will start I will collect all the names and use to get the winners. There will be three winners; first name drawn, first place, second name drawn, second place and third name drawn, third place.

Currently I’m the only one funding this Raffle, therefore I’m not able to give out any huge amount of tanks. If there is anyone who wants to support and help with the funding, send me a pm. If we do receive further support, the tanks donated will go directly to the prizes and will be split accordingly between the three names that has been drawn. Right now the prize structure is as follow:


#1: 60 Q7 Tanks

#2: 30 Q7 Tanks

#3: 10 Q7 Tanks

Last but not least, The Winners from last Raffle!!

First Place
Lord Tyrion

Second Place

Third Place
Lord Walter William Henry Horn

It’s not mandatory to vote this article, but it’s truly appreciated!
Have a great day and good luck!

Best regards,
Kapten Johnson
UKRP Congressman
Deputy Minister of Home Affairs

I’m getting quite low on tanks and if there’s someone out there that could help me out to fund this, it would be extremely appreciated. Cheers!



Mario RIO Smerc
Mario RIO Smerc Day 2,298, 13:58

Yey... Voted... o7 o/

WookieO Day 2,298, 14:07

Voted as always...raffle-nificent o7

NikolaPavich Day 2,298, 14:13

voted 🙂

VaultGuy Day 2,298, 14:26

Voted o7

Sir Rex Fleddington
Sir Rex Fleddington Day 2,298, 15:02

Voted o7

Puppie Master
Puppie Master Day 2,298, 15:10

Voted o7

L.J.D Day 2,298, 15:20


Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,298, 19:45

count me in. o/

"I’m getting quite low on tanks and if there’s someone out there that could help me out to fund this, it would be extremely appreciated. Cheers! "

well, you need to decrease the prizes..

Kapten Johnson
Kapten Johnson Day 2,299, 02:31

I know, it's just I really don't want to do so.. But I will for next week if I don't get another funder 😛

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,299, 07:42

just suggestion if no one really wants to fund you some tanks. the prizes should be like this:
*1st = 3q7 tanks or *1st = 60 q1
*2nd = 2 q7 tanks *2nd = 30 q1
*3rd = 1 q7 tanks. *3rd = 10 q1
i'm sure you can afford this one. 😛

Kapten Johnson
Kapten Johnson Day 2,299, 08:14

oh yeah, I'll manage more than that 😛

Ullok Day 2,299, 05:06


Lolfaced Day 2,299, 05:46


elhakem Amir
elhakem Amir Day 2,299, 07:06


Istoo Day 2,300, 00:03

Voted. 🙂

Roachford Day 2,300, 07:54

voted 🙂

Massacar Day 2,300, 12:53

Vote 16, good work.

G.Walker Day 2,301, 05:59

Voted, hope you can find some new funders for this Kapten!

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