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[Ukraine] Statement about recent events [Serbian version]

Day 2,099, 03:15 Published in Serbia Ukraine by uaporschee

None can truly speak in the name of whole nation. It takes some time to deserve that right, some efforts to gain it, but support of silent witnesses (read bots) doesn’t give anyone that right. You, as elected one, still serve to the living people. If few can simultaneously proceed with PTO - it ruins healthy relation inside a country. You can see it for yourself - national shield contest brought cool shields to smaller countries, so since Ukraine can’t be equal to giants like Hungary/ Poland/ USA/ Bulgaria, our shield of quality 2 proves the fact of bots overflow. Methods our government is using doesn't strengthen our country, yet these methods serve their political interests.

During past year, each “Ukrainian” cp (faceless, yet) thought of himself he’s the chosen one but usually such words poorly matched their actions - no support, no power, no respect neither in Ukraine nor on the international level. Now another one claims that we betrayed national interests what is just ridiculous - how little he knows about his country’s interests and people.

Actions that are taking place in Ukraine aren’t declaration of civil war or betrayal - it’s a mighty attempt to make something decent from our society. We lived with zombie liars during past year, facing too much crap from despicable attempts of all the governments to do something right, and many good people left game disappointed.

We took Galicia in RW to show that “Ukrainian” government has no power over living people (not bots). The agreement between Ukraine and Hungary has expired by then. “Ukrainian” cp signed new one, but still didn’t take in account people’s will or interest, moreover he doesn’t want to keep it. So Volhynia is next. It’s hard to predict the future, but wise people can always find a way to keep their interest satisfied.

I am appealing to your sense of responsibility or even interest. Work for or with Ukraine must be cool, not only profitable. We already lost too much inside country and do accept responsibility for our actions.

Viva la Revolution!
People of eUkraine



carpet15 Day 2,099, 03:18


Slayer85 Day 2,099, 03:23

Viva la Revolution!

uaporschee Day 2,099, 03:23

Viva la Revolution!

P0GR0M Day 2,099, 03:24


wicent Day 2,099, 03:24


Doctor  Faust
Doctor Faust Day 2,099, 03:26

Euthanasia will help you ^_______^

s_e_a Day 2,099, 03:29


Doctor  Faust
Doctor Faust Day 2,099, 03:35

А я то думаю - якось англійська занадто добра, як для Боді. Немає по 5 помилок в реченні. Дик виявляється то не він писав 🙂

Viacheslav Ukr
Viacheslav Ukr Day 2,099, 03:39

Ти ще й думати вмієш? Здивував...

Doctor  Faust
Doctor Faust Day 2,099, 03:42

Люблю коли шавки тявкають 🙂

Viacheslav Ukr
Viacheslav Ukr Day 2,099, 03:45

То тявкай))

Doctor  Faust
Doctor Faust Day 2,099, 03:48

Пєрває слова - дароже другова.
Ну що за дитячий садок, їйбо! Апазиціонери ізмєльчали нині.

Viacheslav Ukr
Viacheslav Ukr Day 2,099, 03:38


daK0t Day 2,099, 03:47


ursuly Day 2,099, 11:26


Budalimir Day 2,099, 12:45

"[Serbian version]"
brte, dobar ti ovaj srpski

eDarkSoul Day 2,099, 14:10

"giants like Hungary/ Poland/ USA/ Bulgaria,"
Voted because mentioning Bulgaria 😃

catajme Day 2,100, 02:46

You are wining against Hungary because romanian tanks are fighting there. Sadly! Ucraine is too weak in this game and no match for romanian players. If will be a war between us. And i hope will be!

Ellorian fon Falcon
Ellorian fon Falcon Day 2,100, 14:47

I respect and salute your bravery.

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